How many iPhone users are there?

How many iPhone users are there

If you’ve been wondering how many iPhone users are there, you’ve got to the right spot!

You certainly have heard of Apple, or probably even have used an Apple device.

Yes, we’re talking about Apple Inc., one of the leading smartphone manufacturing companies in the world.

However, the brand is not restricted to smartphone devices alone. Apple has broadened its product horizons to MacBooks, iPods, iPads, and smartwatches.

It is reported that almost every American household is likely to have at least one Apple device, either the latest iPhone or Apple Watch.

It is roughly estimated that almost 21% of the global population use Apple devices. So what is so special about this brand?

How does a phone making only 15% of worldwide smartphone usage gain an 85+ percentage of smartphone market share?

Sounds interesting? Well, we are with you.

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  1. How many iPhone users are there?
    1. iPhone dominates the Apple market share
    2. iPhone as second most sold device
    3. iPhone’s highest sales
    4. iPhone worldwide usage
    5. iPhone’s most prominent market
    6. iPhone user demographics
    7. iPhone popular models
    8. iPhone iOS update
    9. iOS as the second most used OS
    10. iPhone as best selling model
    11. iOS Store apps
  2. Wrap Up

In today’s article, Turbo Gadget Reviews takes you on a journey to learn some interesting facts about iPhone and Apple users. Let us get right into it!

How many iPhone users are there?

iPhone dominates the Apple market share

iPhones dominate the Apple product market. The first-ever iPhone was launched in June 2007. Featuring a touch screen, the device proved to be a breakthrough for the smartphone market.

It was known and named just as iPhone until 2008 when the new model was launched. The new iPhone was termed as iPhone 3G.

Till today, iPhone has launched 13 models, the latest being iPhone 13. The models then have other versions, each having a distinctive design. In total, Apple has released 33 iPhone designs from 2007 till 2022, i.e., in a span of 15 years.

Ever since its inception, Apple has sold almost 1.3 billion iPhone devices worldwide. Although the manufacturer has diversified its product range to services and home accessories, iPhone alone still accounts for more than 50 percent of the total Apple’s revenue.

According to the company given statistics, iPhones account for 58.9% of Apple’s total market share revenues. The highest share was recorded in Q1 of 2018 when iPhone sales contributed 69.74% of total Apple market share revenues.

iPhone as second most sold device

It dates back to January 2007, when the first iPhone version was released. Until today, Apple has released 13 versions of the iPhone and is the second biggest vendor for smartphone devices worldwide.

Apple accounts for 27.43% of the total smartphone vendor market share. Samsung leads the market with a little higher percentage, 28.36%. these are followed by Xiaomi (10.3%), Huawei (9.27%), Oppo (5.28%), and Vivo (3.95%).

iPhone’s highest sales

It was during 2015, that most iPhone products were sold. A record-breaking value of 231.22 million iPhone devices were sold during the year 2015.

2018 also proved to be groundbreaking in terms of iPhone sales, but it still could not match the 2015 record. According to Apple statistics, iPhone 6 made record-breaking Apple sales for that year. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both remain to be the most used and active iPhone devices to date.

iPhone worldwide usage

About 15% of total smartphone users worldwide have iPhones. However, the interesting fact here is that Apple sells 18% of smartphones worldwide but collects 87% of smartphone market share profits.

Currently, 1 billion smartphone users use iPhones. The number has increased from 11 million in 2008 to 1 billion in 2021. Since 2007, approximately 1.9 billion iPhone devices have been sold.

iPhone is likely bringing 20-30 million new iPhone users every year. Almost 6 out of 10 most sold smartphone models in December 2021 are iPhone models.

iPhone’s most prominent market

One-fifth of total active iPhone units are from North America, and the US is known to be Apple’s largest sales market.

Almost 113 million iPhone users belong to the US, which implies 47% of smartphone users have iPhones. The other two primary markets include the UK and greater China.

The competition between Android phones and iPhones is much tighter in US and UK than in any other country/region.

iPhones make up 57.62% of the smartphone market share in the US, while Android makes up 42.06%. The competition gets much tighter in the UK, with iPhone making 49.97% and Android holding a 49.46% market share.

iPhone user demographics

Because of its price factor, Apple iPhone is considered a luxury item. However, it is astonishing to find out that the active demographics for iPhones are adolescents.

According to a survey studying the age groups of active iPhone users, 44% of active users belong to the 18-24 years age group.

Another interesting fact related to demographics is that 51% of active iPhone users are females.

iPhone 11 is known to be the most popular model for shipment.

With a 10.8% share in total iPhone traffic, iPhone 7 is the most actively used iPhone model. iPhone 8 stands in the second position with 8.8% traffic.

How many iPhone users are there

These statistics differ from country to country. For example, iPhone XR continues to be the most popular iPhone in the US for the year 2021. As for the UK, iPhone 7 dominates.

iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone for sale in the year 2021.

iPhone five models were in the race among the top 10 most selling smartphones for the year 2021. iPhone 11 topped the list with Samsung A51 in line.

iPhone iOS update

81% of iPhone users have updated to the latest iOS. However, only 6% of Android users have updated to the latest version, i.e., Snow Cone.

iOS as the second most used OS

According to the latest company statistics, iOS is reported to be the second most used mobile operating system in the world. The market is dominated by Android with 72.83% and iOS with 26.35%. Samsung stands third with 0.41%, followed by KaiOS with 0.18%.

iPhone as best selling model

iPhone was the leading smartphone in Q1 of the year 2021. According to figures given by Apple, iPhone 12 was the bestselling smartphone for that quarter, contributing 5% of total smartphone market share sales.

iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 followed in second and third positions. In the year 2021, Apple sold almost 194 million iPhones in total. It is reported via CNBC that iPhone sales were increased by 17% year by year in Q1 2021 despite the Covid situation.

iOS Store apps

Like iPhone, the iOS App Store has also completed 15 years. From 500 apps in 2008, the app store has now jumped to a figure of 2.1 million apps.

Yes, you read that right. According to Statista, the iOS store now offers 2.1 million apps for downloading. Although the number is enormous, it is still behind the Google Play Store which leads with 3.15 million Android apps.

The breakdown for the most active apps available is as follows:

  • Business apps account for 10.11% of the total active apps figure;
  • Education apps account for 8.67% of the total active apps figure;
  • Lifestyle apps account for 8.62% of the total active apps figure;
  • Medicine and reference apps search account for 1.93%.

All these applications are dominated by gaming apps making a considerable percentage of the total active apps figure.

But do you know which app tops all? It is the same which tops your phone right now too. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the WhatsApp messenger app.

According to Statista, WhatsApp messenger is the leading app on the Apple App Store. Microsoft Teams and Tik Tok app stand in second and third positions, respectively.

Wrap Up

There is no second opinion on the fact that Apple iPhone remains to be a popular choice among smartphone users worldwide.

In the US market, iPhone prevails the smartphone user industry, and in the UK, it is about to conquer Android phones.

Through the abovementioned stats, we can easily forecast that in the future, Apple is likely to balance the iOS Android equation with iPhone on one side and all other Android devices on the other.

As Apple continues to diversify its product range, it is likely that Apple will continue to grow and dominate the IT sector with its services.

For example, Apple has sold almost 8 million watches. This figure exceeds the total Swiss Watches market share for Q4 2017.

So, which one do you prefer? Are you an Android device or an iOS user? And do these iPhone stats entice you enough to ditch Android and join the iPhone league? Let us know in the comments below.

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