How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

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In this article, you’ll get to know how to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL. The video-streaming platform that we know as YouTube is only getting bigger and bigger with each passing day.

What may surprise you is the fact that more than 500 hours of video content gets uploaded on YouTube within every 60 seconds. However, with so much new content, it is becoming more difficult for YouTube to regulate it as well.

Accordingly, YouTube has no other choice but to add new content policies every few months. As a result, we see that a lot of older videos get removed as they don’t satisfy the new rules and standards set by the video-streaming powerhouse.

On the bright side, there is a way with which it is possible to watch deleted YouTube videos, and today, we’re going to be telling you all about it.

Watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

Regardless of whether your desired YouTube video no longer exists on the platform, you can still watch it with this method. Having that in mind, you’ll still be needing one thing: the video URL.

As long as you have the URL of the YouTube video saved, there’s a good chance that you can still watch it with our method. Once you have copied the video link, the next thing that you have to do is visit the Internet Archive website.

On its home page, you are going to find the WAYBACK MACHINE that will have a text box where you can paste your video URL. After pasting it, just hit the Enter key and you’ll be all good to go.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

Afterward, the website should take you to another page where you can see the number of instances the Internet Archive has of your desired video. You’ll also be seeing multiple calendars with highlighted dates on which you need to click.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

Once you do that, the next page to appear should be showing you the deleted video whose link you just entered. So, forget about installing any other external software since it is really that simple to watch any video that was deleted by YouTube.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

Having that in mind, there’s also a slim chance where the Internet Archive won’t be able to find your video. In that case, it becomes nearly impossible to get a hold of that video again. Accordingly, in order for this method to work, you should only be looking for deleted videos that were popular and didn’t contain any offensive stuff.

Download deleted YouTube videos with URL

Although the Internet Archive is highly useful, its media player doesn’t let you download any of the videos. Considering this, normally, you could have used a browser extension with which downloading online videos becomes possible.

However, because of the new YouTube policies, these extensions can no longer legally download the videos for you. Accordingly, your best bet here would be to use a screen recording extension. For our tutorial, we have chosen to go with this Chrome extension, but you can go for any other extension available.

Once you have downloaded this extension and opened the deleted video on the Internet Archive website, the next thing you have to do is click on the Screen Recorder icon that should be on the top-right side of Chrome.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

This should take you to a new page where you just have to click on the blue “Capture Screen” button.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

Afterward, a pop-up window should open where you have to click on the tab that says “Chrome Tab”. Then, select the tab where the video is playing and hit the “Share” button. Make sure that the share audio checkbox is checked.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

Once you press the Share button, the extension should start recording that Chrome tab now. We recommend playing the video in full-screen so that you get the best quality. After you’ve recorded the entire video, you can now go back to the Screen Recorder tab and press the “Stop Capture” button.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

Lastly, you click the “Download to your Computer” button on the bottom of the page to save the video on your computer for future use.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL

This way, you can easily download any deleted YouTube video with the help of its URL.

Wrap Up

Lately, YouTube has been deleting a whole lot of videos that don’t meet its community guidelines. Apart from that, there are also various instances where video creators remove their content themselves.

In such cases, the Internet Archive can come to your aid and present you with the deleted video you were looking for. Other than that, you can also download these deleted YouTube videos on your local storage, and a modern browser with a screen recording extension is all that you’ll need.