What do Tinder icons mean?

What do Tinder icons mean

In this article, we’ll reveal what do Tinder icons mean. Tinder is one of the most commonly used dating and matchmaking applications globally.

Since the launch of Tinder in 2014, it has resulted in over 65 billion successful matches. Its usage is interactive and has various options that have evolved.

There are several symbols available in the Tinder dating application. Each one has a different use and functionality.

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We’ll explain in depth the use and purpose of each Tinder icon and symbol available on the social networking platform.

So, if you are new to the world of dating apps, we suggest reading on and mastering the knowledge about Tinder icons.

The information you obtain after reading the article will help you profusely when using the app.

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What do Tinder icons mean?

Tinder is the most widely used dating platform. It has proved to be the most successful one too.

With time, there has been a massive improvement in the application’s functionality. A lot of features and visual symbols have been added.

We will discuss the use of each icon in the article below.

To understand the in-depth functionality, we first need to understand the different types of Tinder subscriptions available in the application.

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Types of Tinder subscriptions

There are four types of available subscription plans. The basic version offers limited options and features. However, additional aspects could be unlocked by purchasing a subscription.

Let’s quickly go through the different subscriptions of Tinder first so that the reader will have a clear idea of the usage of each icon available in the application.

Following are the available Tinder subscriptions:

Tinder (Basic): This is the most basic application version that can be used without making any purchases. It has only one feature, “Meet. Chat. Meet”.

Tinder Plus: It is one of the paid subscriptions of Tinder, and it has many additional features incorporated along with the ones available in the basic version.

These features include Unlimited Likes, Unlimited Rewinds through the Tinder rewind symbol, “Passport” to any location, and hide advertisements.

Tinder Gold: Tinder Gold is the second type of purchased subscription and benefits Gold subscribers with several extra options, including those available in the Tinder Plus subscription plan.

These features include five super likes of the week, one free monthly boost, seeing who likes you, and new Tinder top picks daily.

Tinder Silver/Platinum: This is the Tinder app’s most expensive and premium subscription. It has the most significant features, including those available in the Basic, Plus, and Gold versions.

These options include message before matching, prioritized likes, and seeing the preferences you have sent in the last seven days.

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Different Tinder signs and their meaning

There are several Tinder symbols available. So let’s start discussing them.

Tinder blue checkmark:

It is a feature that the app has lately introduced. It simply means that the profile is verified and authenticated.

To verify a profile, the user must upload two additional selfies in the app’s settings section. Once the profile is confirmed, a blue checkmark appears on the profile.

Tinder rewind icon:

The “Tinder Rewind Icon” lets a user undo a particular action. The actions that may be undone include swiped left, swiped right, or use of super like.

Unfortunately, the rewind feature is only available in Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus, and Tinder Platinum.

Tinder blue star icon:

The blue star is a Tinder Super Like button. There are two ways to use this feature. The user may click on the blue star icon or swipe up the profile they like.

When someone has received a super like, they see a blue star around the sender’s profile.

Tinder green heart icon:

The green heart icon is used to like someone’s profile. It serves the same purpose as swiping right does.

The green heart icon is the most important icon of the application as it lets you like someone and shows interest in them.

However, once you have liked someone’s profile, there is no way to undo it unless you have a Tinder Plus subscription.

Red Tinder X icon:

This icon is used when you dislike a specific profile. It has the same function as swiping left. Unfortunately, once you have opposed a profile, there is no way to undo it unless you have a Tinder Plus.

Another thing to remember is that if you dislike a profile, it will become permanently hidden from you and would not be shown in your Tinder feed.

Tinder yellow heart icon:

This feature is convenient and extremely useful for those who have bought a Tinder Gold or higher subscription. It is an excellent feature; through this, a person can easily view who has liked your profile.

The free subscription users could also partially use this feature and identify the profiles who have liked them.

However, the images stay blurred until you have bought a Gold or Higher membership subscription. This feature makes it extremely easy for the user to complete the match.

Tinder purple lightning bolt icon:

The purple lightning bolt is another one of the cool features available the Tinder and is known as Tinder Super Boost.

When you press this icon, the profile gets a boost for 30 minutes or 180 minutes and goes on to the top Tinder feed in your neighborhood.

In addition, those profiles that have liked you during the boost period appear on your screen with a lightning symbol.

Tinder gold subscribers and higher subscription members get one super boost each month. However, other Tinder super boosts may be bought anytime within the application.

Tinder flame icon:

This icon is used as a home button. When you are lost in different Tinder Profiles, this flame icon, when pressed, takes you back to your main page.

Tinder gold diamond icon:

The Tinder gold diamond icon is one of the premium features available for those who use the purchased subscription.

This feature shows the top 10 profiles in your neighborhood that are similar to those you have already liked.

Then, if you choose to swipe right on any of the profiles and they like you back, a tiny golden diamond icon appears on their profile in your match list.

Tinder black heart icon:

This icon is another useful feature available in the Tinder Platinum membership subscription.

This feature helps you immediately identify who has liked your Tinder profile, and you may know when an instant match is completed.

Tinder blue camera icon:

The blue camera icon in the messages lets you start a video call with your match. This icon is a valuable option, especially for those who prefer to get to know each other with the help of a video call.

Tinder blue shield icon:

The blue shield icon is a safety feature available in the application. It helps you to unmatch or report a profile if you find anything inappropriate or have liked some profile mistakenly.

Again, this is a handy feature and helps profiles control their match activity and unmatch someone they don’t want to have a relationship with.

Tinder dice icon:

This icon initiates a conversation randomly when you don’t know how to begin it. Once pressed, it would show you different random messages you can send immediately.

Blue double checkmark:

This is a read receipt icon that lets the person know whether their message has been delivered and read by the person.

This clarifies whether your message has been ignored on purpose or not delivered at all.

Tinder green dot icon:

The green dot indicates that the user was active within the last 24 hours.

It is beneficial for those who are waiting for a response and aren’t sure whether the user is active or not.

Tinder red dot icon:

This dot pops up when a new activity or recent matches are in your account. The red dot also shows up when a new message is received.

Wrap up

These were a few commonly used icons in the Tinder application.

While this guide is up to date about all existing icons, please note that there may be some addition of more icons in the application as the developer updates the version at regular intervals.

Tinder, used by millions of users worldwide, is a unique and interactive application with loads of features in it. It is truly the best dating app ever developed.

We hope the above article has helped the readers learn the in-depth functionality of different icons available on Tinder.

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