Best Surge Protector for Computers 2022

Best Surge Protector for Computers
You have treated yourself to a new computer, with all the extra hardware and software. It’s your new pride and joy. But how are you going to connect all the power adapters to your two-socket outlet in the wall? And how are you going to protect your computer system from power spikes? To solve those questions, we’re going to see the best surge protector for computers. The obvious answer to the first question is by using a power strip. But this isn’t going to protect your system from power spikes. A power spike is an increase in electrical voltage over the usual amount (in most US homes this is 120v). Power strikes can wipe out your electronic appliances in one hit. Or they can slowly cause unseen damage which will shorten the lifespan of the equipment. To protect your computer system, it is very wise to buy a surge protector. [su_box title=”In a hurry?” style=”default” box_color=”#43C801″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″ class=”” id=””] APC Smart Plug is the ideal choice if you love technology. It offers Smart technology with Alexa integration and a lot more features. On the other hand, if all you want is a basic and classic surge protector, Amazon Basics 8-Outlet is the product for you.

How important is a surge protector?

A surge protector is like a power strip. The cable offers extra length and there are many outlets to plug in various appliances. The reason why they are more suitable for computers is that they have protection against power spikes. So any voltage above 120v will be redirected to the ground, saving your system from damage. There is a wide variety of surge protectors to choose from. Some are straightforward outlets. Others will have power-saving features, timers, and light indicators. The more advanced surge protectors will have motion sensors and even wireless control. We are going to examine 6 of the best computer surge protectors. By the end of this, you will be able to decide which one is the most suitable for you. Check our article about Surge Protectors and Power Strips for more information. The following table helps to compare the various products:
Product NameOutletsUSB OutletsCord LengthConnected equipment warranty
Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot Plug8 pivot, 4 standard08 ft (2,44m)$300,000
Holsem (8 Outlets & 2 USB)82 Smart6 ft (1,83m)$300,000
APC 11-Outlet with USB1126 ft (1,83m)$250,000
Amazon Basics 8-Outlet806 ft (1,83m)None stated
Echogear 8-Outlet6 rotating, 2 fixed08 ft (2,44m)$25,000
APC Smart Plug3 Smart, 3 standard2 Smart, 2 standard6 ft (1,83m)$150,000

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best surge protector for computers - Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot Plug Power Strip Surge Protector Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot Plug Power Strip Surge Protector

Main Characteristics:
  • 4320 joules/ Clamping Voltage: 400/ Response Time: <1 nanosecond
  • 8 outlets that rotate
  • An 8 ft (2,44m) cord, longer than the average
  • On/off switch plus grounded light and protected light
The Belkin outlet can be wall mounted which will save you space and keep things looking tidier. 8 of the outlets will rotate so you don’t need to worry about the larger adapters covering other outlets. There is an 8 ft (2,44m) power cord. This allows you to place your surge protector at the ideal location for your computer system. This surge protector has a lifetime warranty, and a $300,000 connected equipment warranty. In the unlikely event that your computer is damaged, it will be covered by the warranty.


Ideal to connect your PC, games consoles, speakers, Wi-Fi station and DVD player in one outlet because of the high joules;The lights will let you know that everything is working correctly;Less noise because of the power filtration;$300,000 connected equipment warranty


There are no USB ports”]   best surge protector for computers - Holsem Power Strip Surge Charger 8 Outlets & 2 Smart USB Charging Ports Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Holsem Power Strip Surge Charger (8 Outlets & 2 Smart USB Charging Ports)

Main Characteristics:
  • Smart IC technology USB ports
  • 2390 joules
  • Flame-retardant material withstands up to 1380°F (750°C)
  • On/off switch plus grounded light and protected light
The Holsem surge protector has 6 compact outlets and 2 extra-wide outlets. The Smart IC technology means the ports will detect the device. It will then deliver the fastest possible charge. There is a 6 ft (1,83m) heavy-duty power cord. This provides higher protection for the connected devices. It also has 4 keyhole slots so you can mount the outlet vertically or horizontally. This surge protector looks stylish, it is quite slim and it only weighs 1.8lbs. It won’t look out of place if you want to attach it higher up the wall. As a bonus, you receive 4 free batteries, although you won’t need them for the outlet.


Expectable durability;Customer service at Holsem seemed fantastic, they know about their products;USB chargers are really handy for charging game console controls


It would be nice to have wider spaced outlets”]   best surge protector for computers - APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Charging Ports Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Charging Ports

Main Characteristics:
  • 6 extra-wide outlets for large power adapters, in total you can charge 13 appliances
  • 2880 joules
  • Extra building wiring fault light indicator
As with most surge protectors, you will see a protection working light and overload light. This also has a wiring fault light indicator. This will help understand where an electrical fault might be coming from. The widely spaced outlets mean you won’t be covering other outlets with your larger chargers. The 5 outlets closer together give you plenty of options to charge more appliances. It’s also great to have 2 USB charging ports. The APC surge protector outlet comes with a lifetime warranty and a $250,000 connected-equipment protection policy. This covers the appliances that are connected to the outlets.


It can be wall-mounted and with the 90° rotating cord, your working space will be more organized;It’s a good value for money;The USB ports don’t consume too much power when not in use;Lifetime warranty and $250,000 connected-equipment protection


The outlets are quite small. It’s a tight fit for some adapters to be plugged in”]   best surge protector for computers - Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Main Characteristics:
  • An impressive 4500 joules
  • Stylish LED lights to indicated grounded and protected
  • Fireproof MOV for added safety
For its extremely low price, this surge protector does the job. It has high joule protection at 4500j. The cable is the standard 6 ft (1,83m)and heavy-duty. For an extra $2 you can buy the same Amazon Basics outlet with a 10.7 ft (3,26m) cord. 5 outlets are quite close together and 3 extra outlets with wide spacing. These are for larger chargers. A nice feature is the sliding covers. These will keep the outlets free from dust. You can also mount the outlet on a wall or slide it behind furniture.


Excellent value for money;Well built from sturdy materials;4500 joules is higher than the average surge protector, ideal for expensive electronics


The LED light is very bright, you might not want it in your bedroom”]   best surge protector for computers - Echogear Power Strip Surge Protector with 8 Outlets Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Echogear Power Strip Surge Protector with 8 Outlets

Main Characteristics:
  • 6 Rotating outlets and 2 fixed outlets
  • 2160 joules
  • Outside interference filtration
  • On/off switch plus grounded and protected light indicators
We love the cylindrical design. It still has a flat base so it can be wall-mounted. A feature we liked is the cable hooks. These hooks keep the cords organized and clipped out of the way. The cord is 8 ft (2,44m) long which is a bit longer than most. 6 outlets can rotate to 160&#176;. Even though there are only 6, you will be able to fit small and large adapters in the outlets without blocking others. Not only is the Echogear fireproof with MOV technology, but it also has EMI/RFI noise filtration. It helps reduce interference from other electrical appliances.


High-quality product with all the best safety features;Being able to rotate the outlets both forwards and backward means you can make the most of each outlet;Another excellent customer support service to answer any technical questions


None”] best surge protector for computers - APC Smart Plug Surge Protector Power Strip Click the image to check the price on Amazon now!

APC Smart Plug Surge Protector Power Strip

Main Characteristics:
  • 3 Smart outlets, 3 standard outlets, 2 Smart USB ports, 2 standard USB ports
  • 2160 joules
  • Can be controlled by an app on your phone and by Alex Smart Plug Voice Control
  • On/off switch plus grounded, protected and Wi-Fi light indicators
Obviously, the main feature we love about this is all the Smart technology. First of all with the Smart outlets! This means that when your devices are not switched on they will not suck up power, saving you money. Secondly, there is the voice activation if you have Alexa. If not, you can download an app on your phone. With this app, you can select the room, the particular outlet and even set a timer for it to come on. The outlets are nicely spread apart and there is a 6 ft (1,83m) power cord. While focusing on the fun stuff, APC has not forgotten about all of the safety regulations. It is UL 1449 tested. If you want a classic and basic surge protector this is probably not the best option for your money. But if you love technology and find great utility in these features, this might just be your best choice.


Control the outlets from anywhere at anytime;Easy Wi-Fi setup and using Alexa voice control is funky;Save power with the Smart Outlets


More expensive than a standard surge protector, but you will get your money’s worth if you are a lover of technology”]


If you are looking for the Best Value for money it would have to be the Amazon Basics. It complies with all the safety requirements. It also has one of the highest surge protections at 4500 joules. Looking at features, The APC Smart Plug has all the latest technology to voice activate your home. Whether it’s a lamp or your PC, it can be turned on by voice commands using Alexa. If you have forgotten to turn off appliances, you can do so using your phone application. You will also be able to save money on your electric bill. For the Best Surge Protector for your computer, we have gone with the Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector. It is a good value for money, 8 of the 12 outlets pivot to allow for larger power adapters, and it has high joule protection at 4320j. Belkin is so confident about their surge protector that it comes with a $300,000 connected equipment warranty. This is more than enough to cover the cost of your electrical appliances if anything does go wrong! There you have it, a pack of great options for the best protection for your computer. Get one now and keep your computer safe. If for some reasons you want a different product, check our other articles: Now that you know the features to look for, check out the best products in our other articles: And also, take a look at our other reviews on Surge Protector for Travel Trailers (RVs)