Internet Slang, abbreviations and acronyms: What does it mean?

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In this article, we are going to explain the meaning of the most common internet slang. Cyberslang as it is also known is a new language with novel and innovative characteristics. It consists of Internet abbreviations and acronyms that have been developing over the years by its users.

A lot of these terms originated a couple of decades ago when communicating and accessing the internet became a reality in very small devices like pagers, old phones, and PDAs. Keyboards were very small and texting was a challenge back then. Also, it was a time when there were character limits, especially when texting between cellphones.

People found it increasingly difficult to type in those small and non-ergonomic keyboards and soon realized the less they had to type, the more and the quicker they could write it.

So, a lot of these terms originated for saving keystrokes and time while writing both in computer chats and texting on cellphones.

Over time, internet slang has gradually shifted from being a mode of online communication to being an everyday language. People all around the world have changed their communicative behavior, language, and psychology by the subtle influence of internet slang.

Today it is even used in slogans by big companies to help to advertise their products. Besides, a lot of people use internet slang not only on the Internet but also in their day-to-day communication.

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1 Common Internet Slang, abbreviations and acronyms: What does it mean?

Common Internet Slang, abbreviations and acronyms: What does it mean?

A lot of Internet slang is made up of abbreviations and shortenings. Many of these terms are formed by gathering the first letters of each word together.

For example, BTW = By The Way

Common Internet Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms What does it mean

Below we made a list of some of the most common internet slang used nowadays.


What does 2day mean?

2day means “Today”, referring to the present day.

What does 2moro mean?

2moro means “Tomorrow”, referring to the day after today.

What does 2nite mean?

2nite means “Tonight”, the present night.

What does 4EAE mean?

4EAE means “For Ever And Ever”.

What does ABT mean?

ABT means “About”.

What does ADN mean?

ADN means “Any day now”.

What does AFAIC mean?

AFAIC means “As Far As I’m Concerned”.

What does AFAICT mean?

AFAICT means “As Far As I Can Tell”.

What does AFAIK mean?

AFAIK means “As Far As I Know”.

What does AFAIR mean?

AFAIR means “As Far As I Remember”.

What does AFK mean?

AFK means “Away From Keyboard” and is used to say that somebody is inactive in online gaming.

What does AKA mean?

AKA means “Also Known As”.

What does AMA mean?

AMA means “Ask Me Anything”.

What does ASAIC mean?

ASAIC means “As Soon As I Can”.

What does ASAP mean?

ASAP means “As Soon As Possible”.

What does ATM mean?

ATM means “At The Moment”.

What does B4 mean?

B4 means “Before”.

What does B4N mean?

B4N means “Bye For Now”.

What does Bae mean?

Bae means “Babe/Before Anyone Else”.

What does BBL mean?

BBL means “Be Back Later”.

What does BBT mean?

BBT means “Be Back Tomorrow”.

What does BCNU mean?

BCNU means “Be Seeing You”.

What does BD mean?

BD means “Big Deal”.

What does BF mean?

BF means “Boy Friend”.

What does BFF mean?

BFF means “Best Friends Forever”.

What does BMT mean?

BMT means “Before My Time”.

What does BOL mean?

BOL means “Be On Later”.

What does BOT mean?

BOT means “Back On Topic”.

What does BRB mean?

BRB means “Be Right Back”.

What does BRO mean?

BRO means “Brother”.

What does BT mean?

BT means “But”. Not much of a saving, right?

What does BTW mean?

BTW means “By The Way”.

What does CFY mean?

CFY means “Calling For You”.

What does CU mean?

CU means “See You”.

What does CUL mean?

CUL means “See You Later”.

What does Cuz mean?

Cuz means “Because”.

What does CYA mean?

CYA means “Cover Your Ass”.

What does DAE mean?

DAE means “Does Anyone Else”.

What does DBA mean?

DBA means “Doing Business As”.

What does DEKU mean?

DEKU is used as an insult meaning “useless person”.

What does DFTBA mean?

DFTBA means “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome” when referring to someone.

What does DIKU mean?

DIKU means “Do I Know You”.

What does DM mean?

DM means “Direct Message”, often used in social media networks.

What does DND mean?

DND means “Do Not Disturb”.

What does DR mean?

DR means “Double Rainbow”.

What does DTF mean?

DTF means “Down To Fuck”. It can be used to denote a casual dating rather than a formal relationship.

What does DWBH mean?

DWBH means “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

What does ELI5 mean?

ELI5 means “Explain Like I’m 5”.

What does EOM mean?

EOM means “End Of Message”.

What does EOS mean?

EOS means “End Of Story”.

What does Epic Fail mean?

Epic Fail means failing on something, usually due to an easily avoided mistake. Nowadays the word “epic” is referred to talk about anything huge or important.

Common Internet Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms What does it mean 3

What does F2F mean?

F2F means “Face To Face”.

What does Facepalm mean?

Facepalm represents a gesture where you put the palm of your hand on your face in response to someone saying or doing something dumb.

Common Internet Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms What does it mean

What does FAQ mean?

FAQ means “Frequently Asked Question”.

What does FB mean?

FB means “Facebook”.

What does FBF mean?

FBF means “Flash Back Friday”.

What does FF mean?

FF means “Follow Friday”.

What does FIFY mean?

FIFY means “Fixed It For You”.

What does FITB mean?

FITB means “Fill In The Blank”.

What does FML mean?

FML means “F**** My Life”.

What does FOMO mean?

FOMO means “Fear Of Missing Out”.

What does FTFY mean?

FTFY means “Fixed That For You”.

What does FTL mean?

FTL means “For The Loss”.

What does FTW mean?

FTW means “For The Win”.

What does FWB mean?

FWB means “Friends With Benefits”.

What does FWIW mean?

FWIW means “For What It’s Worth”.

What does FYE mean?

FYE means “For Your Entertainment”.

What does FYEO mean?

FYEO means “For Your Eyes Only”.

What does FYI mean?

FYI means “For Your Information”.

What does FYP mean?

FYP means “For You Page”. Popular term used in social media to describe the section called “For you”, a feed made to meet your interests.

What does G2G mean?

G2G means “Got To Go”.

What does GA mean?

GA means “Go Ahead”.

What does GAL mean?

GAL means “Get A Life”.

What does GF mean?

GF means “Girl Friend”.

What does GM mean?

GM means “Good Morning”.

What does GN mean?

GN means “Good Night”.

What does Gr8 mean?

Gr8 means “Great”.

What does GTR mean?

GTR means “Getting Ready”.

What does HAND mean?

HAND means “Have A Nice Day”.

What does Handle / Alias mean?

Handle / Alias represents the nickname you choose for a website or app.

What does HB mean?

HB means “Hurry Back”.

What does HBD mean?

HBD means “Happy Birthday”.

What does HBU mean?

HBU means “How About You”.

What does HMB mean?

HMB means “Hit Be Back”.

What does HMU mean?

HMU means “Hit Me Up”.

What does HRU mean?

HRU means “How Are You”.

What does HTH mean?

HTH means “Hope This Helps”.

What do “I can’t even” mean?

I can’t even is another way of saying “I’m speechless”. Something incredible you have no words to describe.

What does IAC mean?

IAC means “In Any Case”.

What does IC mean?

IC means “I See”.

What does ICYMI mean?

ICYMI means “In Case You Missed It”.

What does IDC mean?

IDC means “I Don’t Care”.

What does IDK mean?

IDK means “I Don’t Know”.

What does i.e. mean?

i.e. is the acronym for “id est”, which means “that is.” I.e. is used to restate something that was said previously in order to clarify its meaning.

What does IG mean?

IG means “Instagram”, a popular social media network.

What does IRC mean?

IRC means “If I Remember Correctly”.

What does IKR mean?

IKR means “I Know Right”.

What does ILY mean?

ILY means “I Love You”.

What does IMHO mean?

IMHO means “In My Humble Opinion”.

What does IMMD mean?

IMMD means “It Made My Day”.

What does IMY mean?

IMY means “I Miss You”.

What does IRL mean?

IRL means “In Real Life”.

What does IS mean?

IS means “I’m Sorry”.

What does ISO mean?

ISO means “In Search Of”.

What does IU2U mean?

IU2U means “It’s Up To You”.

What does J4F mean?

J4F means “Just For Fun”.

What does JAM mean?

JAM means “Just A Minute”.

What does JFY mean?

JFY means “Just For You”.

What does JIC mean?

JIC means “Just In Case”.

What does JK mean?

JK means “Just Kidding”.

What does JSYK mean?

JSYK means “Just So You Know”.

What does Just sayin’ mean?

Just sayin’ indicates a desire to hold and express the belief, but not to want to argue for or defend that belief.

What does KK mean?

KK means “Okay”.

What does L8 mean?

L8 means “Late”.

What does L8R mean?

L8R means “Later”.

What does Lag mean?

Lag is when a computer app or game is slow to respond. The word lag is often used when videos or online games are running too slow.

What does LMA mean?

LMA means “Leave Me Alone”.

What does LMAO mean?

LMAO means “Laughing My Ass Off”.

What does LMBO mean?

LMBO means “Laughing My Butt Off”.

What does LMK mean?

LMK means “Let Me Know”.

What does LOL mean?

LOL means “Laugh Out Loud”.

What does LTNS mean?

LTNS means “Long Time No See”.

What does LYLAS mean?

LYLAS means “Love You Like A Sister”.

What does M/F mean?

M/F means “Male or Female”.

What does M8 mean?

M8 means “Mate”.

What does Meme mean?

Meme can be an idea, an image, or anything that can be passed on and altered on the internet over and over again. Memes often spread through social media, and especially for humorous purposes.

What does MILF mean?

MILF means “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”. Often used by teenage boys to describe an attractive older woman.

What does MP mean?

MP means “My pleasure”.

What does MSM mean?

MSM means “Mainstream Media”.

What does MU mean?

MU means “Miss You”.

What does MYOB mean?

MYOB means “Mind Your Own Business”.

What does N/A mean?

N/A means “Not available” or “Not assigned”.

What does NAGI mean?

NAGI means “Not A Good Idea”.

What does NBD mean?

NBD means “No Big Deal”.

What does NE1 mean?

NE1 means “Anyone”.

What does NM mean?

NM means “Not Much”.

What does Noob mean?

Noob means beginner, a person who is new to something. It may also be written as “newb” or “n00b”.

What does NP mean?

NP means “No Problem”.

What does NSFL mean?

NSFL means “Not Safe For Life”.

What does NSFW mean?

NSFW means “Not Safe For Work”.

What does NTS mean?

NTS means “Note To Self”.

What does NVM mean?

NVM means “Never Mind”.

What does OC mean?

OC means “Original Content”.

What does OFC mean?

OFC means “Of course”.

What does OH mean?

OH means “Overheard”.

What does OIC mean?

OIC means “Oh ! I See”.

What does OMD mean?

OMD means “Oh My Damn”.

What does OMG mean?

OMG means “Oh My Goodness”.

What does OMW mean?

OMW means “On My Way”.

What does OP mean?

OP means “original poster” or “original post”.

What does OT mean?

OT means “Off-Topic”.

What does OTL mean?

OTL is not an abbreviation. It’s an emoji used to show an expression or feeling. Represents a man kneeling on the floor. The head is the “O” on the left, his arms are the stem of the “T”, with his back on top, and the “L” represents his kneeling legs.

What does PAWG mean?

PAWG means “Phat Ass White Girl“. Refers to an attractive white girl with a large butt.

What does PAW mean?

PAW means “Parents Are Watching”.

What does Photobomb mean?

Photobomb is used when someone or something that shouldn’t be there, appears unexpectedly in a photo.

What does Pls mean?

Pls means “Please”.

What does POTD mean?

POTD means “Photo Of The Day”.

What does POV mean?

POV means “Point Of View”.

What does PPL mean?

PPL means “People”.

What does PS mean?

PS (or P.S.) means “Post Scriptum”. Post means “after” and Scriptum means “written”. It’s reserved to express an afterthought or add additional information to a letter, article, thought, etc.

What does PTB mean?

PTB means “Please Text Back”.

What does Pwned mean?

Pwned is mostly used in online gaming and means that someone got defeated or humiliated.

What does Q4Y mean?

Q4Y means “Question For You”.

What does QQ mean?

QQ means “Crying”.

What does RAWR mean in dinosaur?

Rawr means “I Love You” in Dinosaur.

What does RBTL mean?

RBTL means “Read Between The Lines”.

What does RIP mean?

RIP means “Rest In Peace”.

What does RL mean?

RL means “Real Life”.

What does ROFL mean?

ROFL means “Rolling On the Floor Laughing”.

What does RT mean?

RT means “Retweet”, an expression commonly used in the social network Twitter.

What does RTM mean?

RTM means “Read The Manual”.

What does SFS mean?

SFS means “snap for snap”, “shoutout for shoutout”, or “spam for spam”. It’s widely used in social media.

What does SIS mean?

SIS means “Sister”.

What does SITD mean?

SITD means “Still In The Dark”.

What does SM mean?

SM means “Social Media”.

What does SMH mean?

SMH means “Shaking My Head”.

What does SMY mean?

SMY means “Somebody”.

What does SNH mean?

SNH means “Sarcasm Noted Here”.

What does SOL mean?

SOL means “Sooner Or Later”.

What does Som1 mean?

Som1 means “Someone”.

What does Spam mean?

Spam refers to unimportant emails, usually with annoying advertisements. It can also be used to describe irrelevant and repeated messages.

Common Internet Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms What does it mean

What does SRSLY mean?

SRSLY means “Seriously”.

What does STBY mean?

STBY means “Sucks To Be You”.

What does Str8 mean?

Str8 means “Straight”.

What does SWAG mean?

SWAG means “Stuff We All Get”.

What does SYS mean?

SYS means “See You Soon”.

What does TBA mean?

TBA means “To Be Announced”.

What does TBH mean?

TBH means “To Be Honest”.

What does TBT mean?

TBT means “Throwback Thursday”.

What does TBT mean?

TBT means “Truth Be Told”.

What does TFH mean?

TFH means “Thread From Hell”.

What does TFTI mean?

TFTI means “Thanks For The Invite”.

What does TFW mean?

TFW means “That Feel When”. It’s used to provide emotional context to a situation.

What does TGIF mean?

TGIF means “Thank God It’s Friday”.

What does THOT mean?

THOT means “That Ho Over There”. Refers to a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships.

What does THX mean?

THX means “Thanks”.

What does TIA mean?

TIA means “Thanks in Advance”.

What does TIL mean?

TIL means “Today I Learned”.

What does TIME mean?

TIME means “Tears In My Eyes”.

What does TL;DR mean?

TL;DR means “Too Long; Didn’t Read”.

What does TLC mean?

TLC means “Tender Loving Care”.

What does TMI mean?

TMI means “Too Much Information”.

What does Totes / Adorbs mean?

Totes / Adorbs represent shortened versions of the words “totally” and “adorable”.

What does Trending mean?

Trending is something that is popular and has a lot of people talking about it at a certain moment.

What does TTYL mean?

TTYL means “Talk To You Later”.

What does TTYS mean?

TTYS means “Talk To You Soon”.

What does Txt mean?

Txt means “Text”.

What does TYVM mean?

TYVM means “Thank You Very Much”.

What does U mean?

U means “You”.

What does U4F mean?

U4F means “You Forever”.

What does UR mean?

UR means “Your”.

What does VBG mean?

VBG means “Very Big Grin”.

What does VSF mean?

VSF means “Very Sad Face”.

What does WB mean?

WB means “Welcome Back”.

What does WBU mean?

WBU means “What About You?”.

What does WEG mean?

WEG means “Wicked Evil Grin”.

What does Well Played mean?

Well Played can be used when someone proves you wrong or has a very clever response.

What does WKND mean?

WKND means “Weekend”.

What does WOM mean?

WOM means “Word of Mouth”.

What does WOTD mean?

WOTD means “Word Of The Day”.

What does Wru mean?

Wru means “Who Are You”.

What does WTH mean?

WTH means “What The Heck?”.

What does WTPA mean?

WTPA means “Where The Party At?”.

What does WU? mean?

WU? means “What’s Up”.

What does WYCM mean?

WYCM means “Will You Call Me?”.

What does WYD mean?

WYD means “What You Doing?”. To ask someone what he/she’s been doing.

What does WYM mean?

WYM means “What You Mean”, same as asking: “What do you mean?”.

What does WYWH mean?

WYWH means “Wish You Were Here”.

What does XD mean?

XD signals happiness or laughter. It represents an emoticon with closed eyes and opened mouth.

Internet Slang, abbreviations and acronyms What does it mean

What does XOXO mean?

XOXO means sending “Hugs and Kisses” to someone.

What does YGM mean?

YGM means “You’ve Got Mail”.

What does YNK mean?

YNK means “You Never Know”.

What does YOLO mean?

YOLO means “You Only Live Once”.

What does YT mean?

YT means “YouTube”, the popular video streaming platform.

What does YW mean?

YW means “You’re Welcome”, greeting someone.

Wrap Up

The world wide web has been influencing nearly everything in our lives, including how we communicate. In an era where we are involved with technology, knowing the most common internet slang is crucial. Places like social networks, online forums, and comments sections are full of terms that may be new and unknown to you

To answer that, we created this extended listing. Certainly, there are a lot more terms and acronyms, but we chose those that you will come across more regularly.