How to charge a phone without a charger

How to Charge a Phone Without a Charger

It can be stressful to have your phone running out of battery capacity. Things can get much worse if you don’t have the USB charger with you. Read on to find a few ways how to charge a phone without a charger.

However, you don’t have to panic since there are different ways of charging your device, be it an Android or iPhone. It all depends on the accessibility and what works for you at the moment.

Table of Contents

  1. How to charge a phone without a charger
    1. Charge using the USB Cable
    2. Use an external battery pack
    3. Utilize a cell boost
    4. Consider using a hand-crank charger
    5. Use your car charger
    6. Rely on a solar-powered charger
    7. Look for DIY options

How to charge a phone without a charger

Let’s look at a few options other than your usual phone charger.

Charge using the USB Cable

All you need is a cable that is compatible with your mobile phone. If you are lucky enough, you can find a compatible USB cable in an airport, hotel, or coffee shop. Plug it into the USB port at the end of your phone and start charging.

If you have your laptop with you, turn it on and connect the charging cable to one of its ports and start charging your cell phone with your laptop battery.

Use an external battery pack

An external battery charger can be a lifesaver. Those battery packs have been in existence since the inception of smartphones. They offer an alternative to regular chargers whenever the battery life is low.

You should charge the battery pack beforehand if you want to get the best out of it. Connect your cable to the port, plug it on, and start charging your phone.

Utilize a cell boost

A cell boost is a disposable type of portable battery pack that offers a short-term remedy to your situation. It provides about an hour of charge before it becomes disposable.

Its short-term usage makes it quite unreliable, but it can be an ideal solution during an emergency.

Consider using a hand-crank charger

The hand-crank wireless phone charger can be a solution for outdoor or emergencies since it does not require any electrical power at all. All you need to do is connect your USB cable to the crank charger and keep on cranking until you get enough power to charge the phone.

It’s certainly not the most comfortable option but at least you know you can charge your phone when you want.

Some types of hand-cranks have in-built batteries that you can use before starting the cranking process.

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Use your car charger

Modern vehicles have USB ports where their users can charge their phones and tablets. If you have an older car model with a cigarette lighter plug, you can too, with a charging adapter that has a port to plug in your cable.

Make sure that the vehicle is active or in accessory mode before you plug in the cable and start charging. That way you’ll charge your phone with a universal charger using your car battery.

Rely on a solar-powered charger

A solar-powered portable charger is another excellent option for outdoor charging. It has a solar panel and only requires sunlight to run, making it cost-effective.

You can choose to charge the battery unit first and charge the phone from the unit or connect it directly to the solar charger. Either way, you will provide enough power to keep you going. Just look out for the weather.

Look for DIY options

There are lots of DIY options for charging without a charger. For instance, you can connect the USB to a fruit, use a microwave, or rub the phone battery on your pants.

These options usually provide less charge compared with other means and require an array of items to work. In my opinion, it can be interesting but not practical for everyday life.

Despite the option that you pick, you still need to maintain the usual charging method later on. This will ensure that you keep the health of your smartphone battery and get enough charge that will last long.

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