How to add Desktop to Favorites on a MacBook

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How to add Desktop to Favorites on a MacBook? When you get a sparkling new Mac, one of the first things you will probably do is look at your Dock. You will see awesome icons pop up and want to personalize them so that you have easy access to all of your favorites.

Knowing how to add the Desktop folder to your Mac Dock is quite a high priority as it’s one of the quickest ways to get an overview of your contents. If you are struggling with the Mac lingo, you might also be asking how to do it on a MacBook, but we will clear that up later on.

What Is a Mac Dock?

The Mac Dock is a bar that appears at the bottom of your screen (by default). It may come up when you scroll down, or it can be permanently displayed. The first apps in the Dock are Finder, Siri, Launchpad, Safari, and Calendar.

Not only can you customize the icons that appear in your Dock, but you can also customize the Dock itself. Click on the Apple Icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen and choose “System Preferences”, then select “Dock”.

How to add Desktop to Favorites on a MacBook

You will see that you can change the size of the icons and the position of the Dock as well as plenty of other options.

How to add Desktop to Favorites on a MacBook

If you are wondering how your desktop can be a folder when you are looking at the whole screen as a desktop, you came to the right place. You will also be able to find the desktop as a file and all of the contents of your desktop inside this file. It is very convenient if your Desktop Folder is in the Dock.

In the first place, you should click anywhere on the desktop so that Finder appears at the top. Click on “File” and then select “New Finder Window”.

How to add Desktop to Favorites on a MacBook

Once your new Finder window appears, you will see on the left-hand side your list of favorites. The Desktop Folder is here by default, as well as other common folders.

How to add Desktop to Favorites on a MacBook

Select Desktop and scroll down to Add to Dock.

How to add Desktop to Favorites on a MacBook

Now, you will see that your Desktop Folder appears next to the Bin. You can repeat the same process with any of the folders from the list of favorites. You can also drag and drop other folders into the window to appear as a favorite, or straight into the Dock itself.

How to remove the Desktop folder from Mac Dock

If your Dock is getting a little too full, you can easily remove the Desktop Folder. Scroll down until you Dock appears and click on the Desktop Folder.

How to add Desktop to Favorites on a MacBook

When the cursor scrolls over “Options”, you will have two choices: “Remove from Dock” and “Show in Finder”. By choosing “Show in Finder”, you will add Desktop to favorites, as it will reappear in the sidebar in your Finder window.

What are Favorites for a Mac user?

The favorites you see in Finder is what is called the Sidebar. Normally, when a Mac user hears the word favorites, they assume this relates to internet searches and the pages they like to save as favorites. This is what is known as Bookmarks.

How to add Desktop to Favorites on a MacBook

When you open Safari and click on Bookmarks, you will see the last option as “Favorites”. Any website page that you frequently visit can be saved here so that you can open it straight away. When you are on the page you want to save, open Bookmarks and choose “Add Bookmark”. You can also use the shortcut “Command + D”.

Wrap Up

If you are new to the Mac operating system, all these new functions may seem strange at first. Luckily, knowing how to add the Desktop Folder to your Mac Dock and how to add favorites are all very simple to do. It won’t be long until you have personalized your Mac desktop to your liking.