Best Drones Under $800: Get Them Now

Like with so much of our modern-day technology, drones are amazing when used in the right way. In this article, we will be focusing on some of the best drones under $800.

They have been around for decades but it’s not till recently that they have become popular for personal use. It’s now possible to buy a drone for less than $50. But, if you are looking for a drone with high quality and plenty of capabilities, you should expect to pay over $500.

A lot more than just expensive drones with cameras

These are products that go a lot further than just being expensive drones with cameras. I mean, for consumer use they can be considered expensive but remember there are more professional-focused drones costing a lot more.

In a hurry? Here’s our best tip:

Get the Parrot PF728000 drone. It features great image quality, an impressive range, and some advanced capabilities for a competitive price.

Today drones can be used for fun, racing, and even delivering packages. They are also an essential part of a professional photographer’s kit. Sporting events use them to deliver footage that cameras can’t provide.

There are some certain features that you should check before buying a drone. Some work by remote, others by a wireless connection and apps that will allow you to control it through your smartphone.

Table of Contents

  1. A lot more than just expensive drones with cameras
  2. Our recommended drone review
    1. DJI Mavic Air
    2. Upair Two
    3. Parrot PF728000
    4. DJI Phantom 3
    5. Walkera F210
    6. DJI Mavic Pro (Refurbished)
      1. It’s refurbished but you should keep on reading
    7. AKIMPE
    8. Ruko F11
  3. Wrap-Up

The range will play a part in your decision. Lower-end drones have a range of between 164ft (50m) to 328ft (100m). Advanced drones will have a range of up to 3.1 miles (5km). Maximum altitudes can be up to 3280ft (1000m).

The quality camera is an important feature, as well as the angle at which you can use it. Again, most quality drones will send a video feed to your mobile device. Also, there will be the option to take still shots too.

Along with battery life, GPS, and the number of rotors, drones have the following key features:

  • RTF – Ready to fly
  • ARF – Almost ready to fly
  • BNF – bind-n-fly (receiver, not transmitter)
  • FPV – First-person view
  • RTH – Return to home

All of the drones we have selected are Quadcopters, meaning they have 4 rotors. We will highlight their main characteristics, the specifics, and some pros and cons. Let’s get straight into the list!

Product NameRangeCharging TimeFlight TimeMax. AltitudeCamera
DJI Mavic Air2.5 mi
(4 km)
55 min.21 min.3 mi (5 km)4k UHD/30fps videos
12MP photos
UPair Two1.25 mi
(2 km)
Not stated24 min.Not stated3-eye lens 4K 3D camera
16MP photos
Parrot PF7280002.8 mi
(4,6 km)
1.5 – 3.5 h25 min.492 ft (150 m)4k UHD videos
21MP photos
DJI Phantom 33 mi
(5 km)
Not stated23 min.3.7 mi (6 km)1080p FHD 2.7K video
Walkera F2100,5 mi
(800 m)
2 h8-9 min.0.31 mi (500 m)700TVL Night Vision 5.8G video
DJI Mavic Pro (Refurbished)4,35 mi
(7 km)
Not stated27 min.3 mi (5 km)FHD 1080p video streaming
AKIMPENot Stated60 min.8-10 min.Not statedLive Video 1080p FHD
Ruko F110.75 mi
(1,22 km)
Not stated60 min.130 mi (120 m)4K UHD, 120-degree FOV lens
Best Drones Under $800 - DJI Mavic Air

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DJI Mavic Air

Main Characteristics:

  • 2.5mi (4km) range
  • 21-minute flight time
  • 12MP photos, 4K/30fps videos
  • Wi-Fi remote control/hand gesture control

The Mavic Air is an extremely compact drone. Besides, it folds so that it is about the height and width of a smartphone. The remote control is also foldable; you can even remove the control sticks for easy carrying.

The camera sits on a 3-axis gimbal. The DHR photos can be taken in 6 different quick shot styles. 25 photos can be taken in 8 seconds and then stitched together to make 32MP sphere panoramas.

The 4K video allows you to film in slow motion. There is an 8GB internal storage card for your photos and videos. You can export them through a USB or you can share them straight to social media through the DJI Go 4 app.

You will be able to fly the Mavic Pro for 21 minutes with a maximum range of 2.5mi (4km). The maximum altitude is around 3mi (5km) above sea level.

Two of the things we like about the Mavic Air are the selfie mode and ActiveTrack. Active Track lets you track up to 16 objects even when they are running, jumping, or cycling.


  • The stability of this drone is great, even in winds of up to 20mph
  • The front, bottom, and rear collision cameras are ideal to help novice drone pilots
  • The Wi-Fi connection is reliable
  • The size is an absolute advantage for those who are on the go
  • Controlling the drone with hand gestures is very cool


  • It would be nice to have a longer flying time. The maximum flying time is 21 minutes but often it’s only around 17-18 minutes

Best Drones Under $800 - Upair Two

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Upair Two

Main Characteristics:

  • 1.25mi (2km) range
  • 24-minute flight time
  • 3-eye lens, 4K 3D camera, 16MP photos
  • Wi-Fi remote control and UPair app

The Upair Two is a great drone for young people and beginners, with an excellent range of features for easy use.

Takeoff and landing works with just one button. There is assisted headless mode and follow me mode, GPS, and a flight path self-creating function.

The GPS has an integrated return to home function. If the battery is low or the GSP signal is weak, the drone will automatically come home.

You can connect the UPain drone to your smartphone using the UPair app. You can also control it via remote control. The maximum range is up to 2k and 24 minutes of flying time.

There are 3 eye lenses. The main lens is the 4k ultra high definition lens. The other two are 2k FHD lenses. With the 3-axis gimbal, you have a wide-angle 110-degree view.

The live video can be streamed to your mobile. You can even wear the VR glasses that come with the drone and watch the 3D video.


  • Fantastic video quality and the drone has great stability
  • The blades are durable, stable, and fit well
  • The battery comes about 75% charged, which is enough to allow you to get set up
  • We liked the feel of the controller and the app was simple yet informative
  • Good value for money


  • The quick start guide is not much help in the setup

Best Drones Under $800 - Parrot PF728000

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Parrot PF728000

Main Characteristics:

  • 2.8mi (4,6km) range
  • 25-minute flight time
  • 4K Ultra HD video, 21MP photos
  • Wi-Fi remote control and FeeFlight app

The carbon frame makes this lightweight and compact, helping to reach speeds of up to 55km/h. The range is impressive at 4.6km, as is the flight time of up to 25 minutes. Both the drone and the remote control are foldable to save space.

This Parrot model has a sleek design. The camera sits on a 180-degree tilt gimbal for unique shots. There is also a 3-axis hybrid image stabilization for the detailed shots. The camera can record in slow motion and you can zoom in 2.8x without losing image quality.

The Smart RTH will bring the drone back to you when the battery is low or there is a loss of connection. Find My Drone will let you tap a button and the drone will beep in case you lose it. You can also see the location on a map.

The Parrot comes with advanced features like Follow Me. You will need to pay for the feature through the app. The drone can be programmed to follow you both vertically and horizontally.


  • The Free Flight app is user-friendly and purchases are cheap, Follow Me is under $1
  • It’s really simple to set up and start flying in less than a minute
  • The Parrot is extremely portable but still sturdy enough to withstand winds
  • The camera is perfect and the zoom-in feature maintains the quality


  • The Wi-Fi signal easily drops out if there is interference from buildings

Best Drones Under $800 - DJI Phantom 3

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DJI Phantom 3

Main Characteristics:

  • 3mi (5km) range
  • 23-minute flight time
  • 1080p Full HD 2.7K video plus still shots
  • Lightbridge Wi-Fi remote connection, DJI pilot app

As with the Mavic Air, the Phantom is the closest to $800. It’s an advanced drone with a longer range and a slightly longer flight time.

Unlike the Air, it’s not foldable. You can connect to this drone through Lightbridge Wi-Fi, the DJI pilot app, and remote control.

It comes with Vision Positioning Technology. This drone can be flown indoors, low to the ground, and in areas with no GPS.

The camera takes 2.7K videos. You can live stream through the app on Androids and iOS. The videos filmed are recorded onto the internal micro SD card. The camera sits on a 3-axis gimbal.

It’s a good drone for beginners because of its safety features. It comes with a built-in database of no-fly zones. You can also fly the drone in beginner mode to learn how to fly in safe, limited areas.


  • The set comes with absolutely everything including things like an anti-drop kit, vibration absorbers, landing pads, and stickers
  • The range on the video is much better and maintains the quality of the images
  • The app includes features like follow me and points-of-interest
  • One button take-off makes flying it easy


  • There is a lot of software to keep updating

Best Drones Under $800 - Walkera F210

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Walkera F210

Main Characteristics:

  • 0,5mi (800m) range
  • 8-9-minute flight time
  • 700TVL Night Vision, 5.8G-video
  • Devo 7 transmitter control

It may seem like it lacks in some areas, but it certainly makes up in others. Yes, the range is rather limited compared to other drones, as is the flight time.

However, it has a maximum flight speed of 96km/h. Professional racers will be able to race with this drone. Bear in mind you will need some skill to fly at these speeds.

The Devo 7 Transmitter controls this drone. It has 2 antennas and 40 channels. These support real-time HD image transmission.

It’s a ready to fly Mode 2 drone. It takes little work to set up. Also, the transmitter is pre-tuned so you can use it straight out of the box.

The camera is HD and uses a 120-degree superior vision type lens. The low-light technology allows the drone to fly at night without being detected. On top of that, it has 700TVL Night Vision 5.8G video transmission.

It also comes with Google 4 glasses, so you can enjoy watching what your drone can see in 3D.


  • It’s fun and fast for those with experience
  • There are 3 flight modes, advanced, intermediate, and stabilizer. The stabilizer mode is good for those learning
  • We like the materials it’s made from. It feels strong and long-lasting
  • First-person view available with the Google 4 glasses


  • It takes about 2 hours to charge the non-removable battery

Best Drones Under $800 - DJI Mavic Pro (Refurbished)

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DJI Mavic Pro (Refurbished)

Main Characteristics:

  • 4,35mi (7km) range
  • 27-minute flight time
  • Full HD 1080p video streaming
  • Remote control

From all of the DJI drones we have seen, this has the furthest range at 4,35mi (7km). It has the furthest range of all the drones we have seen. As well as this, it has the longest flight time of 27 minutes. But, as you may expect, it is one of the higher-priced drones.

The camera is on a 3-axis gimbal. The Mavic Pro has OcuSync to transmit Full 4K HD 1080p video. From the DJI Go mobile app, you can access all of the settings and edit and share videos.

Mavic’s flight autonomy prevents accidental knocks and bumps. It can detect obstacles as far as 49ft (15m) in front of it. The precision flight autonomy lets the drone hover in a range of environments and land where it took off. It can be controlled by tap-based commands and you can take selfies by using gestures.

It’s another good drone if you like to take it out and about with you. It comes with a shoulder bag. The antenna on the control can be folded down to fit into a pocket.

It’s refurbished but you should keep on reading

The only downside is that this product is refurbished. But that’s not necessarily bad.

A refurbished product might be a product that was returned to the retailer or manufacturer for a refund by a customer. But don’t close the door on this option just yet!

Before being sold as a refurbished model the drone is thoroughly checked. Components with defects are repaired or replaced. Afterward, the drone is tested and inspected. When it performs as it should, it’s good to be sold again.

That’s great news. Although it was previously used before, you can rest assured. Before being sold again as a refurbished product it’s examined and tested properly.

If you are still not convinced or that doesn’t seem enough, click the link and check Amazon’s guarantees regarding this product.


  • Flight autonomy is amazing, combining cameras, GPS, sensors, and ultrasound
  • The app has ActiveTrack so it can follow moving objects
  • It’s ideal for professional use, the camera transmits high-quality video and still shots
  • We like the design, the clean edges, and the materials are good quality and durable


  • It’s refurbished, but check Amazon’s Guarantee
Best Drones Under $800 - AKIMPE

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Main Characteristics:

  • Excellent for beginners
  • 8-10-minutes flight time
  • 1080p Full HD video
  • Mini remote control

This is another good option for those who are just starting with drones. The remote works at a distance of around 70-80 meters. It’s not a drone designed for distance, it’s most suitable for high-speed aerobatics.

It makes it easy to perform a variety of high-speed movements like ascending, descending, flying forwards and backward, side flying, and 360-degree rolling. The frame is lightweight but the superior design of the propellers provides maximum stability.

The live video feed comes from a 1080p HD camera of a 6-axis gimbal. It comes with the Follow Me feature as well as headless mode. It has GPS. Another feature to help beginners is the one-touch button.

There are a few other things we felt were worth a mention. It has LED lights so you can use it at night. The frame is both durable and waterproof. Also, it comes with a protective cover.


  • It’s great value for money for a well-made drone
  • It only takes one hour to recharge the battery
  • While it’s a good choice for beginners to learn, it also has awesome capabilities for when you have mastered the basics


  • It’s a short-range drone

Best Drones Under $800 - Ruko F11

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Ruko F11

Main Characteristics:

  • 0.75mi (1,22km) range
  • 60-minute flight time
  • 4K Ultra HD, 120-degree FOV lens for a broad view
  • Remote control transmission

Although it’s the cheapest on our list, it’s not short of features. Most significantly, it comes with two batteries, each with a 30-minute flight time. That’s an impressive 60 minutes of total flying time.

The camera is 4k Ultra HD. There is a 90-degree adjustable camera angle with 120-degree FOV. The lens gives you a wide view. Photos and videos can be sent to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

It has the right features for a beginner such as headless mode, one key take-off and landing, auto return, and tap fly. With the 3 speeds (9,8ft, 19,7 ft and 39,3ft or 3m/s, 6m/s, and 12m/s) it’s fast enough for experts too. It can reach maximum speeds of up to 26,8 mph (43 km/h).

Also, it comes with a foam carry case to protect the drone while being transported. There is also a lifelong warranty and a 180-day refund or exchange.


  • You don’t need to assemble the drone, It’s ready to fly by popping out the foldable propellers
  • It’s quick to charge, approximately 75m, with a USB connection
  • The controls are sensitive and quick to respond
  • It has Follow Me, as well as other flight features


  • It can’t detect obstacles so you have to be careful


As you can now see, these are not inexpensive drones with cameras but they’re also not the most expensive drones for sale. But they do offer a lot of value for the money.

There are three drones that we have narrowed down to the top of the list and they will depend on what you wish to use the drone for. The Ruko F11 is a great budget drone with high-quality features. We loved the 60-minute flying time. We felt this was great to give beginners the time to practice.

Although the AKIMPE is only suitable for short-range flights, we felt that the combination of function and price made this an excellent drone for various levels of expertise. It is safe enough for beginners and the experts will experience great fun performing some tricks.

While all of the DJI drones are amazing, our overall winner was the Parrot PF728000. In our opinion, it was slightly better priced and had many of the same features as the DJI’s. The 4.6km range and 25-minute flight time are both high.

The camera is 4K Full HD with 21MP photos, perfect for professional use. We also found it handy that you can use the control or your smartphone to fly the Parrot drone.

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