Best Windshield Screen Protector

Top Rated Windshield Sun Shade

Your most valuable possessions are meant to be protected. That is where the Best Windshield Screen Protector comes in.

Your car is one of those valuable investments. It’s important to keep the interior of your car in good shape because of the vital role cars play in our daily lives.

In a hurry? Here’s our best tip:

Get the A1 Windshield sun shade. It is designed to keep your car cool and fits all vehicles such as minivans, SUVs, and trucks.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Windshield Screen Protector
    1. A1 Windshield Sun shade
    2. Kinder Fluff Windshield Sun shade
    3. EzyShade Windshield Sun shade
    4. EcoNour Windshield Sun shade
    5. Autoamerics Windshield Sun shade
    6. Shinematix 2-Piece Windshield Sun shade
    7. Magnelex Car Windshield sun shade
    8. Ohuhu Windshield Sunshade
  2. Buying guide: Great Reasons to get a windshield screen protector
    1. Protection against UV rays
    2. Protect your children
    3. Maintains a cool temperature inside the car
    4. Save gas
    5. Regulate temperature during winter
    6. Secures your car from thieves
  3. Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A Windshield Sunshade
    1. Material size
    2. Easy Installation and Removal
    3. Material type
    4. UV Protection
    5. Heat Reduction
    6. Appearance
    7. Cost
    8. Warranty
    9. Storage Pouch
  4. Wrap-up

Best Windshield Screen Protector

If you need complete weatherproof protection, check out our article on the Best Weatherproof Car Cover.

Windshield sunshades not only keep your car cool, but they can also keep the interior in good shape. on top of that, sun shades can be a great way to protect you from the sun’s powerful UV Rays.

Windshield shades are available in several qualities, sizes, shapes, and designs. If you’re not careful, you may end up purchasing a ‘below-par’ sunshade.

This means you need a good review of the best sunshade to buy for your car. Check out these great options below.

Comparison table:

Product NameUniversal fitMaterial typeStorageMetal ClampsUV Protection
A1 Sun ShadeYesSilver-coated polyesterYesYesYes
Kinder FluffYes80 GSM protective meshYesYesYes
tight weave polyester
EcoNourNoHigh-quality polyesterYesYesYes
AutoamericsYesNot statedYesYesYes
Shinematix 2-PieceYes210T Nylon silver-coatedNoYesYes
MagnelexYesSilver-coated polyesterYesYesYes
OhuhuYesSilver-coated polyesterYesYesYes
Shade Pro CarYes210T nylon silver-coatedNoYesYes

Let’s now go over each of these products in a little more detail.

A1 Windshield Sun shade

Top Rated Windshield Sun Shade - A1 Windshield Sun shade
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Key features:

  • Universal fit
  • Silver-coated Polyester.
  • Secure fit configuration
  • DIY installation
  • Adjustable

This product from A1 is an excellent choice for protecting your car’s interior. A1 has designed this windshield sun shade from a superior silver-coated polyester. This material offers a complete shield for deflecting UV rays.

This will protect your car’s dashboard, wheels, and seats from damage. They designed it to keep your car cool. When you open the car’s door later, you’ll no longer feel the heat escaping because of the sunshade.

SUVs, minivans, and trucks are all compatible with this product. It also features a metal wire clip that can fit into the space between the car’s frame and the windshield. The fabric contains a 9-inch overlapping to fit cars with wider windshields.

The installation is easy and requires no external support. The product comes in a pouch you can fold and store whenever you’re not using it.


  • 100% UV protection
  • Universal size
  • Money-Back guarantee
  • Storage pouch
  • Silver-coated polyester material


  • Prone to sliding off

Kinder Fluff Windshield Sun shade

Top Rated Windshield Sun Shade - Kinder Fluff Windshield Sun shade
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Key features:

  • 80 GSM protective mesh material
  • UV Protection
  • Heat reflection
  • Lightweight.
  • Adjustable

The Kinder Fluff windshield is another excellent choice for your car’s protection. Attached in the package is a pack of 4 Sun shades. 2 of them are transparent and 2 semi-transparent.

These shades are made from 80 GSM mesh, and therefore offer complete protection against harmful UV rays. It also provides adequate cooling for your car when parked for hours. This safeguards the interior of your car. It protects the interior from damage, cracks, or fading.

It also boasts of superior connector clamps which are longer and can fit on any windshield. The windshield overlaps to attach to any window. You can install and remove it within minutes. This is because of the static cling technology they design the shades with.

This sun shade features a compact design and foldable design. If you’re not using it, this shade can be folded and stored in its pouch.


  • 80 GSM mesh material
  • 2 transparent shades
  • 2 semi-transparent shades
  • Universal fit
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Storage pouch


  • Prone to slide off

EzyShade Windshield Sun shade

Top Rated Windshield Sun Shade - EzyShade Windshield Sun shade
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Key features:

  • Black-backed tight-weave polyester material
  • Universal size
  • Tear-resistant
  • UV Protection
  • Dashboard mat included

The EzyShade windshield Sunshade is an impressive consideration for your car. It features two separate rectangular shades made from high-quality polyester material. These covers overlap in length, which provides extra protection at the midpoint.

This shade is well-designed to repel dangerous UV rays while reducing the heat inside the car. This ensures your beautiful interior doesn’t lose its charm. The shapes of the cover make it easy to fit onto any windshield. If your car has a smaller windshield, you can install the shades horizontally.

These sun shades are lightweight but durable and come in a storage bag for safekeeping. Also included in the pack is a sticky dashboard mat that you can place your smartphone on while you drive.


  • Convenient folding for storage
  • Tear-resistant
  • Durable material
  • UV protection


  • Folding it is difficult

EcoNour Windshield Sun shade

Top Rated Windshield Sun Shade - EcoNour Windshield Sun shade
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Key features:

  • UV Protection
  • High-quality polyester material
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to install

The brilliant offering from EcoNour is yet another option for your car’s interior. This product features a high-quality polyester material, notable for strength and durability.

This shade is designed to shield your car from UV rays. This prevents your dashboard, LCD Screens, camera, and stereo from cracking and fading. It also dissipates the heat because the car will feel cool and fresh when you enter it. Featuring 4 customized sizes, you can install these on your windshield in seconds.

You can also fold it easily and secure it inside the provided pouch. The pouch can be stored in the door pocket or the glove compartment. It can also be folded and twisted into any shape for storage without the risk of breaking.


  • Protects your car’s interior
  • Easy installation
  • High-quality polyester material
  • UV protection


  • Not a universal fit

Autoamerics Windshield Sun shade

Top Rated Windshield Sun Shade - Autoamerics Windshield Sun shade
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Key features:

  • 2-piece foldable sun shade
  • UV Protection
  • 2 Dashboard mats
  • Storage pouch
  • Universal size

The Autoamerics Windshield Sunshade is another perfect selection for your car. Featuring two identical sun shade covers, these shades are made from premium quality materials. They can be installed on the windshield and car windows. They are designed to be suitable for any kind of windshield.

Both Sun shades feature extra length and can be overlapped in the middle to create enough protection. They can be installed horizontally if the windshield or window of the car is small.

These Sunshades fight off harmful UV rays from penetrating through the windshield to damage the interior. It also keeps the car cool at all times, minimizing the heat.

Folding this Sunshade for safekeeping is quite easy. A compact storage pouch is included in the package. You also get 2 dashboard mats that you can mount your smartphones while driving.


  • UV protection
  • Easy DIY installation and removal
  • Two identical sunshade covers


  • Shade wire is too stiff

Shinematix 2-Piece Windshield Sun shade

Top Rated Windshield Sun Shade - Shinematix 2-Piece Windshield Sun shade
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Key features:

  • Two identical sunshade covers
  • UV Protection
  • 210T Nylon Silver-coated
  • Universal fit
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Free microfiber cleaning cloth

The Shinematix windshield Sun shades are another impressive choice for your car. This package offers a 2-piece identical sun shade cover. They manufacture them from durable 210T nylon silver-coated material. This material gives protection against ultraviolet rays.

These sun shades are a universal fit for standard cars, trucks, sedans, and SUVs. They also repel the heat and ensure the car takes on a cabin temperature.

This protects the dashboard, steering wheel, LCD screens, and seats. These sun shades also maintain a cool temperature inside the car when you get back in.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to install them in your car’s windshield and windows. They install horizontally for a perfect fit if the windshield is smaller. It also takes less time to remove and store them in the included travel bag.

Also included is a free red microfiber cleaning cloth. It is perfect for wiping specks of dust off the windshield and dashboard.


  • Complete UV protection
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Universal fit
  • 2-piece identical Sunshade
  • Free microfiber cleaning cloth


  • None

Magnelex Car Windshield sun shade

Top Rated Windshield Sun Shade - Magnelex Car Windshield sun shade
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Key features:

  • 210T Silver-coated reflective polyester
  • UV Protection
  • Corner flaps
  • Universal fit
  • Money-Back guarantee
  • Free steering wheel cover sun shade

The Magnelex Windshield sun shade is another wonderful selection for your car. This sun shade is made with 210T silver-coated reflective material, which is durable and efficient.

This product is also a universal fit for all kinds of sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks. It also features corner flaps to secure the edges on your windshield.

This sun shade protects against dangerous UV rays from the sun. Your upholstery and dashboard will be saved from cracks and fading. It also maintains the cool temperature inside the car when parked. This ensures you do not use up your gas in cooling the vehicle with AC.

The package also includes a free steering wheel cover sun shade. This protects the steering wheel from absorbing heat.

Folding the sun shade is very easy and it can be folded into its sleek storage pouch for safekeeping. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can opt for a replacement.


  • Universal fit
  • Money-Back guarantee
  • Superior material
  • Free steering wheel cover


  • Does not fit smaller cars

Ohuhu Windshield Sunshade

Top Rated Windshield Sun Shade - Ohuhu Windshield Sun shade
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Key features:

  • UV Protection
  • Stress-free installation and removal
  • Universal fit
  • Lightweight

The Ohuhu windshield sun shade is designed to offer protection for your car. These sun shades are available in black and silver colors. It is a universal fit for SUVs and minivans.

Designed with high-quality reflective material, they offer total protection against harmful UV rays. They also prevent hot temperatures from getting into the car. This goes a long way in keeping your upholstery and dashboard in good condition.

Installation is done within seconds. The fabric can overlap to fit the edges of the windshield. It can also be folded for storage when not in use. A sleek pouch is included for storage and convenience.

If you’re not satisfied with the product within 30 days, you have a money-back guarantee. It also includes a one-year replacement warranty.


  • UV Protection
  • Easy installation and removal
  • High-quality reflective material
  • Money-Back guarantee


  • May need car visors to set it up

Buying guide: Great Reasons to get a windshield screen protector

There are several benefits of owning a car windshield sun shade. They include:

Protection against UV rays

Heat is absorbed by the car when it is parked for several minutes. This heat, in the form of UV rays, can shorten the lifespan of your car’s interior.

When left exposed, the dashboard, steering wheel, and seats can experience cracking and color fading. The reflective material of Sun shades bounces these sun rays off the car while avoiding direct sunlight against the interior materials. This offers good protection for you and the car’s interior.

Protect your children

If you’ve got children in the backseat while you drive, you need a passenger-side sun shade. They protect your kids’ skin from the harsh sunlight outside. It also shields children’s eyes from direct sunlight.

Maintains a cool temperature inside the car

Have you ever left your car parked for some minutes, only to open it and feel the heat on your face? Then you need a sunshade. Windshield sun shades installed in your car ensure that the cool temperature of your vehicle is maintained.

Save gas

When left unprotected, heat builds up inside the car. For you to get moving, you’re going to turn on the AC, using more gas. With windshield/window-side sun shades installed, you never have to worry about that again.

Regulate temperature during winter

Windshield Sun shades aren’t only for summertime. Some windshield shades are well-equipped with heat-absorbing fabric. This keeps the temperature of your car stable during the winter season.

Secures your car from thieves

Car thieves are prone to break into your car if they can spot what’s inside. A sun shade protects the contents of the car from prying eyes. if thieves can’t see what’s inside your car, they will probably walk away.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A Windshield Sunshade

Not all Sun shades have the same features and capabilities. Purchasing the wrong Sun shade for your car can be annoying. This is why there are several factors to consider before deciding to buy one.

Material size

The size of the shade matters a lot in offering better protection for your car. While there are several ‘Universal sizes’ around, not all of them will fit your car properly. Choosing an adjustable sun shade can make all the difference. A good size will completely shield your car from harmful UV rays.

Easy Installation and Removal

There are Sun shades that need external support to install and remove. You do not want those. It’s time-consuming and inconvenient. It is important to look for the ones that can be installed and removed at will. The best windshield Sun shades are always easy to install yourself.

Material type

The type of material the sun shade is made of will determine its capabilities. It is recommended to look out for sun shades made from high-quality material. Materials with high insulation against external heat are necessary for your car.

UV Protection

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Sun shades with UV protection keep your passengers and upholstery protected against UV rays. UV rays are proven to render skin diseases and can bleach the color of the interior.

Ensure the sun shade you’re settling for provides complete protection to you and your car.

Heat Reduction

It’s unnecessary to buy a sun shade that does not reduce the heat inside the car. There are fancy sun shades that provide less reduction of heat. Sun shades that are equipped with good heat reduction are recommended.


Yes, appearance matters a lot. There are stylish-looking sun shades that offer good protection for your car. It’s a win-win situation to get an efficient sun shade that looks and feels nice.


Sun shades are generally inexpensive to purchase. But keep in mind that you’re getting a high-quality and durable sun shade if the price is higher.


Most sun shades come with either a money-back guarantee or a lifetime replacement warranty. It’s important to check the warranty package you’ll enjoy when you buy these products for your car.

Storage Pouch

It is important to buy a windshield sun shade that has a storage pouch for easy storage and safekeeping. Storage pouches maintain the durability of the sun shade after use. It’s way better than keeping the sun shade on the floor, backseat or trunk.

Storage pouches are compact and can be stored in the glove compartment or the door pocket. Ensure the sun shade you’re getting has a storage bag.


Windshield sun shades are a longtime investment for cars. Hence, it is necessary to get one for yourself. With this top-rated windshield sun shade list, you can decide to get the best one for you.