Best Ways to Charge a Cell Phone

Best way to charge a cell phone
If you have had your phone for almost two years, you probably noticed that its battery does not last as much compared to when it was brand new. This means your phone battery gradually loses its capacity with time. Most problems related to the health of a phone battery depends on how you charge it. In this article, you will learn the best ways to charge a cell phone.

Partial charging

Most smartphone users believe that one has to discharge the battery completely and recharge it to maintain its health. Such a myth would work with the traditional lead-acid batteries but would be a bad idea for the lithium-ion batteries. Lithium batteries (which are popular with modern phones) work best with partial charging. This means that the user doesn’t have to drain the battery completely and charge it until it’s 100% full. The explanation behind such a concept is doubling the lifecycle. A smartphone does not use a lot of power to replenish if you maintain the battery between 20% and 80%.

Avoid using your phone while charging

Using your phone while on charge brings along parasitic loads. You should turn off the device’s active wireless and wired connections to reduce the workload experienced while on the charge. Doing so ensures that most energy is directed to charging and not consumption. Remember to plug the phone off its charger when it’s full to avoid idle charging.

Keep the phone away from heat

Besides idle charging, heat can cause stress on the phone battery. The more a user exposes the phone to high temperatures, the higher are the chances of losing its capacity. Therefore, whenever you are charging your phone, remove it from its pouch and avoid charging it while on a hot surface.

Utilize the right charger

Every charger has the designs that suit its target brand of phone. Whenever you use a different charger, there are chances of experiencing some problems such as slow charging or excess heating. For that reason, use your original phone charger to avoid such situations. If you lose your original charger, you can still find a similar model if you reach out to an authorized dealer. Another alternative is to buy an aftermarket from a quality-assured band.


Hopefully, you have learned a couple of techniques that will help you charge your cell phone well. Using the techniques stated above will not only maintain a healthy phone but will help you enjoy it without worrying about replacing its battery soon.

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