Best YouTube to MP3 converter

Which are the best YouTube to MP3 converter? 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. There are more than 60 million songs on YouTube. That’s 10 million less than Spotify and 20 million less than Amazon music – give or take! It’s highly unlikely that you can’t find the song you are looking for on YouTube.

Why choose to convert YouTube Videos to MP3

While many people like to use music streaming platforms, this doesn’t automatically mean that you can listen to music while offline. In some cases, you might risk using your mobile data or incurring additional costs. It might sound a little old-school, but creating your own playlists with a YouTube converter allows you to listen to your favorite music from any device, anywhere.

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One simple example is creating your playlist on a USB. You can plug it into any computer, car stereo system with a USB port, TVs, even listen to songs from some gaming consoles.

Once you have converted YouTube videos, you can save them to your music folder on your smartphone and even cast them to your TV. Because all music is in MP3 format, you won’t have any compatibility issues.

Let’s take a look at the best converters available today and just how easy they are to use.

The best YouTube to MP3 converter

4K YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to MP3 is an app you can download to your desktop. Follow the download instructions and you will find it in your applications folder. When you open the app you will notice that on the right-hand side there is a key, this allows you to activate a paid version. You can convert 30 videos a day for free.

Open YouTube and find the video you wish to convert. Copy the URL (link) and go back to the 4K YouTube to MP3 app. In the top left-hand corner, there is a green + button. If you click on this, it will paste the YouTube URL and in a matter of seconds, you will have you MP3.


If you aren’t looking to download an app, you can use YTMP3, a site that allows you to paste the YouTube URL into the search box. The song will appear along with 3 options: Download, Dropbox, and Convert Next.

When you click to download, the conversion will start automatically but a new window will open with an advert, just close this window. It usually opens with the first video you convert. By clicking on Convert Next, you are ready to paste a new URL into the box.


EasyMP3Converter is another option that doesn’t require any downloads. Simply find your song on YouTube and copy the URL. Go back to EasyMP3Converter and paste the link into the search box. The handy thing is that the video appears under the search box, which will help you make sure you have the right version of the song (for example, live from a particular concert).

The service is completely free so we can forgive the odd pop-up and you might have to click on the search button twice before the download begins (each time it will open a new window with an advert).


While there are no ads or pop-ups on MP3Converter, a new window will open with an advert. It’s super simple, just copy and paste your YouTube URL into the search box and click on “Go”.

There will be two download options, the first is a green box and the name of the song will appear. We noticed that the “Download source 1” green button is much faster than the second download option.

Any Video Converter

You can download Any Video Converter for Windows and Mac. It supports many different video inputs from more than just YouTube. And there are also plenty of options other than just MP3. From this app, you can even easily edit your videos, cropping, rotating, and burn DVDs. There are no ads, and there is no spyware or malware.


For a truly ad-free experience, MP3FY is here! The process is the same as with the other sites, so just copy and paste your YouTube link. A small box will open with the name of the song and a download button.

There is also an option to donate to the site. Not only is MP3FY completely ad-free, but the download is also extremely fast.


You can follow the instructions to download SnapDownloader which offers some amazing features, especially if you want to download a large number of songs.

The dashboard has 4 tabs that allow you to see your completed conversion, those that are downloading, queued, and even ones that you have scheduled to convert later. Other features include batch downloads and downloading YouTube playlists and channels. There is a 24-hour free trial and a one-off payment of $19.99.


VidMate made it onto the list thanks to its top-quality, and because it is available in 11 different languages. It offers great download speeds and it is as straight forward as the other solutions, so copy and paste to begin your YouTube Video conversion.

There are also over 200 channels for you to watch live TV. Unfortunately, VidMate is only available on Android at the moment.

Wrap Up

Music streaming apps aren’t for everyone and that certainly doesn’t mean you are missing out. The best converters are mostly free and though you might have the odd pop-up ad, it’s nothing to ruin the experience.

Because they are all so fast, it probably takes longer to search for your song than it does to use one of these MP3 converters. On top of all that, you don’t have to worry about losing any sound quality.