How long SSD drive last: longevity of SSD

In this article, we’re getting an in-depth look at how long SSD drive last and discuss its longevity. SSDs have been introduced some decades ago, but only recently are becoming widespread in the consumer market. So we might say it is a fairly new technology and manufacturers are still trying to figure out precisely how long … Read more

Two partitions on USB Flash Drive

Two partitions on USB Flash Drive

In this article, you’ll learn how to create two partitions on USB flash drive and also how to remove partitions from flash drive. Thumb drives (or Flash Drives) are widely used for storing important files, to back up relevant data, to move it easily from one device to another or even to store system backups … Read more

How to disinfect a laptop

How to Disinfect a Laptop

In this article, you’re going to learn how to disinfect a laptop with no fuss and also the best way to clean laptop screen and keyboard, among other topics. Our laptops are devices we use every day and, in many cases, several hours per day. They work almost like extensions of ourselves and most of … Read more

How to copy Operating System to SSD (Cloning)

How to copy Operating System to SSD

In this article, you’ll get further info on how to copy operating system to SSD without reinstalling it, which may be crucial if you just bought one to improve your PC. Solid state drives offer a considerable improvement in terms of speed and reliability over the traditional mechanical hard drives. Also, they’re absolutely silent, shock-proof … Read more

Google Drive vs Google Photos

Google Drive vs Google Photos

Google offers two services that perform the same function. We are talking about Google Drive versus Google Photos and we’re sure you must have heard at least once about the similarity between the two. Both of the mentioned apps are used to store and sync pictures and videos, and both work on the cloud. Also, … Read more

Best SSD External Hard Drive

Best SSD External Hard Drive

When you’re looking to purchase an external storage device, often you face yourself with two major options: Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD). And, if you can get a great capacity HDD for a fairly low price nowadays, an SSD offers you a world of advantages despite it’s higher cost. However, external … Read more

What is a Solid State Drive in a Laptop?

What is a Solid State Drive in a Laptop

Today we’re making it clear what is a Solid State Drive in a laptop. A Solid State Drive, commonly known as SSD, is a type of PC storage without mechanical components. It is a new generation of storage devices and a substitute for your traditional mechanical Hard Disk Drive (HDD). By using an SSD, when … Read more