How to stop apps from auto starting on Android

How to Stop Apps from Auto Starting On Android

How to Stop Apps from Auto Starting On Android? It is quite annoying when you find out that the applications running in the background are the reason behind some inconveniences your phone is experiencing.

It is easy to handle such an issue by stopping the applications from auto-starting on your Android smartphone. Here are a couple of steps on how to stop apps from auto-starting on Android.

Table of Contents

  1. How to stop apps from auto-starting on Android
    1. Stopping the apps on an older Android version
    2. Use the Doze feature
    3. Use the startup manager
    4. Use the battery optimization option
  2. Wrap-up

How to stop apps from auto-starting on Android

To do it we’ll be using the developer options.

The developer option is very powerful and most phone users are not aware of it. The reason for that is that making the wrong decisions in these menus can change your phone settings. For that reason, if you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to don’t even open it.

To access the option, go to Settings on your app drawer, scroll down until you find the About tab, and access the Build Number option.

Thereafter, tap the option seven times until you get a message indicating that you are a developer now.

This will direct you to the developer screen where you should scroll down until you get the developer options provided under the system header. From here, tap the running services to access a list of applications.

Choose the app that you wish to disable and tap Stop to stop it from auto-starting. This option is accessible for phones running on Android 6.0 or newer.

You’ve just learned how to stop apps from auto-starting on Android.

Stopping the apps on an older Android version

If you are running on Android 5.0 or 4.4, accessing the running application is quite different. In this case, you have to access Settings then App, and swipe until you find a running list.

Select the application you wish to stop and use the Stop button to halt its action.

Use the Doze feature

Most Android 6.0 phones use the doze feature to reduce the effects of background applications. The application usually freezes the apps from running, but incompatible apps might bypass the feature.

To halt their action, you need to access the battery option through settings and check the applications that do not match with the doze feature.

Choose the battery optimization feature to access a list of apps that cannot allow you to change the setting. Tap the not-optimized option and choose all apps.

From here, you can pick an application that you want to stop, select optimize and tap the Done option.

Use the startup manager

This option works out only in rooted devices. Once you have rooted your device, download the startup manager app from Google Play Store.

Tap “allow” to give it access to all apps that starts automatically on your device. Find an application that you wish to stop and halt its functionality.

Rooting your phone is not recommendable unless you have a profound technical ability.

Use the battery optimization option

The battery optimization option usually saves on your battery. It is an ideal option that can help you stop an application from running.

Access the battery optimization option via the Settings button and look for the apps you intend to stop.


Hopefully, these solutions provide an opportunity to back down some of the applications and boost the performance of your phone within no time.

However, if your phone still doesn’t work as expected, you should try seeking other causes of the problem.

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