Surge Protectors for Home Theater 2021

Of all of the things in our homes, the home entertainment system is usually something we take the most pride in. We may just start with a TV but as time goes on, we treat ourselves to a video console or surround sound system. Our home entertainment system is a symbol of our hard work and savings. It is a considerable investment and should be protected. In this article, we’ll be reviewing surge protectors for home theater systems.

Unfortunately, most aren’t aware of the potential dangers a power supply has. Many of us have experienced a big storm that causes a power cut. It’s not just a blackout that we need to be careful of. Storms, blackouts, and power surge all cause damage.

The not so fortunate have lost thousands in equipment after a power surge. So, our appliances can also be damaged over time with each power surge. This will reduce the lifespan of our investment.

The simple way to overcome a power surge is to connect your home entertainment system to a surge protector. This will block any extra electrical power passing through the outlet.

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Get the Tripp Lite 12-outlet surge protector which offers excellent value for money and provides great levels of protection. For us, this is the best surge protector for home theater in this article.[/su_box]

There are hundreds of power surge protectors. Choosing one is not always easy and customer reviews can be one-sided. Today, we are going to look at 10 of the best surge protectors for our home entertainment systems. Aside from just value for money, we will look at their features and some of the pros and cons.


Best Surge Protector For Home Theater

Let’s dive into the reviews. This table helps to compare the various products:

Product Name Outlets USB Outlets Cord Length Connected Equipment Warranty
CyberPower CPS1215RMS 12 0 15ft (4.6m) None stated
GE Surge Protector 12 2 (tethered) 8ft (2.4m) $500,000
Etekcity 6-outlet 6 4 6ft (1.8m) None stated
Belkin 7-outlet 7 0 7ft (2.1m) $75,000
Tripp Lite 12-outlet 12 0 8ft (2.4m) $250,000
Amazon Basics 12-outlet 12 0 8ft (2.4m) Not stated
Tripp Lite Isobar 10 0 8ft (2.4m) $500,000
SafeMore Smart Surge Protector 8 4 6.5ft (2m) None stated
DailyComb Smart Power Strip 4 4 6ft (1.8m) None stated
Arista 12-outlet power station 12 0 6ft (1.8m) None stated

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - CyberPower CPS1215RMS
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CyberPower CPS1215RMS

Main Characteristics:

  • 12 outlets
  • 1800-joule protection
  • 15ft (4.6m) power cord
  • Side facing outlets for space-saving design

We liked the features of this surge protector. Rather than the traditional design, the outlets are on the side and it looks sleek and modern. No extra-wide outlets, but with 12 in total, there are plenty of options.

It can be mounted on a wall either vertically or horizontally and it’s very slim so it will sit behind furniture. The housing is made of industrial-grade metal, so it’s protected from damage.

The device comes with EMI/RFI noise filtration. This protects against interference from other electrical appliances. A great thing about this surge protector is the long 15ft (4.6m) long power cord.

[su_pros_cons pros=”It comes with a three-year warranty;Lots of wall mounting options because of the cable length;It’s really easy to use with straight-forward LED lights to read;The response time is 1 nanosecond” cons=”It’s a bit pricey for the lower joule rating of 1800J;It doesn’t appear to be UL listed”]

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - GE Surge Protector
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GE Surge Protector

Main Characteristics:

  • 12 outlets and 2 USB ports
  • 4320-joule protection
  • Safety covers
  • Lifetime warranty and $500,000 connected equipment warranty

The GE surge protector has the right safety features. It has an excellent joule rating of 4320J and a clamping voltage of 400v. Besides, the safety covers prevent fingers and dirt from entering the outlets. It also comes with a built-in circuit breaker and power filtration. Furthermore, automatic shutdown provides even better protection for your technology equipment.

Of the 12 outlets, 4 are wide-spaced, which will allow for larger adapters. There are two USB ports tethered to the surge protector and the power cord is 8ft (2.4m) long. Also, it can be wall-mounted and has a flat plug to save space.

It comes with a lifetime warranty. We also appreciated that the $500,000 connected equipment warranty covers surges, spikes, and lightning.

[su_pros_cons pros=”A lifetime warranty and $500,000 connected equipment;Ample outlets for those with a lot of home entertainment equipment;The UBB ports are handy for charging console controls;UL listed” cons=”The blue LED light is quite strong”]

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - Etekcity 6-Outlet
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Etekcity 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

Main Characteristics:

  • 6 outlets and 4 USB ports
  • 5610-joule protection
  • ABS flame-resistant materials
  • UL and ETL listed, FCC certified

While it might not be the most attractive surge protector, it certainly does an excellent job. It offers the highest joule rating of our top 10 at 5610J and features 400v clamping voltage. It has various safety certifications and it’s made from ABS flame-resistant materials.

Each of the 6 outlets is widely spaced. The USB ports are fast charging with a maximum of 6 amps across all four ports. The cable is 6ft (1.8m) long, which is standard.

It’s easy to mount on a wall with 4 holes for added security. On top of that, it comes with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This surge protector is great value for money.

[su_pros_cons pros=”It protects against over-current, over-voltage, overheat and overloading;It’s well made and the plugs aren’t difficult to slot in;It works well as a surge protector” cons=”Stays off after a surge, doesn’t automatically restart”]

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - Belkin 7-Outlet Surge Protector
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Belkin 7-Outlet Surge Protector

Main Characteristics:

  • 7 outlets
  • 7ft (2.1m) long power cord
  • 2160-joule protection
  • 330v clamping voltage and less than 1 nanosecond response time
  • ADSL modem outlets

There are three buying options with 6, 7, or 12 outlets. There seems to be some confusion with the joule rating. According to Belkin, it is 2160J and, the clamping voltage and response time are ideal.

As well as the outlets, you will be able to connect your ADSL modem. Besides, this surge protector has EMI/RFI filtration up to 43db. Also, it is incredibly lightweight at 1lb (453.6g).

This is the cheapest device we have looked at and offers a lovely sleek design. In addition, it has a lifetime warranty and comes with a $75,000 connected equipment warranty.

[su_pros_cons pros=”It is a sturdy, high-quality and reliable surge protector;Belkin hasn’t reduced the safety features to compensate for the price;Although there are only two LED indicator lights, it makes it very easy to read” cons=”The right-angled plug causes some issues regarding the direction of the power cord”]

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - Tripp Lite Surge Protector Power Strip
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Tripp 12-Outlet Lite Surge Protector Power Strip

Main Characteristics:

  • 12 outlets plus telephone/Coax/Modem/Ethernet protection
  • 2880-joule protection
  • 8ft (2.4m) long power cord
  • $250,000 connected equipment warranty

This is another great option for home entertainment systems. You can have all your appliances connected to one surge protector: TV, game console, speakers, telephone, Internet, and cable TV. 4 of the 12 outlets are widely spaced.

It has a great amount of protection with 2880 joules. The clamping voltage is 400v and the response time is less than one nanosecond. It comes with a long power cord at 8ft (2.4m) and EMI/RFI filtration.

The keyhole slots allow you to mount the surge protector and the flat plug will keep your furniture close to the wall. Tripp Lite offers a limited lifetime warranty. The $250,000 connected equipment warranty covers damage caused by power surges.

[su_pros_cons pros=”Features simple LED diagnostic lights;A 6ft telephone, network, and coax cable is included;It’s UL listed” cons=”Depending on your Internet provider, the Internet may face interruptions”]

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - Amazon Basics 12-outlet Power Strip Surge
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Amazon Basics 12-outlet Power Strip Surge

Main Characteristics:

  • 12 outlets, 4 are widely spaced
  • 4320-joule protection
  • 8ft (2.4m) power cord
  • Fireproof MOV protection

The 12 outlets have sliding covers to keep the dust out. Four are widely spaced. With a total of 12 outlets, you can plug in all of your home entertainment systems.

The levels of protection are better than some of the more expensive surge protectors. In addition, it has 4320-joule protection and 330v clamping voltage with a response time of less than 1 nanosecond.

It comes with EMI/RFI filtration to prevent interference from other electrical equipment. The 8ft (2.4m) power cord is heavy-duty. The LED indicators show that the surge protector is protected and grounded and it’s also wall-mountable.

[su_pros_cons pros=”Good value for money with perfect levels of protection;It is UL listed;A must-have if you live in a stormy area, or you have a lot of expensive equipment” cons=”Some might not like the brightness of the LED indicator”]

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - Tripp Lite Isobar
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Tripp Lite Isobar

Main Characteristics:

  • 10 outlets, 4 are widely spaced
  • 3840-joule protection
  • Telephone/Modem/coax/Network outlets
  • Metal housing

This high-end surge protector will protect everything and then some. There are plenty of outlets plus 3-line 22GHz gold coaxial. There is also 1-line high-speed Ethernet and 1-line phone/modem.

All of this comes in a durable and fire-resistant metal housing. Each outlet is color-coded to help you make the most of the surge protector.

The power cord is 8ft (2.4m) long with a right-angled plus and there is high joule protection (3840j). Besides, the clamping voltage is 330v and less than 1 nanosecond response time.

It is UL listed and comes with a lifetime warranty. Most importantly, for extra peace of mind, there is a $500,000 connected equipment warranty.

[su_pros_cons pros=”The high-speed Ethernet resolves potential problems of a slow Internet;Excellent protection, even for larger home entertainment systems;The noise filtration helps prevent data errors on PCs and similar appliances” cons=”It’s quite pricey”]

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - SafeMore Smart Surge Protector
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SafeMore Smart Surge Protector

Main Characteristics:

  • 8 outlets and 4 USB ports
  • 2100-joule protection
  • Tower design available in two colors
  • FCC, CE, and ROHS listed

This surge protector has been tested and certified to prove its safety. It has a nice level of joule protection and fire retardant protection. SafeMore offers a 2-year guarantee.

With a tower design, it is easy to plug in a variety of sized adapters. The 4 USB ports have Smart Charging technology, so the additional charge will be sent to those outlets in use. The power cord is 6.5ft (2m) and the plug is flat.

It’s nice that you can choose between black or white and blue. Having 2 power buttons is also a great feature, so you can control the top half and the bottom half individually.

[su_pros_cons pros=”We liked the idea of tower design. It can sit next to the TV and it’s easy to access all of the outlets;It has 10 different protections including short circuit and overload. In addition, there is opposite charging avoidance and electric field interference avoidance;The LED lights are soft and not too bright” cons=”It’s not very sturdy and may fall over”]

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - Daily Comb Smart Power Strip
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DailyComb Smart Power Strip

Main Characteristics:

  • 4 outlets and 4 USB ports
  • Safety Protection design
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • 90-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty

There are only 4 outlets so this might be better for smaller home entertainment systems. However, they are all widely spaced. Furthermore, it features additionally 4 USB ports.

Unfortunately, we are lacking all of the protection information. And we aren’t even sure if it is UL listed. However, it does have an anti-fault outlet and an anti-fault power button for security. Also, it’s made from PCVO fireproof materials.

On a positive, it’s great for the tech-savvy. You can control this surge protector by voice or from your smartphone. Also, you can set timers and control each outlet individually and set other controls for the USB ports. And you can also turn appliances and devices on and off when you aren’t home.

[su_pros_cons pros=”Great for gaming systems/movie rooms that you want to be hands-free;Simple to set up and pair with the Smart Life app;Nice design and spacing, the USB ports work well” cons=”Many have had issues getting it up with Google Home”]

Surge Protectors for Home Theater - Arista Power Station
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Arista 12-outlet Power Station

Main Characteristics:

  • 12 outlets, 4 widely spaced
  • 3150-joule protection
  • Coaxial/cable/CATV/DSS/telephone protection
  • UL listed

Our final surge protector will also offer protection to several different appliances. 6 of the outlets are on the front of the surge protector. There are 6 more on top. The coaxial and modem outlets are on either end.

This surge protector offers 3150-joule protection. The clamping voltage is 400v and the response time is less than 1 nanosecond. It’s also equipped with MOV technology.

Other features include a 6ft (1,8m) power cord and a flat, right-angled plug to save space. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

[su_pros_cons pros=”All-round protection for phones, cable, Internet, and home entertainment systems;Good value for money for all of the protection options;The design maximizes the space you have for all the outlets” cons=”It would be nice to see a longer warranty for the price”]

Wrap up

So, how do we choose the best surge protector? We decided that this would depend on two basic things: whether you are looking for a standard surge protector or one with the ability to provide more advanced protection.

If you are in the search for a surge protector for your home entertainment system and more, we would recommend the Tripp Lite 12-outlet surge protector. It is an excellent value for money and provides great levels of protection. Besides, it has a longer than average power cord. We also felt that the lifetime warranty and $250,000 connected equipment warranty adds a lot to its value.

If you are into something more focused on TVs, game consoles, speakers, you may consider the GE Surge Protector and the Etekcity. Both have high joule protection and 400v clamping voltage. Most importantly, GE has a lifetime warranty and a $500,000 connected warranty. Etekcity only has a 2-year warranty, however, it’s half the price. Either one is going to provide your home entertainment system with brilliant protection. In the end, you just have to decide if you need the GE with 12 outlets and 2 USB ports, or the Etekcity with 6 outlets and 4 USB ports.

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A few features that you must consider

Joules: The energy absorption rate. Generally speaking, the higher the better. For a TV you should look for a joule rating of at least 2500J.

Clamping voltage: The maximum voltage that can pass through the surge protector. The lower the better.

Response time: How quickly the surge protector will block the power surge.

Outlets: The number but also the design, whether they are spaced out, and if it has USB ports. Some will also have outlets for telephone cables and Ethernet outlets.

Value for money: Aside from the cost, we look at warranties and connected equipment warranties. This is the amount you can claim if your equipment is damaged.