Best USB Charging Station review 2022

Best USB Charging Station review

Ever needed to charge multiple devices at the same time but didn’t have enough chargers or wall plugs nearby? Get the best cell phone charging station and cut out that annoyance.

You and I know how annoying it feels when we have to look for different outlets to charge our many devices. Sometimes it seems there are chargers all over the place, causing clutter. And other times you need to charge multiple devices and it looks like they are nowhere to be found.

Using the best charging station multiple devices can be charged at once. You will only use a single plug, one charging station, and various pieces of equipment charging at once.

In a hurry? Here’s our best tip:

You have your personal and professional commitments and you need a charging station that can keep your devices from running out of juice. Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, fitness trackers, power banks, and other devices alike.

Table of Contents

  1. Best USB charging station reviews
    1. Juicy Power USB Charging Station 90W with 10 ports
    2. RavPower USB Charging Station 60W with 6 ports
    3. Ahrise USB Charging and Docking Station 34W 6.8A with 4 ports
    4. Anker USB Charging Station 60W with 6 ports
    5. Aukey USB Charging Station 60W with 6 ports
    6. Belkin RockStar USB Charging Station 120W with 10 ports
    7. Poweroni Charging and Docking Station with 6 ports
  2. Key Features to look out for
    1. Power Output/Port Amperage/Special Charging
    2. Number of Ports
  3. Conclusion

A seemingly way out will be the use of a power strip but by plugging all the separate charges for your devices, you will find yourself with a solution that is bulky, unattractive, somewhat messy, and bottom-line inefficient.

This paves way for the dynamic and impressive solution provided by USB charging stations. Multiple outlets were converted into one, that’s increased efficiency.

To make things easier, I have handpicked some top products for you. They each have their own pros and cons, and this is meant to guide you in your final choice of the right USB charging station for use.

Best USB charging station reviews

Comparison table:

Product NameNumber of PortsOutput Ports ChargePower Cord LengthProtections
Juicy Power109 x 2.4A (USB) + 1 x 3A (USB C)Not statedOver-current, over-charge, over-voltage, short-circuit
RavPower66 x 2.4A1.5mOvercharging, overheating, short-circuiting
Ahrise44 x 2.4A1.5mOver-current, over-charge, over-voltage, short-circuit
Anker66 x 2.4A1.5mMultiProtect safety system and UL certification
Aukey66 x 2.4A1.2mOver-current, overheating, overcharging
Belkin1012 x 2.4ANot statedOver-current
Poweroni66 x 2.4ANot statedOver-current, overcharging, short circuit
cell phone charging station - Juicy Power USB Charging Station 90W with 10 ports

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Juicy Power USB Charging Station 90W with 10 ports

We’re just starting but already we have a great contender for the best charging station.

You can do a lot of simultaneous charging with 10 ports with this great organizer.

Not only does it offer many ports, but speeds are also quite high. 9 of those are the most common USB type A with an output of up to 2.4A.

The remaining port is a USB Type C with an output of up to 3A. That’s good because more and more phones and event laptops are adopting USB Type C ports.

It is highly compatible with all USB charging devices ranging from smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and its removable Apple Watch stand is custom-made. Slots are padded with silicon and their rubber body holds the station in place to prevent sliding.

This organizer offers safety functions like overcharging, current overload, high voltage, or short-circuiting.

All in all, this is an awesome choice.
cell phone charging station - RavPower USB Charging Station 60W with 6 ports

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RavPower USB Charging Station 60W with 6 ports

A good fit with 6 USB ports, one of them capable of fast charging.

5 iSmart ports will supply up to 5V/2.4A.

If you want to top your phone even faster, you can use the 6th port. It’s a Quick Charge 3.0 output port. This one will deliver faster charging by supplying 3.6V-6.5V/3A, 6.5V-9V/2A, and 9V-12V/2A.

A power cord of 1.5m means you can place it more conveniently and it offers safety features like overcharging, overheating, and short circuit protection.

A great choice if 6 ports sound more than enough for your needs.
cell phone charging station - Ahrise USB Charging and Docking Station 34W 6.8A with 4 ports

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Ahrise USB Charging and Docking Station 34W 6.8A with 4 ports

A simple but stylish option.

It packs four USB ports and every one of them is capable of providing up to 2.4A. The downside is the global output of 6.8A.

How is this? Let me tell you, it’s easy. Although each port can provide 2.4A, the global output limit is 6.8A. If you divide 6.8A by 4 ports, the result is 1.7A. And dividing 6.8A by 3, will give 2.27A.

If you use multiple devices charging might take longer. This probably won’t happen when charging Bluetooth headsets and fitness bands which usually have lower input figures but it’s very likely to happen if you’re charging smartphones. It depends on how much input each device can take.

In fact, even 3 devices charging at the same time can make this charging station hit its limit output. That means that it might not be able to provide 2.4A to all the ports. And its charging might even get slower with 4 devices.

This charging station also has a phone docking stand that can hold smartphones and tablets.

Its rubbery base provides a good grip and prevents any sliding. It includes six cables.

It offers safety from overvoltage, overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting. It’s also ETL certified.

This is a good option but beware of the global output limit. If you’re planning to use the 3 or 4 ports simultaneously for charging smartphones or other devices with high inputs, speed will probably be decreased. In that case, we recommend you go to another product.

And don’t ignore the future, your current phone might only be capable of receiving 2.0A but the next one might have an input of 2.4A or more.
cell phone charging station - Anker USB Charging Station 60W with 6 ports

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Anker USB Charging Station 60W with 6 ports

This charging station by Anker has 6 ports each with an output of 2.4A and limited to a total output of 12A. Quite capable!

However, it doesn’t support Qualcomm’s Quickcharge technology.

It supports a wide range of devices and is more compact than most of the other available charging stations. It’s long 1.5m cord helps it fit anywhere easily and has an extra hook-and-look strip.

It’s perfectly safe for use due to its MultiProtect safety system plus UL certification.

It also comes with an 18-month warranty.
cell phone charging station - Aukey USB Charging Station 60W with 6 portsClick the image to check the price on Amazon now!

Aukey USB Charging Station 60W with 6 ports

Another very good option. Its 6 ports ensure great multiple charging capabilities.

5 of those ports feature an output up to 2.4A, while the other one is Quick Charge 3.0 compatible.

It has a convenient detachable power cord that’s 1.2m long, while it provides built-in safeguards that offer protection from overcharging, excess current, and overheating.

At the time of our review, you can count on a 45-day money-back guarantee as well as a 24-month warranty.

All in all, a great option, and you surely won’t break the bank.
cell phone charging station - Belkin RockStar USB Charging Station 120W with 10 ports

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Belkin RockStar USB Charging Station 120W with 10 ports

And again we’re talking about a 10-port device. To make it even sweeter, each port provides up to 2.4A to whatever device is connected regardless of its size or the number.

With 10 ports available, you have all your devices covered. And with 2.4A output on each port, charging will not be slow, by any means.

It’s surely not the most affordable option. But trading your money for this product you get a very safe station that offers overcurrent protection, an anti-slip bottom, and a no-fan design producing a noiseless charge.

Unlike the others, at the time of our review, it features a warranty of up to $5,000 at the time of our review.

cell phone charging station - Poweroni Charging and Docking Station with 6 ports

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Poweroni Charging and Docking Station with 6 ports

This multi-device organizer has LED indicators that go off when the charging process ends and each port produces an output at 2.4A.

The charging dock has 7 short cables; 3 for Apple devices, 3 micro USB, and 1 for USB type C which can be used in smartphones, power banks, and even laptops.

Its power cord is 1.5m long and it provides protection against overcurrent, overcharge, and short-circuiting.

At the time of our review, it offers a 30-day refund/replacement policy if you’re not 100% satisfied and a 1-year warranty.

Key Features to look out for

There are various brands and types of USB charging stations available today. They have different benefits and cons over each other.

In choosing a perfect USB charging station, it is important to choose one that best fits your needs.

You should pick based on your gadgets, your preferences, and the stand-out benefits of the charging station while also being mindful of its flaws and how it might not be suitable for you.

Everything that will allow you to choose a product that will keep your devices running, without breaking the bank.

When buying any kind of product there are always a few features that are particularly important and stand out from the rest. Let’s go through the most important ones regarding charging stations.

Power Output/Port Amperage/Special Charging

This is arguably the most important feature when you are about to go shopping for a charging station. Interestingly, most of the top brands available come with 1A, 2.1A, and 2.4A power output functions in various ports. Those can also be stated as 5V/1A, 5V/2.1A, and 5V/2.4A.

1A these days provides only a slow charge. It’s ok for charging a smartphone completely during the night or partially during the day if you’re not going out and you have plenty of time. The same can be done with a small power bank.

It’s also the ideal port to charge smaller devices like Bluetooth headsets, smartwatches, and fitness bands, as these devices usually have lower inputs and smaller batteries.

Most smartphones now can charge up to 2A, 2.4A, or more. While it’s not the fastest option, it’s quite fast. These are the ports you should top to when charging a smartphone or power bank.

The higher the output in Amps, the quicker the charge, if the cable and device are compatible. For more information on that check out our article on Charging a smartphone: Charge rates explained.

QuickCharge technology makes products more enticing but again you have to make sure your device is compatible with this technology. These can supply various outputs. Click the link to learn more about what is fast charging.

As a rule, try to get at least a few ports up to 2.0A or – even better – 2.4A for your phones. QuickCharge comes quite handy in some situations so don’t ignore it.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes the global output is sometimes inferior to the sum of the individual ports’ outputs combined. It might seem a detail but can make a difference on some occasions.

Number of Ports

This is easily one to look out for, obviously. The main reason for wanting to buy a USB charging station is because you want to be able to charge many devices simultaneously.

Putting this into perspective, it’s understandable that you should consider a product that has a good number of ports so you can charge all your devices all at once and conveniently.

Also, with a mind on the future, it’s advisable to go for a product with a few more USB ports than you think you’ll need.

Home charging stations for phones can be a blessing for families but even individuals living alone might benefit. If you have a smartphone, a tablet, a Bluetooth headset, a smart band or smartwatch, and a power bank, that’s 5 products.

Most of the time you won’t charge them all at once, that’s true, but if you don’t have any charging ports left you’ll soon have a situation where you have someone by and you need to charge a few more equipments.

This can be a great device in a family home or at the office. Even if you’re living on your own it can be very handy when your friends come over and they also need to top up their phones.

However, as mentioned earlier, it’s just one of the features, it shouldn’t be considered in isolation.


When choosing the best multi-device charging station that would be perfect for its intended use, put all the various factors into consideration. The products displayed here will work great for charging USB devices.

I really recommend a home charging station for phones because using one plug you can charge various devices at once.

Getting the best charging station for multiple devices helps you to keep your home tidy, with no more clutter and no more multiple chargers lying around.

It’s also very important to consider the future. If all you have right now is just four devices, it doesn’t mean you should necessarily stick with a station that has just four ports. Family or friends visiting will probably make a few extra ports very useful.

And if you’re always on the run and need your device to be topped up and available in the shortest time possible, you know the faster your charging station, the better for you.

It’s not bad to have a pair of slower ports but make sure you have a few fast ports, maybe even QuickCharge 3.0 compatible, if your phone can take advantage of it.

All in all, I believe this article made your task a whole lot easier and now you’re ready to get one of the best charging stations.