How to find someone on Tinder

How to Find Someone on Tinder

Getting to know how to find someone on Tinder may be tricky, but there are some great ways to achieve it.

Curiosity has led mankind to progress this far. If you’re curious to find an old friend on Tinder or just want to look at whether your partner is doing something fishy behind your back, rest assured you have some luck on your side.

You can look up some people’s Tinder accounts through your cell phone, be it an Android device or iPhone.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy and straightforward as it is on other social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook social networks.

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As a matter of fact, there’s no such thing as a Tinder search bar. Random Tinder profile cards pop up on your feed and you can either swipe right or left on them.

Unfortunately, you cannot find a user on Tinder unless you’ve matched with them before. If you never matched with them, you’ll have to take some extra steps to hunt their profile.

There are certain requirements, however, to fulfill before you go on your Tinder user hunt. You must at least know the name, gender, and age of the specific person you’re looking for.

If you’re not sure about the age, make your best predictions and Tinder might get you something worth your time. If you know their exact Tinder username, that’s a plus as well.

So, how exactly can this be done? Well, there are several ways of searching for someone specific on the Tinder dating app.

Some methods would be free but cost a bit of your time while others would be quick but come with a cost. Allow us to guide you through all of them.

Table of Contents

  1. How to find someone on Tinder
    1. Using Google
    2. Using a third-party website
    3. Searching for specific preferences
    4. Changing location
  2. Can an unmatched profile be found again?
  3. How to tell if a Tinder account is active?
    1. Should you be looking for your partner on Tinder?
  4. Wrap Up

How to find someone on Tinder

Using Google

Google’s search algorithm remains unchallenged when it comes to searching for people. You can use this as an advantage to find that certain someone on Tinder.

All you have to do is type the person’s name along with the word “Tinder” next to it e.g. “Jonathan Tinder”.

Remember to always input only their first name in the search bar. If you know their Tinder username, then that’s even better as it will help you find them quickly.

Although this method does not always work like a charm, it is enough to show you whether the person you’re looking for is a Tinder user or not. Furthermore, no Tinder account is needed to check this which is also a plus point.

How to find someone on Tinder

Another way of utilizing Google’s incredible algorithm is through using the site-specific search command. For example, searching for “ jonathan” would show you all the users named Jonathan on Tinder.

You’ll have to find your particular Jonathan by yourself from here. You can also try your luck by using Google Images and searching through an image of that person.

Using a third-party website

You should know that you’re not the first person curious to know whether their partner is on Tinder or not. Therefore, many tools and applications have been developed throughout the years to help people like yourself find out the truth.

They can be benefitted from since Tinder does not help you much in this regard.

Social Catfish and Cheaterbuster are known to be some of the highest-rated third-party websites designed for catching cheaters on a dating site.

Entering a person’s basic information on these websites would be sufficient and you’ll be given satisfactory results from them.

Their basic operations can be availed for free but if you want a detailed analysis of a user then you’ll have to pay, of course.

The best part about these websites is that you don’t have to make a Tinder account to find a user.

Even if you’re not exactly looking for a Tinder account, Social Catfish and Cheaterbuster can be very helpful in searching for people on online dating platforms.

These tools are capable of searching enormous databases with minimal information input.

The more you know the information about the person, the easier it will be for you to get what you’re looking for.

Let’s face it, Tinder and other dating apps are being used by committed people as well. That is why these websites exist in the first place, to catch cheating people.

Searching for specific preferences

This method will require you to have your own account on the Tinder app. Even though we’ve mentioned previously that Tinder will be of almost no help to you in hunting down the person you want, its features can still be utilized to some extent for your benefit.

After all, if you’re curious enough you would be willing to put in the time and effort this method requires.

Here’s the thing: Tinder gives its users the ability to filter people according to their passions, interests, gender, and age group.

Although the chances of you succeeding through this method are no more than just around 50%, it’s definitely worth a shot. You’ll also have to spend some time swiping through random profiles.

Since we’re going to be setting your account preferences according to the personal information of the hunted, you’ll have to know their age, gender, and interests.

Once you’re logged in to your dating profile, set the preferences to interests that person would have, their age groups, and lastly, their gender.

This might take a while but you’ll have to swipe through dozens of profiles to search for that particular someone. Remember to keep swiping left instead of right till you find them.

You don’t want to waste your precious right swipes and devalue your account’s exposure!

Note that this method will not work if the person you’re looking for has a fake account with a fake name and age on Tinder.

Changing location

Tinder gives you matches based on your area, not more than a radius of 1-100 miles. If the person you’re seeking is far from where you reside, chances are that they’ll never show up on your screen.

Therefore, your best bet here is to change your location to the location of that person.

Setting a location where that person often visits would be worth a shot as well. Furthermore, Tinder does not let you change your location specifically for an optimal experience.

You’ll have to opt for third-party applications such as VPNs that alter your GPS and display you in a location where you’re not. Setting your new location will also be done through the VPN in this case.

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To increase your chances of being successful, we suggest taking an extra step and using the passport feature that comes with Tinder Gold and Plus.

This feature allows you to specifically set your location anywhere on the globe and swipe through the locals of that area.

The reason why this approach is better is that it’s safe and complies with Tinder’s policies, unlike the method mentioned above.

Tinder does not want its users to do sneaking around and change their locations without their consent.

Can an unmatched profile be found again?

If you’re not one of those people looking for their partner on Tinder and just want to match with that hottie you accidentally swiped left to, then we have some bad news for you.

Much of the matching and unmatching cannot be reversed on Tinder unless you’ve bought a plan.

On basic Tinder, you cannot find someone you accidentally unmatched. Tinder algorithm is designed to never show unmatched profiles again.

So, the chances of that profile showing up on your screen are pretty much zero.

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Your best bet is to delete your current account and make another one to find them, but then again this would require loads of time and effort.

How to tell if a Tinder account is active?

Even if you do manage to find your partner on Tinder, do not let your emotions take control of you. Relax and simply examine whether their Tinder account is active or not before making a final judgment.

Most people tend to leave their Tinder account hanging once they’re no longer single, while others might still use it and deceive their partners.

To see whether your partner is still using Tinder or not, take a look at the recently active symbol.

Tinder allows its users to see who has been active by putting a green dot next to their display picture.

If they logged into their account in the last 24 hours, then they’d have the green dot on their picture which proves that they are indeed active on the platform.

Should you be looking for your partner on Tinder?

Now that we have gone through our guide on how you can find someone on Tinder, it’s about time we discuss something not everyone would discuss.

Should you even be looking for your partner’s Tinder account in the first place? Firstly, almost all of the methods mentioned above require a good deal of time and effort, some even need money.

You need to reconsider whether it’s worth sneaking around your partner and violating Tinder policies.

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Now, we know you cannot have a good night’s sleep without finding answers, but if your partner has been showing red flags then it’s best to sit down and have a talk with them instead of spying.

Communication would clear the air. Trust us, it’s way better to sort things out than to complicate them further by making assumptions.

Your partner might or might not be guilty. The bottom line is that go down this path if you really have to because the end result is not always in your favor.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re looking for your partner, your teenage son/daughter, or someone you once matched with, we’ve shown you the best ways of accessing their profile once again.

Not all of these guarantee satisfactory results but they’re worth giving a shot if that’s what it takes to attain mental peace. Good luck swiping!

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