What is a Google Cardboard?

what is a google cardboard

If you came here you’re probably wondering what is a Google Cardboard. Read on and your doubts will be cleared. What is the Google Cardboard? The Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform and it’s named after it’s viewer, where you insert your smartphone. You can buy a pre-manufactured viewer which is quite affordable … Read more

Low Priced iPhones For Sale

Low Priced iPhones For Sale

Today, you can get a whole bunch of not-so-new Low Priced iPhones for sale. Previous models are still very usable today, offering nice cameras, good all-round specs, and a premium overall quality and feel that Apple surely knows how to deliver. You can get one for a surprisingly affordable price. And, of course, the flawless … Read more

How to charge phone in car with USB

How To Charge Phone In Car With USB

Smartphones have become an integral part of today’s lifestyle. It’s hard to find someone spending a couple of hours without using a phone. However, the constant usage throughout the day, drains away their charge, putting you out of luck when you need a phone during an emergency. Your car can be an excellent remedy if … Read more

Best Bluetooth Headset for Calls on your car

Best Bluetooth Headset for car use

In our fast-paced times, we can’t wait until we stop our car to take or make or take phone calls. That’s one of the situations where the Best Bluetooth Headset for calls. Fortunately, these days most new cars come equipped with Bluetooth which makes your driving a lot safer. There are also alternatives for you … Read more