How to close Skype in Windows 10 and stop it from starting automatically

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If you’ve been wondering how to close Skype in Windows 10, you’ve got to the right place. We’re getting into that today, as a lot of users are having issues with that situation.

Skype includes a special version pre-installed desktop version with every Windows 10 computer so you’re ready for your Skype conversation and calling. This version added by Microsoft has some important refurbished features. It follows the modern trend of simple and clean design with zero borders and glyphs icons. Its streamlined interface has also been adopted as a design pattern for other Microsoft team products.

How to close Skype in Windows 10 and stop it from starting automatically

Now, there is an issue with this pre-installed Skype window. It came with no command, menu, or any other option for quitting the app. This has been found highly confusing by many users. The annoying part is, when you’re in a hurry to get things done with your desktop, you switch it on, then boom, the Skype app launches, staring at you like a ghost.

This doesn’t happen just once, either twice. It continually occurs over time. The worst part being when you need to meet a deadline, and it’s there obstructing your movement.

Funny enough, with Skype being owned by Microsoft, you could think that they would work in harmony. Sadly, no. There’s no proper solution to closing Skype in your Windows 10 operating system.

How to close Skype in Windows 10 pc

Above we’ll go through some methods to properly close Skype on a Windows 10 computer.

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Method 1

Windows 10 offers a new feature within the taskbar. It is a small bar placed under the taskbar of any running application.

Start by right-clicking the Skype Icon on the notification bar. It brings out the small bar as shown in the image. In the options, select “Sign out”.

How to close Skype in Windows 10 and stop it from starting automatically

This step, however, has proven to work for only signing out from Skype. But it still couldn’t close the program, neither could it stop it from launching itself whenever you switch on your computer.

While closing the app forcefully is possible using Settings or Task Manager, it is not advised. That procedure can be harmful to the app. Terminating the app may reset the settings, corrupting locally stored data and other internal information.

Method 2

You can close Skype using the notification area. The steps are simple:

  • Login to Skype;
  • Select “Sign out” by pressing the three dots menu;

How to close Skype in Windows 10 and stop it from starting automatically

  • Confirm your action by clicking “Yes”.

How to close Skype in Windows 10 and stop it from starting automatically

Method 3

  • In the notification area, right-click on the “^” icon.
  • Then right-click on the Skype Icon – a menu comes up;
  • Select the “Quit” option from the menu.

How to close Skype in Windows 10 and stop it from starting automatically

Now, you have successfully solved the problem of closing the Skype application on your Windows 10 desktop.

We are uncertain why the Skype team made it so difficult to stop the app. Possibly, this was done, having in mind the behavior of Skype UWP app or Store app. When Skype is not in use, or you’re logged off it, the OS hibernates the operation, rendering it inactive. This makes going back to the Skype app prompt, but it’ll cost you an always-running Skype service.

To use the Skype store app instead of the desktop app, open the Microsoft app Store and install Skype.

Why is closing Skype so difficult in Windows 10?

Skype is used by many around the globe, for personal and business purposes. It is uncertain whether Microsoft takes great measures to develop Skype and maintain its popularity. Certainly, there’s a version of Skype present on Windows computers.

Signing into Skype accounts has been made quite easy. One can as well leave the app running in the background while doing other things. But, the difficulty Windows 10 users have encountered is being able to close the Skype app entirely.

Many users have tried right-clicking on the running Skype icon on the Taskbar but find no quit button. Then, trying to close the Skype icon in the title bar only minimizes the app. It keeps running in the background.

It is difficult to understand why the Microsoft Skype team decided to create a non-closable software program. The two options available for shutting down the Skype app are termed long and uncalled for.

The first option is to terminate the Skype processes using the Windows task manager. This is not ideal because it can harm or corrupt the app.

Then, there’s the second one where you can quit the app using the Skype icon in the notification menu. Apparently, this procedure is done only when you’re signed off. It might be convenient for users who don’t sign in regularly.

For regular users, though, it is considered a problem. We don’t know why Microsoft had taken the measure to remove closing options. In our opinion, they find it necessary to keep users logged in.

How to stop Skype from starting automatically Windows 10

It is quite simple to stop Skype from launching automatically on your computer. Skype is built to open automatically by default whenever you start your computer. This is so that you can receive messages, calls, and notifications instantly.

When Skype is disabled during the start-up, you need to manually open it for the first time. Once done, Skype remains open for notifications unless you sign out or shut it down. But how to prevent Skype from opening on startup Windows 10?

There are three ways you can stop Skype from automatically starting. However, they are dependent on how the program was installed. If Skype was obtained from the Microsoft Store, it could not be technically disabled. But you can sign off to shut it down, preventing notifications.

This might not stop the app from launching automatically, but it keeps you logged off. If your Skype was installed through Skype’s official website, auto-launch can be disabled in the auto start feature.

Method 1

  • Click on the “three-dotted menu” located next to your username on the homepage;

  • Select “Settings”;

  • Go to “General” from the Setting’s menu;

  • Now, it takes you to the “Start-up and close page”;

  • Select “Settings”;
  • Find Skype in the list and toggle the “Automatically start Skype” from right to left.

You can now leave the settings screen.

Method 2

  • Using the Task Manager or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + ESC;
  • Then select the “Start-up” tab. If this is not yet shown, click on “More details”;
  • Find the “Skype Icon” in the options given in task manager, then right-click it. When the option shows, select “Disable”, then leave the page.

If the app is already open when you disable the autostart, it keeps running. You can stop this by selecting the Skype icon from your Taskbar and click on “Quit Skype” to close.

Should I let Skype run in the background?

Why is Skype running in the background Windows 10? We all have used Skype at one point in time. Many are still actively using it. It has grown to become an essential part of work and business life. It is an amazing app with interesting features and design.

But there’s that particular feature that reduces its rating. Many Windows 10 users have experienced similar issues. That is because the Skype app keeps running in the background when it is not being used.

Once your computer is logged on, Skype immediately starts in the background and stays active. It keeps you logged in even when you don’t need it. Then, there’s the fact that it sometimes slows all the applications on your computer. Another is that it keeps draining your battery life unnecessarily. It can be so infuriating and frustrating.

On the upside, Skype developers had their reasons for designing it that way. We might not know them, but, on our own, we’ve found it helpful in a way or two.

  • You get to receive calls, messages, and other notifications as soon as you log in to your system;
  • For business emergencies, you can just enter and start working without the need to launch the app first.

Why would I need to stop Skype from running in the background?

Always being available when needed by your contacts is cool. It might seem like a basic necessity for both personal and work life. Sadly, there is a dark side to these perks. The CPU is heavily affected by the continuous running of your Skype app in the background. This is something that shouldn’t be forgotten.

The app drains the battery, deeply consumes your resources even when not in use. You surely wouldn’t enjoy your system like that. That is why it is advised to keep the Skype app running only when you’re using it. Then, switch it off when you’re done with it.

How to prevent Skype from running in the background on Windows 10

You must be looking for ways to stop Skype from running in the background of your computer. It is easy to disable Skype whether you’re using the default or Skype desktop app. You can decide to manually launch the Skype app by using these procedures.

You should know that there are two Skype versions on Windows 10. One comes pre-installed with Windows, while the Skype “classic” is installed can be downloaded from the Skype website. Both start automatically by default, but the disabling process differs in each.

In Windows 10 pre-installed version

  • Open the app settings;
  • Click on the “Privacy tab”;

How to close Skype in Windows 10 and stop it from starting automatically

  • Move to the left side of the “Privacy” window;
  • Scroll to the app permission; there, at the bottom, click on the background app. It shows you an alphabetical list of apps running in the background;
  • Move to “S” where you find the Skype app. Toggle the button from “On” to “Off”.

With these steps, Skype will successfully be disabled from running in the background.

In the “Classic” Skype app

  • You start by signing into your Skype app and using your keyboard. Press “Ctrl + ,” to get to the “Settings”. You can alternatively click on the “More” button at the upper right corner of the Skype homepage;

  • The page takes you to the “General” tab. On the left-hand side, toggle from right to left and to “Launch Skype in Background”.

How to close Skype in Windows 10 and stop it from starting automatically

How to make Skype open on startup Windows 10

This can be done easily by locating the start-up button. But, before you do this, make a note of each user of the same computer. Here, each user should have their own start-up folder.

This ensures that only the account you need will have that Skype auto start-up when you log in. This is for setting up computers with multiple users. Now, for automatic start-up, there are three ways this can be done.

First procedure

  • Click on the “three-dotted menu” located next to your username on the Skype homepage;

How to close Skype in Windows 10 and stop it from starting automatically

  • Select “Settings”;
  • Go to “General” from the settings menu;
  • It takes you to the “Start-up and close page”. Here, toggle the “Automatically start Skype” from left to right.

You can now leave the settings screen.

Second procedure

  • Right-click your Task Manager or press “Ctrl + Shift + ESC”;
  • Select the “Start-up tab”. If this is not yet shown, click on “more details”;

  • Find “Skype” in the options, then right-click it;
  • When the option comes up, select “enable”, then leave the page.

After this is done, your Skype will start automatically when you log into your computer.

Besides, you can log in automatically to a specific Skype account when the program launches. This can be done by enabling the auto-login feature located on the login page.

Once you enter your preferred account, check the “Sign me in when Skype starts” box. When this is done, you may return to the login page by clicking on the “Sign out” from the “Skype” menu.

How to uninstall Skype from Window 10

There are many methods if you’re willing to remove Skype from Windows 10. But before applying the uninstall option, you need to sign out from Skype.

You can uninstall the Skype application through the control panel, directly using the search bar, through “Settings”, and removing residual files. We are going to help you to uninstall Skype using the below method.

Uninstall Skype using Control Panel

  • Go to Start Menu’s search bar and type “control panel”;
  • Open the “Control panel” app;
  • Click on “Uninstall a program”;

  • Find the Skype app from the given list;

  • Select the app and right-click and choose the “Uninstall” option.

Congrats, Windows will start uninstalling the app. You will get a message shortly. You can also completely uninstall Skype program if you remove it from Registry using registry editor (Regedit).

Wrap Up

Skype is a Microsoft messaging app that gives you a reliable service. It is available in the Microsoft app store for free. Skype’s user interface is very easy to use; even a newbie can run it efficiently.

Now you know how to close Skype Windows 10. Despite there is no proper way to close the app, there are several other methods, which help you to close it effectively.