Why Isn’t My Phone Charging Fast?

Why isn't my phone charging fast

Table of Contents

  1. Why Isn’t My Phone Charging Fast?
    1. The cable is faulty
    2. Some issues with the charging port
    3. The adapter is faulty
    4. You are using a low-power source
    5. The phone battery has worn out
    6. Multiple power-hungry apps running in the background
  2. Conclusion

It is quite annoying to have your smartphone charge slowly, especially when you need it the most. Such situations are frequent with most smartphone users and would probably have led to uncalled spending. Well, various problems are related to such issues, and you need to know about them. Why isn’t my phone charging fast? The explanation below has all you need to know.

Why Isn’t My Phone Charging Fast?

The cable is faulty

It is the most common cause of slow charging. There are diverse ways to identify a faulty USB cable. For instance, rust on both the charging and connecting ends. It might also be worn off and cannot allow enough power.

If you find out any of these problems, you should buy a new USB cable to maintain the required power charge on your phone. Buy from an authorized dealer to ensure compatibility with your phone’s model.

Some issues with the charging port

If you are sure that the cable is not faulty, the other possibility behind the slow charging is its charging port. The port might have issues such as loosening, clogging, or damaging. It is recommendable to seek a professional phone technician to repair the phone.

The adapter is faulty

The adapter will, at times, get damaged, although it is designed to last for an extended period. The causes of damage are primarily due to a power surge or falling on the floor. The best remedy to such an issue is to find a new adapter to retain a full charging speed.

You are using a low-power source

Since you can charge your phone using varying power sources, make sure the choice you use generates the desired output. Some sources like a PC have a lower output of 0.5 Amps, and this will not charge your phone faster.

Things get much worse if the USB cable has any damage. In such a case, you need to charge your phone using a power output like a wall socket to maintain the required power input.

You will experience a low power charge if you have a malfunctioning power outlet. If you encounter such a problem, try charging with an outlet from the next room.

The phone battery has worn out

If your phone has lasted for more than two years, the chances are that its battery has worn out. If you do not observe the required techniques needed to keep your battery healthy, the possibilities of battery damage are high.

Some of the signs indicating a faulty battery include fast discharge, too much heat while charging, and a slight bulge on one of its sides. If you experience such signs, the most you can do is buy a new battery to avoid the problem.

Multiple power-hungry apps running in the background

If you open a power-hungry application and fail to switch it off, it continues to run in the background. For instance, online radio or downloading apps delay charging.

Background functions might make your phone charge slowly. Besides, leaving the screen on with a high brightness leads to delayed charging.

Consider having the phone in airplane mode or switch it off to avoid active background functions.


Hopefully, the information provided above offers a great solution to your problem. If you cannot figure out the problem, you should consider seeking professional intervention from a registered phone technician.

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