Installing Android Auto In A Car

How to Install Android Auto in a Car

Google took their inventions a notch higher by creating the Android Auto, an application that mirrors your Android device on the display of your car. This article provides guidelines for installing Android Auto in your car.

This allows access to different apps available on the smartphone in a convenient and straightforward way. The application requires specific instructions to be installed.

Before you access the Google Play Store for downloads and initiate the installation, you need to learn a few aspects of the application. Here are some pre-requisites that you must consider:

  • Your smartphone must run Android 5.0 or higher;
  • Some of the apps available require internet connectivity, like Waze and iHeart Radio;
  • You need a USB cable to connect the device to the car;
  • Not all vehicles support Android Auto.

Table of Contents

  1. How Do You Get Android Auto Into Your Car?
  2. How to Setup the Android Auto

How Do You Get Android Auto Into Your Car?

To confirm if your car is compatible with the application, check whether it has an Android Auto icon on the display screen. Once you’re sure about its compatibility, proceed to download the app from Google Play Store.

The application requires you to accept the necessary permission to run successfully.

Once you have installed the app, continue to connect your device through the USB panel. When it’s done, you should see your default cards on the dashboard display.

You can also see other apps such as Music, Calls, and Messages depending on the availability and your needs.

How to Setup the Android Auto

Since you have a functional Android Auto, it is time to set it up for your usage. Here is a step-by-step procedure you can follow.

Purchase a Phone Mount

Every driver wants to access his or her phone conveniently and easily. A phone mount would be the best solution for such consideration.

Look for a simple and sturdy car mount that you can set up in a place you can easily access. Make sure that your phone is firmly attached to the mount to guarantee its effectiveness.

Set the Android Auto to Automatic

To connect your Android Auto with your car, you need to launch the app on your phone and select the Auto-launch toggle button in your setting button.

There are a lot of features that you can enjoy using Android Auto. The application also comes with Google Assistance which you can use to make a couple of customized commands.

However, keep your excitement in check when using the app and keep your focus on the road to avoid distractions.