iPhone XR screen size

iPhone XR Screen Size

Throughout this article, we’ll be focusing on the iPhone XR screen size among other display specifications. If you think closely, which is the most used element of your cell phone device? Is it the Battery?

But what use has the battery had if you have no screen?

Yes, it’s the screen. After all, is a smartphone anything useful without a screen? Now that you are thinking about the importance of a phone display, you may be realizing that you don’t pay much attention to its features.

Instead, most people look for a bigger size, but there is so much more to a phone screen than just an addition of inches.

This is where the iPhone XR ups its game and distinguishes itself from other Apple devices. In this article, we are micro-analyzing the Apple iPhone XR screen features.

Table of Contents

  1. iPhone XR screen size
    1. iPhone XR LCD screen
    2. Screen size
    3. Other features
  2. Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs
    1. How tall is an iPhone XR in cm?
    2. How tall is an iPhone XR in inches?
    3. What is the length of an iPhone XR in cm?
    4. What is the length of an iPhone XR in inches?
    5. How big is the iPhone XR screen in cm?
    6. What is the iPhone XR screen size in inches?
  3. Wrap up

We shall be discussing its features alone and in comparison, both with all the latest iPhone models. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

iPhone XR screen size

The iPhone XR was launched in September 2018 and has been famous for its price and features.

The device and its competitor model, iPhone XS, are similar. They both have the same A12 bionic processors. Both iPhones support iOS 12 and share the primary camera with HDR.

The main difference between iPhone XR and iPhone XS lies in the screen and price. While the iPhone XR offers a 6.1 inches liquid retina LCD screen, the iPhone XS has a 5.8 inches OLED display.

So, the iPhone XR is a bit bigger. Even the iPhone 13 shares the same display size at 6.1 inches. Other significant features of the iPhone XR screen include:

  • 6.1 INCHES all-screen LCD featuring IPS technology;
  • iOS 12;
  • A12 Bionic processor;
  • 1792×828 resolution spanning from bottom to top and edge to edge with a tiny bezel;
  • 1400:1 contrast ratio;
  • 79% screen-to-body ratio;
  • Face ID recognition.

iPhone XR LCD screen

If you compare the iPhone XR with the latest iPhone, the screen size is equal in both. However, the display quality is not. The resolution and pixel density of the LCD screen is lower than the OLED screens featured in iPhone 13 and updated versions later to iPhone XR.

iPhone XR offers 1792×828 pixel resolution spanning horizontally and vertically from edge to edge. However, iPhone 13 supports 2532×1170 pixel resolution due to its Super Retina OLED display.

So, if you compare the iPhone XR display to the iPhone 13, you will notice a difference thanks to the LCD vs OLED displays. However, if you are switching from an older model like the iPhone 6,7, or 8, the difference is not much noticeable.

iPhone XR Screen Size

In fact, it would be neither wrong nor sheer exaggeration to state that the Apple LCD screen is much better than the OLED display present on some Android devices.

Apple iPhone XR offers a 326 ppi pixel density. Whereas the latest iPhone 13 offers you 460 ppi pixel density. You might underrate iPhone XR for its pixel density, but this is still better and higher than a big 4k TV with 110 ppi. Moreover, the aspect ratio is the same as the XS model, i.e., 19.5:9.

The Apple iPhone XR LCD also features 120 Hz touch sensing, wide color, tap to wake, and true color. The screen adjusts its white balance according to environment lighting with the true color feature. Apple claims that iPhone XR’s LCD has sharp color accuracy.

However, there is a minor bummer here. iPhone XR does not support 3d touch. It is a little discouraging as even 6S range models support 3d touch technology.

Instead, it supports the haptic touch feature, which is actually a fancy name for haptic feedback with a long press feature.

iPhone XR Screen Size

Although the absence of 3d touch is counted as a significant missing element in the iPhone XR screen display, most consumers don’t care much about it. Also, both iPhone XR and iPhone SE are Dolby vision/ HDR 10 compliant.

To replace Touch ID, iPhone XR features a true depth camera system. the same camera system that you found in the XS.

Although the iPhone XR camera has a faster and more efficient Face ID recognition feature, you may easily unlock your device or pay with Apple pay.

Other than these, another noticeable difference between Apple iPhone XR and updated Apple designs is the large bezel around the XR display.

The bezel is concealed under the front-facing camera and Face ID feature in other iPhone models. After regular use, your eye gets used to it and becomes unnoticeable.

But on an iPhone XR, the bezel is mainly visible, and one of the reasons that give it a less premium look than other XS or X Apple iPhone models. According to Apple, the LCD screen design of the iPhone XR is one of its kind, and this is the reason.

The bezel supports the LCD backlight. LCD screens feature a huge number of lights. Apple has designed the phone model to incorporate that array of lights to avoid a chin. The result is a bezel and a lightning port at the bottom.

Last but not the minor feature of the Apple iPhone XR LCD is the fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. iPhone 13, on the other hand, features a ceramic coating making it highly resistant to drops and scratches.

So, let us conclude our remarks on iPhone XR’s LCD. Well, it definitely cannot be compared to the latest iPhone’s OLED screens. OLED displays have better contrasts and colors fused with HDR for high-quality image rendering.

However, the LCD of the iPhone XR definitely prevails over the OLED of many of its rival Android devices.

In addition to that, LCDs might not match OLED displays concerning either contrast ratio or black levels; they still cannot be downgraded.

Yes, the pixel density might be lower than OLED, but it is still higher and better than a 40 inches 4K TV.

You are getting the same aspect ratio, true tone accuracy, and 120 Hz touch sensing as for iPhone XS. So if you think you are having a FOMO (fear of missing out) with iPhone XR, then we are here to tell you that it is not as bad as it may seem.

Screen size

Now let’s talk about the feature for which the iPhone XR screen is rooted, the screen size. The iPhone XR has a screen size similar to the successor models, i.e., 6.1 inches.

So, if you intend to switch to XR from iPhone 6 or prior models, you are definitely going to have a new viewing experience.

On the other hand, if you intend to switch to the latest iPhone 13 model, you would not be experiencing anything new. It will be easy for you to adjust.

However, if you are planning to switch to a Plus model, you will face a little difficulty. While there are many reasons why iPhone plus models are “Plus”, size is one of those. For example, the iPhone XS Max features a huge 6.5 inches display.

You can also distinguish each screen through the design. Due to its LCD backlight, the iPhone XR screen has a bezel and therefore has a rounder shape.

It does not have any Home button. Instead, it features a notch on the front screen. This notch has a true depth camera system for Face ID recognition.

It also houses the speaker and ambient light, but other than this, the XR screen is all display.

Now if you look through the design perspective, you can say that the iPhone XR’s screen shape is a little similar to iPhone 6, 7, and 8 chassis. iPhone 13, on the contrary, has a squared edges screen design similar to iPhone 4 and 5 models.

Apple has raised the water and dust protection feature in its latest launched model.

iPhone 13 has been given an IP68 rating that implies it can be submerged in six meters of deep water for more than half an hour.

iPhone XR has an IP67 rating which means it can survive only a 1-meter water depth.

After the iPhone 5c in 2013, the Apple iPhone XR is the first model with a wide range of color options. The iPhone XR has a glass body encompassed in a 7000 series matching color aluminum frame with six color variations.

The aluminum framing is much lighter and cheaper than the XS stainless steel framing. And keeping up with the Apple iPhone design norm, iPhone XR also features a glass back-body making it highly vulnerable to breakage and scratches.

Other features

Some other significant features of the Apple iPhone XR include:

Battery: 2492 mAH battery offering up to 25 hours of talking time. The battery life is 8.3% higher than the iPhone X. In addition, Apple states that the XR charges faster than even the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and even the XS Max.

Wireless charging: XR does support wireless charging but not at a faster rate. Although according to Apple, XR’s wireless charging capacity is better than the iPhone X.

Camera: The XR’s single rear camera can capture images and videos up to 4k at 60 fps. It has the same f/1.8 12-megapixel camera that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feature. iPhone XR also supports smart HDR images.

The smart HDR image processing allows the camera to take multiple photos at different exposures and combines them into a single image.

Portrait mode: What fun has an Apple phone camera without portrait mode? Well, do not fret. iPhone XR has everything you want. You can get the famous Apple portrait mode in XR with both front and rear cameras.

RAM: iPhone XR feature 3GB RAM while iPhone XS offers 4GB.

Connectivity: iPhone XR features LTE Advanced for data transfer facility. More than 20 cellular networks work well with XR.

Dual sim: iPhone XR has a Dual Sim feature.

Bluetooth: iPhone XR offers Bluetooth 5, giving a faster speed and higher range.

iOS Operating System: Although the XR has a built-in iOS 12, it works well with iOS 15. However, some features of iOS 15, i.e., cinematic mode and photographic mode, are not supported by the XR.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How tall is an iPhone XR in cm?

The iPhone XR is 15,1 cm tall.

How tall is an iPhone XR in inches?

The iPhone XR has 5,9 inches.

What is the length of an iPhone XR in cm?

iPhone XR is 15,1 cm tall, 7,6 cm wide, and 0,83 cm thick.

What is the length of an iPhone XR in inches?

iPhone XR is 5,9 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 0,33 inches thick.

How big is the iPhone XR screen in cm?

The iPhone XR screen measures 15,5 cm in diagonal.

What is the iPhone XR screen size in inches?

The iPhone XR screen measures 6,10 inches in diagonal.

Wrap up

Now that we have dissected every minute detail of Apple XR’s screen, we hope that you are ready to make an informed choice.

If you are pretty much satisfied with your iPhone XR, then we suggest you save those extra bucks as they might come in handy in some other tricky situations.

Most people either look for a good display, high-end camera, or battery life in a smartphone device. With 6.1 inches screen with longer battery life, iPhone XR offers almost everything that you could possibly ask for from a 2018 phone model!

In addition, you can even update to the latest iOS, too; what else do you need? The OLED display is not such a significant feature that must be traded off at any cost.

However, if you are a budding photographer, an aspiring filmmaker, or somebody who wants a faster Apple device, then iPhone 13 would make a substantially different and better experience for you.

We cannot simply underwhelm the iPhone 13 for its excellent and efficient camera details.

So, if camera specs highly determine your smartphone choice, you must upgrade to iPhone 13 without any second thoughts.

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