How to clear RAM on iPhone

How to clear RAM on iPhone

In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to clear RAM on iPhone. As with computers, our smartphones have primary and secondary storage too. The primary storage consists of RAM (Random Access Memory), while the secondary storage is a non-volatile, flash memory. The RAM is a volatile memory and it’s used during any operation that … Read more

Windows 10 recommended RAM: how much does it need?

Windows 10 recommended RAM

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss what’s the Windows 10 recommended RAM. We don’t believe there’s any perfect operating system out there. Whether it be Linux, macOS, or Windows, it is certain that they will at least have a few issues. Having said that, Windows still reigns as the most successful operating system out there today. … Read more

Size vs size on disk

Size vs size on disk

Size vs size on disk, what are the differences between both? This article explains it all! When looking at a folder’s properties on your computer, you will notice different options. Under the “General” tab, you can see two separate parameters are explaining the size of that particular folder. “Size” and “Size on Disk” are two … Read more

How to customize a YouTube channel

How to customize YouTube channel

This article will explain everything you need if you want to learn how to customize a YouTube channel. YouTube is a fantastic resource with a gigantic database. After Google, YouTube has the highest number of users. More than 2 billion visit the platform monthly, which is equivalent to one-third of the Internet. Millions of people … Read more

File sizes explained and its conversions (Bytes, kB, MB, GB, TB)

In this article, you’ll get the file sizes explained and its conversions. Understanding file sizes is not always that simple. There are a bunch of different units regarding computer storage and that can lead to a lot of confusion. The “kilo-“, “mega-“, “giga-” and “tera-” prefixes are similar to their use in any other unit … Read more