How to transfer Google Photos from one account to another

How to transfer Google Photos from one account to another

Although you might be planning on permanently deleting a Google Account and jumping ships to another, you surely don’t want to lose all your memorable pictures stored in the account’s Google Photos. Let’s see how to transfer Google Photos from one account to another.

Now, we all know how difficult it can be to transfer Google Photos from one account to another since you’d basically have to manually download all the images and upload them to the new account.

With that being said, there are a couple of ways with which we can speed up the entire process. Read on if you want to get to know more about it.

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  1. How to transfer Google Photos from one account to another
    1. Group Select
    2. Partner Sharing
  2. Wrap Up

How to transfer Google Photos from one account to another

Group Select

Instead of having to manually select each photo in your account one by one and then hit the download button – which could easily take several working hours if you have a couple of thousands of images, which are usually found in the average Google Photos account – Google Photos has provided a way with which it becomes possible to select a bunch of photos at once.

  • Start by opening the Google Photos website on your computer;
  • After logging in to your account, you should select the first image on the page;
  • Next, scroll all the way down to the last image on your account;
  • Then, select the last image while holding the Shift key. With this, all the photos in between should be highlighted;
  • To download them, click the three-dotted button at the top-right side of the screen and choose “Download” from the drop-down menu. Instead, you can just press Shift+D on your keyboard, that would do the trick as well;
  • Once all the photos have been downloaded to your device, you have to log into the Google Photos website using the credentials of your new account;
  • Then, select “Upload” and opt for “Computer”. A window will pop up for you to browse the folder you want to upload;
  • Once you get there, press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all the photos contained in that folder;
  • Lastly, click “Open” and your photos will start uploading to your new account. After a while, all your photos will have been transferred from one account to another.

Although this method would work for most users, it can be time-consuming if you have thousands of photos hosted in your Google Photos account. If that’s the case, we highly recommend you to opt for this second one and save a lot of time:

Partner Sharing

The best thing about this solution is that it takes almost no time and effort. Another great aspect of it is that it doesn’t require using specifically a computer. However, we’re doing this “How to” it the good old PC, as a general platform.

  • To start, go to the Google Photos website and sign in to your account;
  • Then, click the “Settings” icon located at the top-right side of your screen which should take you to the Settings page;
  • From there, you need to select the “Partner Sharing” option and hit “Get Started”;
  • Afterward, you should type the email address of the new account where you want to transfer your photos;
  • Click “Next”. It will take you to the “Grant Access To” page where you’ll have to decide whether you want to share everything or just specific photos;
  • Select the first option if you’re planning on migrating all the images;
  • Click “Next” once again and after you’ve confirmed the email address you’re sharing your images with, select “Send invitation”;
  • Next, you’d have to accept the invitation in your new account and opt for “Automatically add to library” for all photos.

With this simple and effortless method, your new account has now all the photos from your previous one. And all it took was using the Partner Sharing feature.

Wrap Up

Transferring Google Photos content from one account to another isn’t too difficult if you opt for downloading and uploading your images one by one, but if we’re taking into account the time it takes, it is enough to get anyone concerned, especially if you have a lot of photos.

Luckily, with the two methods we have discussed above, it shouldn’t take you more than some minutes to have all your photos moved to your new account.

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