Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Best YouTube to MP3 convertors

Let’s take a look at some of the best YouTube to MP3 converter tools. In this article, we’re reviewing the 5 best and most reliable converters.

YouTube is the leading audiovisual broadcasting platform in the market. The large catalog of videos offered by this site gathers a large percentage of netizens.

However, it doesn’t have an option to download the content in its free version.

So, if you want to enjoy the content from your favorite channel, you’ll need a YouTube to MP3 converter tool.

As the name suggests, it allows you to change the format of the file, download it and store it on your device.

Table of Contents

  1. Best YouTube to MP3 converter
    1. Any Video Converter Free
    2. 4K YouTube to MP3
    3. 4K Video Downloader
    4. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 
    5. Easy MP3 Converter
  2. Other useful tools for converting videos to MP3
  3. How to use these converters?
    1. How to use Any Video Converter Free?
    2. How to use 4k YouTube to MP3?
    3. How to use 4K Video Downloader?
    4. How to use Free YouTube to MP3 converter?
    5. How to use Easy YouTube to MP3 converter?
  4. Wrap Up

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

The converter extracts the audio from the media file stored on YouTube. Thanks to this program, you will be able to access the material without being online. Many developers promote their services on social media, and you can find this kind of software and apps among them.

Here we will help you find the best one for you from a selection of the highest quality converters.

Any Video Converter Free

You may be looking for a simple YouTube to MP3 converter. However, Any Video Converter Free offers you the complete package for your downloads. You will be able to convert any video to more than 1,000 different formats including MP3.

Its GPU acceleration makes its conversion speed 30 times faster than other similar programs. It is as easy as copying the URL, pasting it into the software, and waiting a few minutes for it to download.

Select the MP3 format and press the “convert” button. You’ll have your file ready in seconds.

It also gives you the possibility to combine two videos into one and even edit them to your liking. Add subtitles, trim, place watermarks, or anything else you need in order to customize it.

Among other characteristics, this program also corrects possible errors in the video metadata.

Any Video Converter is even capable of burning a DVD or Blue Ray. Make your conversions from and to the device of your choice.

4K YouTube to MP3

This software is more practical than any other you can find on the web. The 4K YouTube to MP3 interface is so simple that it doesn’t even have a complicated toolbar. The website basically consists of a home page with a button to convert files and a series of product descriptions.

It is a user-friendly process, you just have to drag the video and drop it on the app. This ease of use allows you to import files in a massive way.

You can also create a conversion list by leaving elements on the queue without the need of adding them one by one.

The conversion is completed within a few seconds, even with multiple files. It also provides a good video quality, with a maximum bitrate of up to 360 kbps.

Enjoy all the benefits from a stable, fluid application with no connection issues during the conversion. It works well with Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Linux.

It has the following options:

  • Downloading YouTube playlists and channels;
  • Downloading VEVO and SoundCloud songs;
  • Providing original quality without any kind of conversion;
  • Simple proxy configuration;
  • Smart file organization.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is perhaps one of the most sophisticated converter software. The steps to make the conversion are similar to those of the previous converter. In this case, you have to copy the URL address and paste it into the indicated field inside the program.

4K Video Downloader’s system gives you the alternative of saving your favorite playlists and channels. With this feature, you’ll save time because you don’t have to search for the videos you want to convert every time you enter the program.

This way, you will be able to download your favorite content automatically. But, the qualities go even further as you can download the subtitles of many videos simultaneously.

There are more than 50 languages available that can be placed on a playlist or YouTube channel while converting. Lastly, for those who want to avoid espionage and have more digital security, there’s the option of downloading private material.

Hide your IP address and bypass geographical bans by installing a proxy in the app.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

When it comes to offering a direct and efficient service, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is one of the leaders in the market. When you open the converter, you’ll immediately realize what you have to do. There’s a white area where to paste the URL of the video.

The converter can be used unlimitedly. Convert your videos to MP3 in one click and enjoy your download in a few seconds. As it is an online program, you don’t need to create an account or go through a registration process.

In terms of quality, it has a wide range of possible solutions. It provides 5 conversion formats: 64, 128, 192, 256, and 320 kbps. Although the default option is 320 kbps, you can choose the one that fits your expectations.

On the other hand, its compatibility with browsers is not a drawback. It can be used with Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

Easy MP3 Converter

When compared to the other options, EasyMP3Converter is one of the best available. With it, you will be able to download unlimited conversions without any kind of restrictions.

Just like the software above, it is user-friendly, easy to use, and very fast. It certainly is a quality converter.

It offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited file conversions from YouTube;
  • It is completely free;
  • It adjusts MP3 files with minimal user intervention;
  • It downloads both audio and videos;
  • Different download formats (64, 128, 192, 256 and 320 kbps);
  • No registration is needed;
  • It is compatible with different devices and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Other useful tools for converting videos to MP3

In addition to the software examples we have mentioned, there are also other ways to convert your YouTube videos to MP3. It should be noted that many of these options may have some drawbacks or are not as sophisticated as the converters we already talked about:

For example, they may ask you to subscribe, might have regional limitations, or may have limited download options or formats.

These include the following:

  • Flvto: we have not mentioned that you can convert YouTube videos using your smartphone. With the Flvto website, you can do it easily. Open the YouTube video and click on the share option. Then choose “copy to clipboard”. Go to the Flvto portal and paste the URL into the homepage bar.
  • Save clip pro: if you have the QR code of the video that you already converted using this tool, you can download it to your cell phone. Save clip pro is famous for its editing options. You can cut the video however you want, change its size, set the frame rate and bit rate, etc.
  • Yoo download: it is a simple online converter but it is widely used for its excellent performance. It does not contain Java or any type of add-on that may be annoying when using it. It has three download qualities: high, medium, and low. It can also be used on any browser for your convenience.
  • YouTube Premium: it is the official YouTube downloading method. With your paid subscription, you have the option to get all the content you want without limits. The content is stored using external storage. However, the big disadvantage of this method is that you must be a subscriber, which means you have to pay.

How to use these converters?

How to use Any Video Converter Free?

Step 1: After installing Any Video Converter Free, open the program and click on the “Add URL” tab. This program has a lot of additional functions, so the interface may be a bit overwhelming at first;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 2: A new window will open where you’ll have to press the “+” button to add the YouTube video link. You can add multiple links at the same time to convert them all at once. You also have the option of clicking one of the icons at the bottom to search for the video directly on the program.

If you make a mistake, click on the trash can button to delete a link. Once you have all the links ready, click on the “Start Download!” button;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 3: After the video loads, press the drop-down menu in the upper right corner to choose the audio format of your choice. There are a lot of audio and video formats available;

Go to the bottom of the list, click the last icon to see the available audio formats, and select “MP3”. Then click “Convert Now!” to start the conversion.

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 4: Once the conversion has finished, it will start downloading the file. To see all the videos you have converted and downloaded, go to the bottom left corner and click on the “<<” button-

There, you will see several categories with a list of videos that are in the process of downloading, a list of downloads organized by website of origin, and a list of those already converted and downloaded. Click on the “MP3 Audio” category to view your file, play it or open the folder where it was saved;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

How to use 4k YouTube to MP3?

Step 1: 4K YouTube to MP3’s interface is very simple and easy to use. Copy the YouTube video link, open the program, and press “Paste Link”;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 2: The conversion and download will start automatically and the file will be added to the list. Once the download is completed, click on “Show in folder” to see where the file was saved;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 3: To change the conversion settings, go to the top right corner and click “Preferences”. In the window that will open, you can change the format and quality of the conversion, the folder where the files will be saved, and other specifications such as the preferred language.

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

How to use 4K Video Downloader?

Step 1: The interface of this program is similar to the previous one. Copy the link of the video you are going to convert, open the program and click on the “Paste link” button.

The program will detect the website where the video is hosted, so the logo of the website will appear in the corner of the button when you paste the link;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 2: A new window will open. The video information will appear there. Below that, click the first drop-down menu to choose whether you want to download the video or just the audio. Then, choose the format and select “MP3” on the drop-down menu.

Next, choose the folder where you want to save the file. Press “Extract” to start the conversion;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 3: Once the download is completed, the MP3 file will be added to the list. You can also use the “Smart Mode” to select the format and quality you prefer for all future conversions. This way you won’t have to choose them manually every time you convert a file, and the process will be automatic after you paste a link.

With the “Subscriptions” button in the upper right corner, you can add a channel and all videos uploaded to the channel will be downloaded.

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

How to use Free YouTube to MP3 converter?

Step 1: Open the program, copy the YouTube video link and click on the “+ Paste” button in the upper left corner. Select the desired format and quality from the drop-down menu and the conversion will start loading.

The program can also suggest you convert and download a video every time you copy a YouTube link. A small window will appear in the lower right corner;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 2: Click on the “Download” button. Once the download is completed, the file will be added to the list and will give you two options: opening the folder where it was saved or playing the audio.

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

How to use Easy YouTube to MP3 converter?

Step 1: Go to the Easy MP3 converter website. Copy the link of the video you want to convert and paste it into the search bar;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 2: After the video loads, select the desired conversion format. Then click the “Download” button and a window will open so you can select the folder where you want to save the MP3 file;

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Step 3: The conversion and download will start automatically and that’s it! You will have the MP3 file in the folder you selected. Remember that Easy MP3 Converter can be used on the device of your choice, not only on your computer.

Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Wrap Up

Before deciding which YouTube to MP3 converter you should use, consider a few aspects. Thinking about your expectations as a customer or user can help you select the best program on a personal basis.

As Tech Radar points out, these tools are an excellent alternative for downloading videos according to your needs.

So, the first thing we suggest you consider is whether you want to convert one or several videos. Determining the quantity is important because, if you are only looking for a tool like this to transform one or two videos, it is likely that you will only need an online converter.

In contrast, there are people who work with large batches of files and need sophisticated configurations, so they require advanced software. When it comes to video editing, don’t go for an online converter.

One caveat that cannot be overlooked is that many websites and desktop applications harbor malicious viruses. So, before using a tool, it is advisable to research it thoroughly. Here we have made a careful study of all the proposed converters.

Therefore, thanks to the interesting options offered by these programs and websites, you will be able to have YouTube videos in MP3 format or any other format on your computer.

They work fast and don’t require complex configurations. And the best of all, these are free services!

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