Best Weatherproof Car Cover

Best Weatherproof Car Cover

Getting a new car is awesome. Everything is mint, it doesn’t only look brand new… it’s REALLY new! There is that characteristic smell of the interior materials, the leather scent from the steering wheel, shift know, and seats.

Keeping a car looking and feeling new some years down the line sometimes isn’t easy. But it gets a lot easier if you protect it with the best weatherproof car cover.

It’s about keeping your car in the best condition you can so it performs and keeps being rewarding to use.

Cars have come a long way and they’re not going away. At least not any time soon. They play a vital role in making us ease into each day. From going to work, picking up the kids from school, making a road trip, or going on holiday, the importance of having a car cannot be underplayed.

It’s essential to keep that car in the best condition possible. A car cover helps a lot.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Weatherproof Car Cover Review
    1. CarsCover Custom Fit Fit 2010-2019 Honda Civic Car Cover
    2. Cars Cover A3-3XXL
    3. KAKIT Universal Car Cover
    4. Kayme Car Cover
    5. Audew All Weather Car Cover (167″-190″)
    6. Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover
    7. Audew Truck Cover
    8. XCar Universal SUV Car Cover
    9. KAKIT SUV Car Cover
    10. Which of these is the best car cover?
  2. Strong Reasons to Get A Car Cover
    1. Your car’s value on a future sale
    2. Protection from the sun and heat
    3. Protecting your car from damage
    4. Protection from theft
    5. Protection from vandals
    6. Aerial Protection
    7. Protection from scratches
  3. Features to Consider before Buying A Car Cover
    1. All-weather Protection
    2. Custom Fit and Contour Fit
    3. Dirt Resistance
    4. UV Resistance
    5. Windproof Buckle
    6. Anti-theft Lock
    7. Special features

Best Weatherproof Car Cover Review

The fact is there are several weatherproof car covers out there. Selecting the right cover is a tedious task.

Who wants to compare a dozen car covers to clearly understand which one is the best for you? Or ignore it and get one “that seemed good” only to find out a few weeks later that it doesn’t meet your expectations?

Don’t worry, keep on reading, I did that research for you. Below are the best weatherproof car covers your car needs considering a wide range of cars.

Comparison table:

Product NameZipper ClosureStrapsReflective StripesUniversal Fit for
Vans and SUVs
Storage Pouch
2010-2019 Honda Civic UltrashieldNoYesNoNoYes
Cars Cover A3-3XXLYesYesYesYesYes
KAKIT Universal Car CoverNoYesYesNoYes
Kayme Car CoverYesYesYesNoYes
Audew All Weather Car CoverYesYesYesYesYes
Leader Accessories Platinum GuardNoYesNoYesYes
Audew Truck CoverNoYesNoYesYes
XCar Universal SUV Car CoverNoYesNoYesYes
KAKIT SUV Car CoverNoYesNoYesYes

All the products feature stain, pollution and all-weather protection.

Best Weatherproof Car Cover - CarsCover Custom Fit Fit 2010-2019 Honda Civic Car Cover

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CarsCover Custom Fit Fit 2010-2019 Honda Civic Car Cover

Main highlights:

  • Specific for 2010-2019 Honda Civic cars
  • 5-layer waterproof and weatherproof protection
  • UV protection
  • Tie-down strap and buckle

If you own a Honda Civic car, you should consider buying this car cover. This car cover was custom made to fit seamlessly into Honda Civic car.

It features a heavy-duty 5-layer protection fabric. This fabric is designed to protect your car in harsh weather conditions. It also protects the car from UV rays from the sun.

The fabric is also water-resistant lined with soft fleece. Soft fleece provides a smooth contact with your car’s paint to avoid scratching it.

Dust protection is another plus. Unlike some common covers, it also comes with two mirror pockets. This will help to fit perfectly in your car.

It also provides a tie-down strap and buckles to fasten it. This will ensure the cover stays put under severe weather.

Light in weight, the CarsCover Custom Fit is durable and suited to your needs. It comes with a carry case for storage after use.


  • Suited for Honda Civics from 2010 to 2019
  • 5-layer design
  • Soft fleece fabric


  • Quite pricey
Best Weatherproof Car Cover - Cars Cover A3-3XXL

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Cars Cover A3-3XXL

Main highlights:

  • 6-layer protection fabric
  • Florescent light straps
  • Universal fit for all SUVs, Jeeps, and Hatchbacks
  • All-weather protection
  • Zipper closure

The A3-3XXL car cover is another selection you should buy for your car. The good news is that this is a universal fit for SUVs, Jeeps, and Hatchbacks. It covers the front and rear of cars well.

You won’t have to worry about whether it would fit your car. To make sure this product fits your car it’s available in a range of 8 different sizes:

  • A1-3L: Fits 171″ to 180″ (for Sedan);
  • A2-3XL: Fits 181″ to 190″ (for Sedan);
  • A3-3XXL: Fits 191″ to 210″ (for Sedan);
  • A4-YM: Fits 177″ around (for SUV);
  • A5-YL: Fits 187″ to 192″ (for SUV);
  • A6-YXL: Fits 193″ to 200″ (for SUV);
  • A7-2L+: Fits 177″ around (for Hatchback);
  • A8-YM: Fits 178″ to 187″ (for SUV).

It features a 6-layer fabric. This fabric acts protective over all-weather conditions. It’s also suitable protection against bird droppings, tree saps, and pollutants. This cover is also water and dust-proof. It boasts of an aluminum film that protects the car from UV rays.

A cotton layer ensures your car’s paint is well-protected from the elements. It comes with zipper closure, convenient to get things out. It also features fluorescent light stripes that glow and protect your car at night.

Together with buckles, the straps will ensure the cover remains in place. Carjackers will have a tough and long time trying to steal your car when it stands outs.

Mirror pockets are included in this car cover. It is easy to put on and take off. A carrying bag is also included.


  • Universal fit for SUVs, Jeeps, and Hatchbacks
  • 6-layer protection fabric
  • Fluorescent light stripes


  • None
Best Weatherproof Car Cover - KAKIT Universal Car Cover

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KAKIT Universal Car Cover

Main highlights:

  • 6-layer fabric
  • All-weather protection
  • Elastic strap
  • Anti-theft lock

The KAKIT Universal Car Cover is another excellent choice for protecting your car. It boasts of a 6-layer high-density fabric that will protect your car. You can easily wear it in your car and take it off.

In terms of dimensions, there are 3 models to best suit your car:

  • Up to 185” sedan;
    185 – 199″ sedan;
    199 – 229″ sedan.

This car cover offers waterproof protection. Even under a heavy downpour, your car will remain dry. It will also protect your car against droppings, leaves, and dust.

It is also sun-proof and offers protection against UV rays. The soft cotton layer shields the paint job from scratch.

The cover is double-stitched; improving durability and firmness. It also comes with an antenna patch. You get adjustable Velcro straps that ensure the cover stays on during strong winds.

What makes this car cover impressive is that it features an anti-theft lock to protect the cover. The cover is not removable while locked.

A storage bag is included to contain it when not in use.


  • All-weather protection
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Anti-theft lock
  • Antenna patch
  • 6-layer fabric


  • No side mirror pockets
Best Weatherproof Car Cover - Kayme Car Cover

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Kayme Car Cover

Main highlights:

  • 4-layer fabric
  • All-weather protection
  • Fluorescent light stripes
  • Elastic hem
  • Zipper closure

The Kayme car cover is another universal cover you should check out. It features a four-layer premium material that can withstand the elements.

Whether rain or snow, your car will be well-shielded. Your car will be protected from sand, dust, branches, bird feces, and frost.

This product also comes in various sizes to make sure you can get one for your car. These are your options:

  • A0 Fit Sedan-Length: Up To 177″
  • A1 For Sedan-Length: 178″ To 185″
  • A2 Fit Sedan-Length: 186″ To 193″
  • A3 Fit Sedan-Length: 194″ To 208″
  • A4 Fit Suv Jeep-Length: Up To 181″
  • A5 For Suv Jeep-Length: 182″ To 190″
  • A6 Fit Suv Jeep-Length: 191″ To 200″
  • A7 Fit Hatchback-Length: Up To 177″

It features a highly reflective aluminum layer that bounces off UV rays from your car. The cotton layer prevents scratches, protecting the paint job.

It includes a driver door zipper. You won’t have to remove the entire cover if you need to access the car’s interior. It also features an elastic hem at the front and rear. This will ensure it fits adequately with your car’s width.

You can spot your car at night with the reflective stripes that glow. It helps in preventing people from bumping into your car.

A windproof buckle is included to fasten the cover in place.

To conclude, a storage bag is also included.


  • Driver door zippered access
  • Fluorescent stripes
  • Elastic hem


  • None
Best Weatherproof Car Cover - Audew All Weather Car Cover (167’’-190’’)

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Audew All Weather Car Cover (167″-190″)

Main highlights:

  • 6-layer fabric
  • All-weather protection
  • Universal car cover
  • Adjustable straps
  • Elastic hem

The Audew Car Cover is an impressive option to consider for your car. It’s designed to fit cars measuring 167″-190″. It comes with a 6-layer heavy-duty material to secure your car against the elements. It is convenient for indoor and outdoor use.

There’s an alternative size that will fit an SUV measuring between 190″ and 201″.

Your car will be well-shielded from bird droppings, industrial pollutants, dust, and dirt. This cover is also water-resistant. This makes sure your car is dry at all times. Its protective fabric will prevent harmful UV rays

The cotton lining protects the car from getting scratched. It also comes with mirror pockets, sleek in design.

It also features reflective stripes that make your car visible to other drivers in low-light conditions. Safe street parking is enhanced by this.

The Audew All Weather Car Cover has adjustable straps and buckles at the bottom to keep the cover in place. An elastic hem is also included. This will ensure the entire car is well-protected.

A compact storage bag is included.


  • All-weather protection
  • Reflective stripes
  • 6-layer heavy-duty fabric


  • None
Best Weatherproof Car Cover - Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover

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Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover

Main highlights:

  • 7-layer premium fabric
  • Antenna patch
  • Elastic hem
  • Adjustable straps and buckle

The Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover is another impressive cover to buy. This cover boasts of a satisfying 7-layer high-end material.

It is capable of offering protection against sand, bird feces, saps, and pollutants.

You can buy it in 4 different sizes depending on your sedan’s dimensions. These are your options:

  • The smallest, for sedans up to 185″
  • Then, for sedans up to 200″
  • Another one for sedans up to 228′”
  • Lastly, for sedans up to 264″

Being all-weather protection, you can use it under severe weather conditions. It prevents water from greasing your car. The fabric is triple-stitched, durable, and soft.

This cover provides an effective shield against UV rays from the sun. The fabric contains two layers of UV coating. It can also protect the car from scratches. Your car’s paint job is all secured with this cover.

It features an elastic hem that provides a snug fit for your car. Adjustable straps and buckles ensure a tight fit against harsh wind motion.

You don’t have to bore a hole to slip the car’s antenna through. An antenna patch is also available.

With the storage bag included, you can store it after use. The bag is also convenient to take anywhere you travel.


  • 7-layer premium fabric
  • All-weather protection
  • Accommodates a wider range of cars
  • Adjustable straps and buckle


  • No warranty
  • No side mirror pockets
Best Weatherproof Car Cover - Audew Truck Cover

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Audew Truck Cover

Main highlights:

  • 6-layer breathable fabric
  • Convenient fit for all pickup trucks
  • Elastic band design
  • Windproof buckle

If you were reading the article and not seeing any cover for your truck, here you have it. Another product for Audew, this cover provides a convenient fit for your truck. Measuring 246″ in length, it’s worn over all pickup trucks. It will fit vehicles up to 246″L x 80″W x 68″H.

The cover’s made of 6-layer breathable and high-density material. Light in weight, draping it over your car is easy.

It is an effective cover against environmental elements, saps, bird excrement, and more. In intense weather conditions, your car will be protected. It features an aluminum coating to prevent UV rays from hitting the car.

This cover also features a soft cotton inner liner. This helps to protect the paint of your car from scratch. It also helps to moderate the temperature inside the car.

It includes an ‘inverted-V’ design on the truck. This allows snow and rain to slide off without much effort. This feature helps to improve its durability. It is also double-stitched.

It also comes with adjustable straps and buckles to lock it in place. Under severe wind actions, your cover will remain locked. An elastic hem is also available to secure the bottom of your car.

The manufacturer recommends purchasing gust straps for severe wind movements.


  • Universal fit for trucks
  • Elastic hems
  • Adjustable straps and buckles
  • Inverted-V design on the truck


  • No antenna patch
  • Might have to buy extra gust straps for strong wind conditions
  • No side mirror pockets
Best Weatherproof Car Cover - XCar Universal SUV Car Cover

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XCar Universal SUV Car Cover

Main highlights:

  • Range of universal fit models for sedans, SUVs, and Trucks
  • All-weather protection
  • Wind gust strap
  • 5-layer high-end fabric
  • Elastic straps

Whether you own a sedan, an SUV, or a truck, you should consider this product from Xcar. Make sure one of these options fits your vehicle:

  • For sedan up to 185″ (with Zipper)
  • Sedan up to 200″ (with Zipper)
  • Suv up to 186″
  • Suv up to 240″
  • Truck up to 210″
  • Truck up to 248″

It features a 5-layer high-end material with distinct capabilities. You can use it in any condition. This cover provides a suitable shield against dirt, snow, bird droppings, and rain.

It prevents water from seeping through its material. Its ultrasonic technology makes sure of that.

It also features a UV stabilizer that reduces the effects of harmful UV rays in your car. An elastic strap at the bottom helps fit it to your car. The adjustable ribbons are another plus.

There’s snug storage to place the ribbons when not in use. These ribbons are strong enough to keep the cover in place. Antenna patches are also included. It also features a storage bag to keep it after use.


  • Universal fit for various vehicle types
  • 6-layer fabric
  • Ultrasonic technology


  • Some models don’t have a zipper
Best Weatherproof Car Cover - KAKIT SUV Car Cover

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Main highlights:

  • 5-layer durable fabric
  • Universal fit for SUVs
  • Anti-theft
  • Elastic strap

The KAKIT SUV car cover is another brilliant suggestion for your car. It is a universal SUV cover. You can find it in two sizes:

  • Up to 180″
  • 181″-204″

This cover is made of 5-layer durable material. It is designed for any and all weather conditions. It offers suitable protection against snow, ice, storm, rain, and dust.

Double-stitched, this cover can ward off UV rays from attacking your car. It’s lined with soft cotton which protects your car against scratches. The paint job will remain in good condition.

The elastic straps will ensure the cover fits in your car. It also comes with antenna patches to safeguard your antenna. With the windproof buckle, the cover won’t go off under intense winds.

It also features an impressive anti-theft lock. This provides additional protection for the cover and car.

A carrying bag is included for after-use storage.


  • Anti-theft lock
  • 5-layer durable material
  • Windproof buckle
  • Antenna patch
  • 3-year warranty


  • No side mirror pockets

Which of these is the best car cover?

This is a great question but the answer is far from easy.

If you have a Honda Civic from 2010 to 2019 you can get a specific cover for those two generations. And it’s a great product. Despite that, it’s also the priciest of this review.

In general, your choices will be conditioned by the kind of vehicle you have.

Strong Reasons to Get A Car Cover

If you read these reviews you now know that there are several reasons to buy a car cover. Let’s learn a bit more about those reasons.

Your car’s value on a future sale

If you’ve ever sold a car you owned you probably felt that you were not getting the money your car was worth. If you want to get top dollar you have to keep your car looking and working as close to new as possible.

And it’s not just about the value you’ll get out of it when it comes time to move on to a new car. It’s also about using your car able to perform completely and in top tip condition. That’s a rewarding driving experience.

No one likes to use a neglected and uncared car.

Protection from the sun and heat

A great deal of damage is caused to a car by the hot sun during long hours. There’s an interesting article on this by

The article talks about the temperature in various components of the car on a day that reached 95°Fahrenheit (35°Celsius) or hotter. These were the conclusions:

  • Dashboards hit 157°F (69°C), on average;
  • The steering wheels temperature rose to 127°F (53°C), on average;
  • The seats climbed to 123°F (51°C), on average.

You can read more here: How Long Does It Take a Parked Car to Reach Deadly Hot Temperatures?

An afternoon in the sun will do barely any harm to a new car. You will not notice any of it, at least.

But multiply that for daily toasting in the sun. Week after week, month after month. Year after year. The plastics will lose their color. Some materials will lose their resistance slowly but progressively due to steaming temperatures inside the car. A few of those materials will become fragile and tend to break as the car is not so new anymore.

Protecting your car from damage

Keeping your car exposed can create a host of damages.

When left uncovered, strong winds, hail, snow, or a heavy downpour can damage your car. Strong winds can pull dust and debris against your car. That will mark and dull out the paint job of your car.

Even the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to the exterior and interior of your car. A good car cover strongly reduces the effect of the solar rays on your car.

Protection from theft

A car cover sends a strong message mentally to car thieves. No, they don’t prevent a robbery to take place. But a car cover means that thieves will need more time in trying to get it off.

And that’s even before. Only after removing that obstacle (the car cover) can they get on to their illicit activity.

For that reason, a car cover poses a difficulty as it will take more time to rob that car. And the more likely they’d get spotted and caught.

That means that your car is less likely to have such an incident when wearing a car cover.

Protection from vandals

Unfortunately, some people like vandalizing third-parties belongings. Whatever the reason is, it happens. From breaking something to the classic car keying.

An exposed car is more likely to be vandalized than a car that isn’t. A suitable car cover won’t prevent this sort of damage from happening. But it will improve the chances in your favor.

Aerial Protection

Bird droppings are very unpleasant, to say the least. You’ll just give it a wash when you have the opportunity and will it be ok. Actually, it’s not so simple.

Bird droppings on your car’s paint or plastics can cause permanent and irreversible damage in just a few hours. Having bird droppings on your paint can cause irreversible damage.

That’s because it is highly acidic and causes severe damage to car paint and other materials. And that damage can leave noticeable marks.

My best recommendation is to clean it up as soon as possible. Whether it is with a quick detail product and a microfiber cloth or with pressure washing.

If you have to paint one of the panels of your car its color might end up being a bit different from the rest of the car, it’s not easy to paint it in exactly the

Or better yet, avoid getting the bird dropping on your shiny paint.

Other elements like a tree branch and small rocks can dent your car. A car cover protects your car from such occurrences.

Protection from scratches

When left uncovered your car is more exposed to scratches.

Kids playing can try out their writing and drawing skills in your car.

Street animals may decide to chill out beside or on your car. I love cats but sometimes they want to take a nap on a nice warm hood. And sometimes they slip on the smooth paint surface. That’s when they use their nails to get a grip leaving dreadful marks on the paint.

If a cat is sleeping over your car, a dog might try to reach it placing his paws and nails on your car’s paint.

Even adults carrying bags or purses sometimes get distracted and rub them as they pass by.

I’m sure you don’t like that but there’s not much you can do to avoid it.

A car cover helps a lot to protect your car and maintain it in good shape. It can prevent pricey repairs from any of these factors. It is thus important to buy one for your car.

Features to Consider before Buying A Car Cover

There are so many car covers on the market for any type of car. While some of them may be perfect for your car, some aren’t.

You need to know the distinguishing factors to help you decide. Have a look below:

All-weather Protection

Whether there’s a severe storm or a hot sunny day, you need your car protected. There are covers that perform better under some weather conditions and worse under others.

The best option is to buy a cover that you can protect your car under any weather condition.

Custom Fit and Contour Fit

Custom-fit covers suit your car. These covers provide essential features for your car: mirror pockets and antenna patches. It should be noted that they’re more expensive than contour fit covers.

Contour fit covers are made to cover cars of a particular length. They’re less expensive to buy and offer fewer features. But many times they can fit a wider range of vehicles.

Dirt Resistance

Dirt ranging from saps, leaves, and dust can cause damage to your car. You should check if the cover you want to buy has dirt resistance.

It will be impossible for dirt to seep through the fabric if the resistance is strong.

UV Resistance

Keeping the interior of your car protected is also important. UV rays from the sun can dull the shine of your upholstery.

It is prone to creating cracked leather, plastic, and vinyl that is inside your vehicle. Hence, it is important to buy a cover with UV protection.

Windproof Buckle

Having a cover that can fit your car is not enough. If you don’t want the cover blown off as a result of strong winds. Hence, you need a cover that features a buckle and straps to keep it in place.

That makes so that the cover doesn’t get blown away (and maybe lost forever). And it also keeps your car protected during bad weather.

Anti-theft Lock

This is a special feature most covers don’t have. With the anti-theft lock, you can lock the cover in place.

When locked, it’s impossible for someone else to remove the cover. At least without tearing it.

This will protect your car from thieves and vandals.

Special features

Some covers come with more features than others. They include zippered access to the driver’s door. That’s a feature that allows getting to the car’s interior without removing the car cover.

Reflective stripes will help to make your car visible at night. That helps other drivers be aware of your car.

Car covers help you preserve your car. I think they’re a great investment in the long run, and the products we’ve seen here aren’t even very expensive. So, what are you waiting for?