How to share photos on Google Drive

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How to share photos on Google Drive? Creating a backup for all your images, videos and other files is quite important, especially in the era we’re living in. In case your phone stops working, or the hard drive of your computer gets corrupted, you will still be able to access all your files if you had them backed up on a cloud service.

Now, most Android phones come with Google Photos by default and this app acts as secondary storage for users. However, a fair share of people prefer keeping all their files and folders in one place, so this is where Google Drive comes into play. Though, regardless of whether you use Google Drive or Google Photos, both of them are safe options for storing your files.

Another functionality of these cloud storage apps is sharing your files with other apps. So, if you ever wondered how to share photos on Google Drive, you’ve come across the right article.

Today, we’re going to be telling you the exact procedures of not only sharing your photos on Google Drive but also sharing them with Google Photos and others.

How to share photos on Google Drive

Via Phone

If you like using Google Drive on your phone and want to share photos from there, let’s see how you can do that:

  • To start, you have to open the Google Drive application and log in with the credentials of the account whose photos you want to share;
  • Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be presented with all the files and folders you’ve uploaded on your Google Drive;
  • Then, select all the images that you want to share with other apps or people;
  • Afterward, you need to click on the “three-dotted button” on the top-right side of the screen;
  • From the given options, you need to opt for “Send a copy” which should present you with all the apps you can share your images on;
  • Once you choose the app, all your selected images should be shared easily.

Via Computer

If you’re sharing photos on Google Drive through your laptop or desktop computer, then it’s a completely different story. Follow the steps below:

  • The first step would be to visit the Google Drive website and click the “Go to Drive” button;
  • With this, your Google Drive should be opened, and you’d be able to see all the files and folders you’ve uploaded on it;
  • Next, right-click the image you want to share;
  • From the presented options, click on “Share” which will open a new window;
  • Afterward, you have to type in the email addresses of all the contacts you want to share your selected image with;
  • Also, you will also be able to select whether you want the other person to just view, comment, or edit your file;
  • Once you have everything all set, click on the “Send” button and your photos should be shared with your given email address(es);
  • Lastly, if you want to select multiple images, you need to hold the “Shift” key and click on the other files.

Sharing on Google Photos

Via Phone

Google Photos is optimal for storing your photos. Accordingly, with this app, you can easily share your photos with other apps and with your contacts too.

To start the procedure, follow the steps below:

  • Open Google Photos and the app should greet you with your recently uploaded images;
  • Now, you need to select all the images you want to share;
  • On the top-right side, you will find a “Share” icon;
  • Click on it and you’ll be given the choice whether you want to share your photos with other individuals or apps;
  • If you want to share with other email addresses, the “Send in Google Photos” section should work for you. However, the “Share to Apps” section allows you to share your photos on other apps like Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp;
  • Now, you need to select the person or app you want to share your photos with. And, that’s pretty much it!

Via Computer

To share your photos using your computer, follow the steps below:

  • The first thing you’ll have to do is visit the Google Photos website;
  • Start selecting the photos you want to share. Similar to the phone app, there is a “Share” icon on the top-right side of the screen;
  • By clicking it, Google Photos will ask you whether you want to share your photos through email or share them on other websites, like Facebook and Twitter. Apart from that, there’s also a “Create Link” option that lets anyone access your photos if they have the link to it;
  • From this, you can go for any of the provided options which would easily let you share your selected photos.

Wrap Up

Google Drive and Google Photos not only make top-notch cloud storage services, but they also come with a bunch of great features that let users easily share their photos with other individuals and applications.

With this, our article comes to an end and we really hope that you can now easily share your images, videos, and other files on both Google Drive and Google Photos.