How to turn off auto emoji on Android

How to turn off auto emoji on Android

Are you trying to figure out how to turn off auto emoji on Android?

If you own an Android phone, you already know about emojis. They’re an evolution of the emoticon and usually provide a remarkable platform to express yourself other than regular text messages.

Although they bring hype to texting, some people loathe them and feel that they are unnecessary. Well, if you are a member of such a group, read on for the solution.

Before you go too far, you need to understand that emojis are part of your keyboard, and their setting falls under the keyboard setting. Accessing these setting differ depending on the type of keyboard you are using.

How to Turn Off Auto Emoji on Android

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  1. How to Turn Off Auto Emoji on Android
    1. Disabling Auto Emoji on Samsung Galaxy phones
  2. Using Emojis sparingly

Like with other many things, sometimes it gets a bit annoying. Take autocorrect, for instance; the Gboard keyboard or android keyboard tries to predict the following words of your text message, and many times it helps. Very frequently it also avoids typing a misspelled word for Android users.

On the other hand, sometimes you just prefer to get rid of emoji prediction and not use any emoji symbol of smiley emoticons.

Having that in mind, now let’s dig into the matter in mind: how to turn off the emoji character or disable emoticons.

How to Turn Off Auto Emoji on Android

Here are the steps to disabling auto emoji on your Android device:

  • Access the “Settings” option;
  • Scroll down the settings options and access System;
How to Turn Off Auto Emoji on Android

  • Find the “Languages & input” option;

  • Access the virtual keyboard option;

  • Select the virtual keyboard option depending on the type you are using. Some of the keyboard options include G board and Google Voice typing;

  • Click “Preference” on the keyboard option;

  • Use the option labeled “Show emoji switch key” and disable the emoji.

After completing the process, you cannot access the GIF or emoji options leaving the comma key for your use. If you want to switch on the emoji, press and hold the comma key and swipe up the emoji icon that appears near the setting gear.

Disabling Auto Emoji on Samsung Galaxy phones

The problem is pretty much often with those owning Samsung Galaxy phones. There have been a lot of complaints of green emojis appearing whenever the user wants to use the emoticons provided.

How to Turn Off Auto Emoji on Android

In face of such a problem, use the following procedure:

  • Access the messaging app and open the message history list from one of the opened text messages;
  • Open the menu located in the top-left corner and select Settings;
  • You will find an option titled Enable Smart Emojis and turn off the switch button.

As stated earlier, the option to disable emojis differs in every type of messaging app that you are using. For instance, to access the settings in the swift keyboard app, you need to navigate through the keyboard settings.

In some cases, you might need to disable one of the messaging apps and stick to the custom one to access the switch-off button.

If you are stuck to the Android version 4.4.4, you probably have noticed that the emoji auto-suggestion occurs when you are using the gesture typing option. In such a case, you have to access the text correction section provided in the Google keyboard settings, add-on dictionaries, and remove the emoji for the English words option. This option will stop the emoji icons once and for all.

Using Emojis sparingly

How to Turn Off Auto Emoji on Android

If you still want to use emojis every now and then, you can copy and paste them from one of these sites:

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