Is Wireless Charging Safe For Battery?

Is wireless charging safe for battery

Generally speaking, using a wireless charger is safe since the charging process has been designed for this purpose. However, some implications might come along with the concept based on various aspects. In this article, you will find out different elements related to wireless charging.

Is wireless charging safe for the battery? Read on.

Table of Contents

  1. How Wireless Charging works
  2. Therefore, is it safe to use a wireless charger?
  3. The Final Verdict

How Wireless Charging works

Before you learn whether it is safe to use a wireless charger or not, you need to understand how wireless charging work. The procedure might seem complicated (if you do not know anything about batteries), but it is a simple process that anyone can comprehend.

It involves passing ions back and forth between positive and negative electrodes of the pad and battery using electromagnetic induction. This makes the process similar in both wired and wireless charging.

Therefore, is it safe to use a wireless charger?

There is a common belief that wireless charging significantly decreases the battery life, considering that the inductive coils used in wireless charging use lithium-ion to keep the phone on while it is charging. On the other hand, most people believe that the responsibility of wired charging relies on its cord.

Technically, the number of battery cycles decreases as you increase the number of charging cycles. A full battery cycle involves charging a phone from a particular percentage, allowing it to drain to the previous percentage, and recharging it.

Practically, the phone has gone through 100% drainage, although the battery did not drain entirely. If you do not allow the battery to drain beyond 50%, there are possibilities of increasing its life cycle.

Another popular thought about the safety of wireless chargers is their electrical rating. Most of them have a rating of 7.5 to 10 watts, unlike most wired, which have at least a 10 watts rating.

Therefore, whenever you are charging a battery with a wireless charger, it means that you are feeding your battery with less power.

However, this does not mean it is unsafe, but it suggests that your battery is charging slowly. Such a case would not affect the life cycle of your battery.

The Final Verdict

As indicated earlier, every wireless charger has a design that fits its phone brand. As long as you are using the designed wireless charger for your phone brand, there is no significant risk in using it.

The only risk that you get is the possibility of straining your battery, which does not involve a risk to its safety. Besides, it charges your phone much slower compared with a wired charger.

Although phone users are slowly adopting the technology, high-end smartphone brands have been successful with them and are using the chargers quite well. If you plan to shift to a wireless charging phone, it will not hurt to give it a try.

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