Chrome recently closed the list of tabs: how to open it?

How to open a bookmark in a new tab in Chrome

This article explains how to open a Google Chrome recently closed tabs list. We all are guilty of opening hundreds of tabs while browsing the internet. But sometimes, we accidentally hit the cross button and lose our tab treasure.

Then we all rely upon and pray for the restore tabs option to appear and save our lives. But on many occasions, the restore Chrome session option does ditch you. Even there are situations when you just cannot remember a webpage that you recently browsed and want to reopen it again. You may not have bookmarked it either.

Is there any way that we can get it back? The only solution that comes to mind is browsing history. However, even if it’s a single browser tab or multiple tabs, tracking them from the history menu and reopening them can be a tedious and time-consuming task.

So, is it possible to open an accidentally closed bunch of tabs? Well, there definitely is, and in today’s article, Turbo Gadget Reviews takes you on a ride of how you can open a recently/ accidentally closed tab list on your Google Chrome browser.

We will also teach you how you can effectively and efficiently manage your browsing history and get to your desired webpage in no time. So, let us proceed further and learn how to do it.

Chrome recently closed the list of tabs: how to open it?

So, if you are working on a project or saving a bunch of tabs but accidentally closed the window, do not fret. Here is how you can get right back to your recently closed tab on the browser window in Google Chrome.

Reopen recently closed tabs on Chrome using the tab bar

To reopen the most recent tab you’ve accidentally closed, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Chrome window, right-click on any empty area on your Tab bar;
  • A pop-up menu opens. Click on the “Reopen closed taboption.

Chrome recently closed tabs list


  • Press “Ctrl + Shift + T” keyboard shortcut on a Windows PC and “Command+Shift+T” if you’re using a Mac.

Note 1: This method opens the closed tab/ window depending on the order they were closed. For example, if you recently closed a separate window, this option will open that window with all the tabs it was opened with. This command follows the order in which tabs/windows are closed.

Note 2: It is mandatory to note that the reopen closed tab option only appears when you right-click on an empty area of the Google Chrome tab bar. If you right-click on an open tab, the option doesn’t appear.

Note 3: You can also use the same method for the Firefox browser. Even the shortcut key to reopen closed tabs is the same for Firefox.

Reopen recently closed tabs on Chrome using history

Sometimes, we are in a situation when we do not want to follow the closing order and open a particular webpage/tab.

We need to access and scroll through our Chrome browser history in such situations. To access Chrome browser history, here is what you need to do:

  • Open Google Chrome browser;
  • Click on the three dots button present on the right of the address/ URL bar;
  • A drop-down menu appears. Navigate cursor to “History“;
  • The history option expands on the left. The expanded window shows a list of recently closed tabs under the Recently closed tabs submenu;
  • You can simply omit the formality of following the order of recently closed tabs. You can directly open the desired tab/web page from your recently closed tabs list through this method.

Chrome recently closed tabs list

Reopen recently closed tabs on Chrome using the browsing history tab

What if I want to open a webpage that was not in the list of the recently opened tab? Is there any way that I can access it?

Well, you definitely can through your Google Chrome history. There are a couple of ways on how you can navigate to your Chrome history and pinpoint your desired webpage.

To access your Chrome browsing history:

  • Click on the three dots button present on the right side of the Address/URL bar;
  • A drop-down menu opens. Click on the “History” option.


  • Press “Ctrl + H” keyboard shortcut;


  • Type “chrome://history” in your Google Chrome address bar.

All these methods open your Google Chrome browsing history window in a new tab.

The Chrome history window is divided into two panes vertically. The left pane window has a clear browsing data option. All your browsing history in the right window pane, including recently closed tabs, is arranged in chronological order with time, date, and day. You can scroll down, navigate to a particular day and date and simply click on desired webpage/tab to open.

You can simply right-click on the desired webpage to open it in either a new tab or a new window. Check our article to learn more about opening tabs in a new tab, window, or tab group in a Chrome browser.

Wrap up

You can use the same set of methods to reopen recently closed tabs on other browsers like Firefox and Opera Mini.

Like Google Chrome, almost all other browsers feature the restore closed tab feature. So whether it’s a Firefox web browser or Opera Mini, simply right-click on any empty area of the tab bar, and you can easily check the reopen closed tab option.

Other options are also the same. Simply navigate to your browser’s history tab through settings, and you can open a tab/webpage from any past date, day, or time.

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