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Many people have saved up for years to be able to afford the luxury of an RV. Others may have even taken out a significant loan just to able to hit the open road. And it isn’t just the cost of the RV. The appliances inside your RV also come at a price. It’s time to protect your investment by checking out our 50 amp RV surge protector reviews. Many people will be tempted to take out additional insurance. Who really reads the fine print? While we aren’t suggesting the insurance is a bad opinion, there might be a better way. While traveling, you will inevitably use one of the Hookups provided by campsites. There is a much higher chance of electrical issues from a faulty Hookup than a lightning storm. A surge protector will guard against all types of electrical dangers. Your RV and the appliances are designed for a certain amount of electrical power. If lightning strikes or there is any kind of electrical surge to your RV, there could be severe damage. The excess voltage could damage your motor and/or the appliances inside. A surge protector works by blocking the excess power and redirecting it to the ground. In a hurry? Get the Southwire 44390. It has all the electrical protection and features 4200-joule protection.

Best RV Surge Protector 50 amp

A surge protector can have several features. The main feature is the lights that indicate where any issues might be coming from. Some surge protectors come with an EMS, an Electrical Management System that can protect an RV from high and low voltage. Check out our buying guide on Surge Protectors for Travel Trailers. You can also check what Wikipedia has on surge protectors. Surge protectors can either be portable or hardwired. Portable surge protectors are plugged into the Hookup before the RV. Generally, they are cheaper. Hardwired surge protectors are attached to your RV so that people don’t steal them. Unless you know what you’re doing, you will need a professional to install it. We’re going to have a look at 8 surge protectors that are on the market today. Some are portable and some are hardwired. I have included a few that have an EMS too.

Product Comparison Table

This table helps to compare the various products in this review:
Product Name Surge Protector or EMS Hardwired or Portable Diagnostic Abilities Polarity Check Joule Rating UL Certified Locks
Surge Guard 34850 Surge Protector Portable Open ground, Open neutral Yes 3850 Not Stated No
Southwire Co. LLC 44390 Surge Protector Portable Open ground, Open neutral, Reversed ground Yes 4200 Yes Yes
Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector Portable Open ground, Open neutral Yes 1650 Yes Yes
Camco 55306 Surge Protector Portable Open neutral Yes 3850 No No
Surge Guard 35550 Surge Protector Hardwired Open ground, Open neutral, Neutral reversed Yes 3850 Yes N/A
Progressive Industries HW50C EMS Hardwired Open ground, Open neutral Yes 3580 Yes N/A
Hughes Autoformer PWD50 Surge Protector Portable Open ground, Open neutral No 4800 Not stated No
  50 amp RV Surge Protector - Surge Guard 34850 Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Surge Guard 34850

Key features:
  • Polarity Diagnostics
  • 3850-joule protection
  • LCD display
  • Automatic reset
The 34850 Surge Guard model is easy to use. There are three main lights. The first shows that the power is on. The second will flash when there is any danger, and the third indicates when there is surge protection. The LCD lets you monitor the voltage but it’s not an EMS. It won’t protect against low voltage. The joule protection is 3850j, this offers good protection. It will also monitor for app draw and reverse polarity. It can detect a miswired pedestal. The power will shut off as soon as it starts overheating and it will automatically switch back on. The 34850 is weather-resistant so it won’t get damaged in the rain. The flip-down handle makes it easy to remove the plug. An excellent design comes from quality materials and comes with a one-year warranty. It does come with a large price tag. For such a high price, this would’ve been great if it came with a lock. [su_pros_cons pros=”Excellent 34850-joule protection;Monitoring with LCD display;Low voltage protection” cons=”Expensive;No lock for security”] 50 amp RV Surge Protector - Southwire 44390 Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Southwire 44390

Key Features:
  • Open ground, open neutral and reversed ground diagnostics
  • 4200-joule protection
  • LED lights to indicate problems
At first sight, the LED lights look like they should be on a Christmas tree but after a minute or so it makes sense. The combination of lights will let you see the open neutral, open ground, reverse polarity, and open circuit. There are two separate lights for surge protection and overheating. The Southwire 44390 is water-resistant with a plastic cover over the plug and features a pull-down clip to pull the plug out easily. It has a lock ring so you don’t need to worry about anyone stealing it. Another excellent advantage is that it is UL listed so it passed all of the safety tests. 4200-joule protection is one of the highest we have seen for a 50 amp surge protector. This, along with all of the diagnostic abilities, makes this surge protector a perfect addition to your RV kit. Not only that, but it is very well priced. [su_pros_cons pros=”High joule protection;Indicates electrical faults;Great value for money;UL listed;Limited lifetime warranty” cons=”None to state”] 50 amp RV Surge Protector - Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Progressive Industries SSP-50XL

Key Features:
  • Open ground, open neutral, and polarity diagnostics
  • 1650-joule protection
  • Miswired pedestal indicator
Progressive Industries is one of the leading brands in surge protectors. Having said that, we feel that they may have been slightly misleading. The SPP-50SL model will state if there is a problem. However, there is no open ground, open neutral or reverse polarity protection. There is only the surge protection of 1650j. It has LED lights to tell you about the problems detected, including miswired pedestals. The surge protector is water-resistant and has a plastic cover. It has a tough ‘Lexan housing’ case. This is one of the Progressive Industries surge protectors that are UL certified. And it comes with a lifetime warranty, which does make it more appealing than other 50 amp RV surge protectors we’ve gone through. If you are tech-savvy, you can use the free app ‘Plug and Play’ to monitor and control the devices in your RV. [su_pros_cons pros=”Withstands harsh weather conditions;Lifetime warranty;UL certified;Good value for money” cons=”None to state”] 50 amp RV Surge Protector - Camco 55306 Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Camco 55306

Key Features:
  • Polarity diagnostics
  • 3850-joule protection
  • Voltage protection
The first thing you will notice is the dogbone shape of the Cameo surge protector. Or maybe it will be the bright yellow color! There is a large handle so you can plug it in and take it out quickly. The yellow makes it very difficult to leave behind. It has a strong plastic case and is weather-resistant. This surge protector will protect your RV from open neutral, reverse polarity, and electrical issues like miswiring. There are LED lights that tell you where the problem is coming from. If there are any problems, it will automatically turn off the power to the RV. The power will come back on when the electrical problem has been fixed. We like this model because although you can’t see the number of volts, it will cut the power if the volts are too high (<132v) or too low (>102v). For this reason, we think it is well priced. [su_pros_cons pros=”Excellent design;Power surge protection;Low voltage protection;Automatic power cut-off” cons=”No warranty;UL listing not verified”] 50 amp RV Surge Protector - Surge Guard 35550 Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Surge Guard 35550

Key Features:
  • Open ground, open neutral, neutral reversed, and polarity diagnostics
  • 3850-joule protection
  • 128-second reset delay
  • Hardwired
This is Safe Guard’s hardwired surge protector. It will be installed inside the RV to provide protection. You don’t have to worry about remembering it or other people stealing it. There is a combination of LED lights that show problems with open ground, open neutral, and reversed neutral. It will also detect reverse polarity and if there is any miswiring. Another advantage is that it will protect against high and low voltage. You won’t be able to see the voltage unless you buy a separate remote LCD. If this surge protector detects any electrical issue it will shut off the power so your RV and appliances aren’t affected. It will rest automatically after 128 seconds. It is easy to install, but if you have any doubts, ask a professional. [su_pros_cons pros=”Power surge protection;Low voltage protection;128-second delay for protection;Easy installation;Clear diagnostic LED lights;One-year warranty” cons=”UL listing not verified”] 50 amp RV Surge Protector - Progressive Industries HW50C Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Progressive Industries HW50C

Key Features:
  • Open ground, open neutral, neutral reversed, and polarity diagnostics
  • 3580-joule protection
  • Hardwired EMS
Looking at Progressive Industries for their EMS surge protectors, we see their quality. This model has all the protection features you would expect from a leading brand. It also includes a miswired pedestal, accidental 240v protection, and A/C Frequency protection. If there’s ever an issue with low voltage, your RV will be protected. It comes with a remote LCD. This is so handy because you put the remote in a place that is easy to see. It doesn’t have to go next to the surge protector. The display will show you error codes so that you know what is wrong. It has a great price tag when you compare it to other EMS hardwired surge protectors, and other Progressive Industries products. This model features a lifetime warranty and it is UL listed. [su_pros_cons pros=”Detects low voltage;Remote LCD monitoring;Great value for money;Lifetime warranty;UL listed” cons=”None to state”] 50 amp RV Surge Protector - Hughes Autoformer PWD50 Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Hughes Autoformer PWD50

Key Features:
  • Open ground and open neutral diagnostics
  • 4800-joule protection
  • Bluetooth connectivity
We love this surge protector for two reasons. It’s cheap and it has Bluetooth so you don’t have to be constantly next to it to see if there are any issues. You will need to be within about 20ft (6.09m) for the Bluetooth to work. The app is free to download for Android and iOS. About safety! It’s a little basic in terms of the problems it will detect but it does come with a very high 4800-joule protection. There are LED lights to show you what has gone wrong. From your phone, you can see the amount of current drawn and the voltage. The design is lightweight and has an easy-grip handle. It has LED lights, so it is easy to use. [su_pros_cons pros=”High joule protection;Smart surge protector;Two-year warranty” cons=”Not waterproof”] 50 amp RV Surge Protector - Progressive Industries PT50X Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Progressive Industries PT50X

Key Features:
  • Open ground, open neutral, neutral reversed, and polarity diagnostics
  • EMS with high and low voltage protection
  • 3580-joule protection
  • Built-in display for error codes
The PT50X is a portable surge protector with EMS. Unlike the other portable surge protectors from Progressive Industries, this model detects and protects. Your RV will be protected against open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, and miswired pedestals. If there is ever a low voltage, you will be warned too. The current is indicated on the display. There is a time delay before the power is restored. All of the error codes appear on a built-in display. There are no LED light indicators. The outlet is protected by a plastic cover, so it can be used in all weather conditions. It boasts a rugged easy-pull handle for removal. It also comes with a locking bracket because it is quite an expensive surge protector. [su_pros_cons pros=”Lifetime warranty;Good protection;Show errors on LCD;Quality build and design” cons=”Expensive;Not UL listed”]


Let’s review the portable surge protectors first. If you are looking for a cheap solution, we would recommend the Hughes Autoformer. It does the job it is meant to and the Bluetooth app gives you the freedom to check the RV without checking the Hookup. Although we loved the color and design of the Camco, it’s rather expensive compared to other 50 amp RV surge protectors we’ve seen. Our top portable 50 amp surge protector is the Southwire 44390 because it has all the electrical protection, and 4200-joule protection. Not only is it UL certified, but it’s also weather-resistant and comes with a lock ring. It even boasts a limited lifetime warranty. If a 50 amp surge protector isn’t what you need, go ahead and look at our article on the Best Surge Protectors for RV 30 amp and check out the best products in our other related articles: And also, take a look at our other reviews on Surge Protectors.

What about EMS?

When it comes to a surge protector with EMS we were torn. Progressive Industries PT50x ticks all of the boxes but it is more expensive. The Camco isn’t advertised as an EMS but it protects from high and low voltage, which is the point. It also has slightly higher joule protection. When it came to the hardwired surge protector we would choose the Progressive Industries HW50C. It is not much more expensive than the Surge Guard 35550 and does have an EMS. It also comes with a lifetime warranty compared with just 1-year.