How to record video on Windows 10

You don’t know how to record video on Windows 10 but do you want to rewatch the live streaming of your favorite match? If you’ve been looking for simple methods to record a video on your laptop using a webcam, this guide will show you how can do it!

The screen recording feature gained massive popularity in the tech world thanks to its flexibility. Its demand increased exponentially over time as people utilized it for creating tutorials to elaborate a process and sharing progress via the gaming video.

Even though the screenshot feature comes in handy for those who just want to save a page or any document, it’s not enough if you want to save a complete tutorial for later use or a live streaming video to relive those moments again.

In the latter situations, the screenshot feature does not help much. Fortunately, there are ways that allow you to effortlessly record screens to save your gaming journey to flaunt.

Table of Contents

  1. How to record video on Windows 10
    1. Using the Xbox Game Bar tool
      1. Step #1 Turn on Game Bar
      2. Step #2 – Choose the display you wish to record
      3. Step #3 – Record audio using a microphone
      4. Step #4 – Cease the recording
      5. Step #5 – Background screen recording
      6. Step #6 – Customize your video
    2. Record videos with OBS Studio
      1. Step #1 – Launching
      2. Step #2 – Setting up the video recording software
      3. Step #3 – Recording
    3. Screen record using PowerPoint
    4. Record a video using a webcam
      1. Step #1 – Installation of webcam and microphone
      2. Step #2 – Launch the camera app on your PC
  2. Wrap up

How to record video on Windows 10

Below, we have mentioned two easy methods involving two different screen recorders, which offer the video capture option on Windows 10.

Using the Xbox Game Bar tool

Windows 10 has a built-in feature called “Xbox game bar tool“. Most users have the misconception that this application is only exclusive to in-app screen recording, but this is not the case here.

The Xbox game bar feature is useful in performing screen record functions or saving a video on your computer, both game-related and non-game-related. However, you should first get familiar with the following video capture procedures to carry out the task efficiently.

Step #1 Turn on Game Bar

Windows Game Bar is the screen recorder that aids in the recording process. Nonetheless, to use it, the first thing one should do is enable the Game Bar feature in Windows 10.

  • For this, tap on the Windows search bar and go to the Settings page;
  • From there, navigate to “Gaming“;
How to record video on Windows 10
  • Now, turn on the “Game Bar” feature;

Step #2 – Choose the display you wish to record

  • To record screen, land on the app page you want to record. Press the “Windows + Alt + R” keys while still on the app. Another option for capturing the video screen is to press the “Windows + G” keys simultaneously;
  • A capture widget will appear on your computer, displaying the video’s data. However, we recommend you to opt for the former step since it’s time-efficient;

Step #3 – Record audio using a microphone

You can record audio with a microphone while playing a game or performing other actions. If you wish to have your video without sound, then you may also mute the microphone from the Settings app.

Step #4 – Cease the recording

You can stop screen recording by pressing the “Windows + Alt + R” keys as you did in the first step once your desired activity is recorded. An alternative to stopping the screen recording is to click on the “Stop” icon on the capture widget.

This step will launch an alert saying “Game clip recorded“. Once captured, the Xbox app provides an Alert option that lets you sneak right into your recorded video from the gallery.

Another way to preview a captured video is to go to the Videos/Captures folder of the Windows Media Player.

Step #5 – Background screen recording

Have you ever played a game and unintentionally performed a master move that changed the dynamics of the entire game? In this scenario, you might have wished you had captured that moment, but it’s gone already?

No need to worry, as the Xbox game bar tool has a unique feature that allows you to reproduce a screen recording of the last 30 seconds. Just follow these steps to turn on this feature on your computer:

  • Visit Settings > Gaming > Captures to open the captures window;
  • Enable the “Record in the background while I’m playing a game” option by clicking on it;

  • Find the option that says “Record What Happened” and turn it on as well;
  • To capture and preserve the past screen recording, simply press the “Windows + G” keys. To get the most out of this function, be sure to start capturing it as soon as possible.

Note: It may imply from the word “Gaming” that this feature is only exclusive to recording games. However, with it, you can document any app activity like Weather, Paint, and many others.

Step #6 – Customize your video

There are many other options available in this tool to further enhance the saved video. These are useful when there is a need to customize the screen recordings. The available options include:

  • Max Recording Length: Although the max recording length is set to 2 hours by default, you have a choice to adjust it to 30 minutes, 1 hour, and so on. The screen recording will cease automatically after the set time.
  • Capture audio while recording a game: This feature saves the user from the hassle of recording game sounds separate.
  • Video Frame Rate: The user can change the video frame rate by adjusting it from the default (30fps) to 60 fps.
  • Video Quality: Users have an option to select the desired quality.
  • Capture mouse cursor when recording a game: Tech geeks recommend keeping this feature activated, especially if one intends to record tutorials.

The major stumbling block of this screen recorder is that it cannot capture video that involves multiple apps. Also, while recording, it only records the app whilst ignoring the desktop taskbar and background.

Nevertheless, the game bar tool is a prime choice for those who want to perform screen recording. You might face difficulty if you wish to record a tutorial using the Windows 10 game bar.

Record videos with OBS Studio

To counter the problem that arises by utilizing the game bar tool, third-party apps are available on the market offering video recording while multitasking.

OBS Studio is a screen recording software that gained popularity for being free and convenient. The steps you must follow to screen record via this app are mentioned below:

Step #1 – Launching

When you open the application, a black window “Auto-Configuration Wizard” window will appear with multiple options.

We recommend you to opt for the “Optimize just for recording, I will not be streaming” option if you intend to screen record video only. Now, click “Next“.

Step #2 – Setting up the video recording software

To use this screen recorder efficiently, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the “+” icon located at the bottom of a black-colored window to add a source;
  • It will lead you towards several options. Choose “Display Capture“;
  • Another window will pop up, containing a box to write a source name. Add your preferred source name, and press “Ok“;
  • >The above step will direct you towards a window that requires you to select a display screen you intend to capture. You will get multiple display options if you work on more than one monitor;
  • Select your desired display and then hit “OK” to confirm the changes.

Step #3 – Recording

The final step is to start Recording. In the same screen recorder window, go to the bottom right corner of your display and find the “Start Recording” option.

Click on it to finish the task. Once your screen recording starts, the “Stop Recording” option will replace the “Start Recording“, allowing you to cease screen record at any moment.

The recorded file will be saved by default in the .mkv file format, or you may locate it on the VLC media player.

Screen record using PowerPoint

This method requires a Microsoft PowerPoint subscription to work. However, it is an easy way to document the journey of your PPTs.

To utilize this screen recorder, follow the below steps:

  • Open the PowerPoint application;
  • Click on the “Slide show” option in the menu bar;
  • Now, locate the video recorder option with the title “Screen Recording” or “Start Recording“;
  • Next, press “Start Recording“;

  • Tap on “Stop Recording” when you finish documenting your desired video;
  • You can now save the recorded file by right-clicking the mouse and then tapping on “Save as“.

While the above method to perform the screen record action is particularly easy to follow and time-saving, it has one major drawback, i.e., it doesn’t include the video editing feature.

Record a video using a webcam

The aforementioned methods deal with screen records and the technicalities that come along. However, you may land in a situation where you have only one option to record video, and that is with the help of a screen recorder, particularly a webcam.

Fortunately, Windows 10 features a camera app (screen recorder) that utilizes the Webcam for video recording purposes.

To make things simpler for you, below, we’ve elaborated the steps to use the webcam for this purpose:

Step #1 – Installation of webcam and microphone

In order to record a good quality video, the foremost thing you should do is install a decent webcam and microphone.

  • After successful installation, head towards the Settings app from the Windows icon, and in Settings, navigate to “Privacy“;
  • Switch to the “Camera” tab;
  • Enable the “Allow apps to access your camera” option.

Step #2 – Launch the camera app on your PC

  • Make sure your webcam is free of any external issues and working fine;
  • Open Camera from the Windows search bar;
  • From the options, tap on the “Record button” to start recording.

Note: You can choose to use a mic that comes with your Webcam. However, we recommend installing a USB mic separately for a seamless experience.

Wrap up

Imagine how valuable a video capture is if a video is worth watching a thousand times. In the digital era, people are constantly on the lookout for images and videos to guide them before starting any complex task.

Hence, video tutorials come to the rescue if you are not a tech geek. Given this situation, Windows 10 offers numerous ways for screen recording, including the game bar or many third-party applications.

Furthermore, if you need to record a video using your webcam, Windows OS also provides a built-in camera application, putting an end to searching for ways to record videos in the Windows system.

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