How to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10

How to convert JPG to PDF on Windows

If you’ve been wondering how to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 – that’s exactly what we’ll be focusing in this article.

Converting formats of different files such as JPG, PNG, or PDF is a piece of cake in Windows 10.

The best part is that you don’t have to download any additional applications to proceed with the conversion.

As a Windows 10 user, your system will already have sufficient built-in tools to help you convert your files.

Yes, we’re talking about Microsoft Print.

Whether it is an image file or a written document, it can easily be converted into PDF through MS Print.

Table of Contents

  1. How to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10
    1. Conversion through Microsoft Print to PDF
    2. Conversion through Microsoft Word
    3. Conversion through an online tool
  2. Wrap Up

How to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10

By default, the image format on the files you download from the internet is usually JPG or PNG file.

As mentioned previously, converting them into PDF documents is no big deal.

There are several methods of changing their format. In this guide, we will be showing you the easiest procedures to do that.

Conversion through Microsoft Print to PDF

  • Open the File Explorer by pressing the “Windows key + E”;
  • Navigate towards the JPG image files you want to convert into PDF. Note that the files you want to be converted must be in the same folder;

  • Select each file you want to convert. You can do so by holding the right-click button on your mouse and taking them into the selection box;

  • Now right-click the selected files and click on the “Print button”;

  • Windows will launch its built-in print wizard. Here you must select the “Microsoft Print to PDF option” under the list of Printers;

  • Your images’ size can be altered here and you can add multiple images on a single PDF page as well. Now the JPG files are ready to be converted into PDF. Click on “Print”;

  • As soon as the printing bar finishes its course, Windows will ask you for the destination where you want your freshly converted PDF files saved. Navigate towards your preferred location then click on “Save” and the PDF conversion is complete.

Wasn’t that easy? Well, for some users, the Microsoft PDF Printer option never shows in step five.

The reason behind that might be their PC not having Adobe Reader DC or pending updates.

You can also use the Photos app to convert through MS Print. If that doesn’t work out for you either, then don’t worry.

We have still another procedure for you.

Conversion through Microsoft Word

  • Launch MS Word;
  • In a blank Word document, insert the JPG file you want to be converted into a PDF document;

  • Adjust the size of the JPG format image according to your preference;
  • Once you’re done making the necessary editing, click on “File” then on “Export”;

  • Click on “Create PDF/XPS Document”;

  • Once again, Windows will ask you for the location you want your PDF file saved. Choose it then click on “Publish”.

It’s recommended to save the file in the standard size since it is the widely preferred option.

Now that you know how to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 through MS Word, it’s time we show you our last procedure that involves converting through an online website.

Conversion through an online tool

There are numerous PDF converter websites and online tools out there that help you convert your files.

For safety purposes, it’s best to opt for the built-in tools on your Windows 10 computer, but we believe it’s fair if we guide you through an online procedure as well.

You may choose any conversion website but here we will be using smallpdf, a JPG converter that is fast and does not print its watermark on the converted file.

  • Click on the “Choose Files” button displayed on the homepage then select the JPG files you want to be converted;

  • Adjust the size and margins of the image in the PDF editor then click on “Convert”. It might take a few seconds for the “Convert” button to be visible;

  • Your file will now be converted into PDF format and can be viewed by any PDF reader. It can be downloaded to your PC now.

Wrap Up

There are several other ways of converting JPEG into PDF but the ones we mentioned here are the easiest.

Hopefully, our guide turns out to be beneficial for your conversion needs!

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