Best robot vacuum under 200 dollars

Best robot vacuum under 200 dollars

In this article, we’re analyzing the best robot vacuum under 200 dollars. When these machines first hit the market, we assumed they would be a luxury item for years. I mean – a robot cleaner to vacuum our floors.

To spend hundreds, even over a thousand on cleaning we are capable of doing ourselves was too extravagant for most. Then, more robot vacuums hit the market and now we have some of the best robot vacuums for under 200 dollars.

As robot vacuums are still relatively young, you might have a lot of questions before you can choose the best machine. Suction power and effectiveness on dirt and pet hair are key features. So many of us are now looking for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner that tackles dirt and has a HEPA filter.

Let’s look at what a robot vacuum cleaner is capable of, and which one under 200 dollars is right for you.

In a hurry? Here’s our best tip:

If you’re after the best budget robot, get the Yeedi K600. It offers good suction power, turbo mode and it’s quiet.

The best robot for pet hair is the Goovi F007. With awesome battery life, six cleaning modes, and powerful suction.

The best all-rounder is the MOOSOO MT-501. With a sleek design, it offers great suction power and wireless connectivity.

Table of Contents

  1. Best robot vacuum under 200 dollars
    1. iRobot Roomba 850
    2. GOOVI D380
    3. Yeedi K600
    4. GOOVI F007
    5. OKP Life K2
    6. MOOSOO MT-501
    7. Lefant M201
  2. What is a robot vacuum?
  3. Why buy a robot vacuum?
  4. Robot vacuum buying guide
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is manual cleaning mode?
    2. My robot vacuum can’t find the docking station
    3. Why can’t I connect my robot vacuum to the Wi-Fi?
    4. The robot doesn’t seem to be picking up as much dirt as before
    5. My robot isn’t charging properly
  6. Wrap Up

Best robot vacuum under 200 dollars

After extensive research, we have gathered 8 budget robot vacuums. You can get an overview of all of their features and what we love about each one. To be objective, we will also include what could be improved.

Robot modelHeightSuction PowerIdeal Floor Types


iRobot Roomba 805

3.6 inN/ABare floors, hardwood floor, laminate, carpet



2.83 in1600 PaHardwood floor and carpet


Yeedi K600

3.07 in1500 PaHardwood floor and carpet



2.81 in1800 PaAlmost all floor types


OKP Life K2

2.99 in1800 PaHard floor and carpet



3 in1800 PaHardwood floors, tiles, medium carpet


Lefant M201

3.15 in1800 PaAll types of floor

iRobot Roomba 850

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Key features

  • 60 minutes of battery life
  • AeroForce high-efficiency filtration
  • Drop and bump sensors
  • Brush roll and side brushes

Being able to have a Roomba for under $200 is fantastic. Bear in mind this is a renewed Roomba. It has been tested so it works like new, but the warranty will only be for 90 days.

The iRobot Roomba 850 vacuum is 14 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches high. The top of this smart vacuum has a large clean button. There is also a dock button, clock, schedule, and spot cleaning mode.

The dust bin has a 0.6-liter capacity. There is a light that indicates when the dust bin of the vacuum is full. It doesn’t have HEPA filtration. Instead, there is an AeroForce high-efficiency filter. This filter captures particles as small as 10 microns and around 88% of allergens.

iAdapt navigation helps to tell this robot vacuum cleaner where to go, with the help of bump and drop sensors. We liked the virtual wall barrier that keeps the iRobot in a room.

The controls are a little disappointing. You can buy a remote control separately but there is no Bluetooth or voice activation.

With the controls on the iRobot, you can schedule a cleaning cycle for 7 days a week or press clean to start cleaning. The spot cleaning mode allows you to put the robot vacuum down and it will clean in a spiral outward.


  • The drop sensors keep it away from stairs
  • It does a very good job with pet hair on the carpet
  • It’s a quiet vacuum


  • It’s a shame about the lack of control options


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Key features

  • 2-hour battery life
  • Ultra-thin design
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Smart movement protection for mapping

If you have low furniture, this is a great robot vacuum at just 2.82 inches high. There is a simple power button on the top of the vacuum and all of the cleaning modes can be set with the included remote control. The large wheels make it ideal to switch from bare floors to carpet, but the robot vacuum can be used on all floor types.

The dust bin has a 0.6-liter capacity but was is impressive is the suction power. With 1600 Pa, this has no problems with dirt, pet hair, and even kitty litter. Cleaning settings with this vacuum include auto cleaning, spot cleaning, and max vacuuming cleaning. With 4 side brushes, you can also set it for edge cleaning.

This robotic vacuum has a smart movement system. The system identifies furniture and plans an optimal route. The drop sensors will prevent the vacuum from falling down the stairs or ledges. After 120 minutes of vacuum time or when the battery gets low, it will automatically return to the charging dock.


  • It comes with a HEPA filter
  • It’s very simple to set up
  • Powerful suction with excellent results


  • The mapping system isn’t great and will still bump into objects

Yeedi K600

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Key features

  • 110-minute battery life
  • Turbo mode for pet hair
  • Triple-filter system
  • Anti-scratch glass cover

The Yeedi robot vacuum makes the list as one of the best budget vacuums with a 1-year warranty as well. It has a sleek design with a tempered glass cover, a power button, and a light indicator. The anti-scratch cover is perfect for pets that think they have a new toy. The height of the robot vac is 3.07 inches.

There are dual side brushes that sweep dirt, pet hair, and food fragments into a V-shaped nylon brush roll. When you activate the deep cleaning mode, the vacuum doubles in power suction for stubborn dirt and pet hair. The remote control enables you to turn the robot vacuum on or switch cleaning modes. It has auto, spot, and edge cleaning.

Many of the other features are similar to the other robot vacuum cleaners in this price range. It has a 0.6-liter dust bin capacity and automatic return to the docking station when the battery runs low.

The smart sensors on the robot vacuum cleaner prevent collisions and the drop sensors prevent falls. What is different is the upgraded HEPA filter. It has a three-layer filter system, capturing up to 99% of allergens.


  • It offers a good cleaning performance
  • The remote control makes it very easy to use
  • The vacuum cleaner is super quiet at just 55dB


  • It sometimes struggles to find the charging dock


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Key features

  • 2-hour battery life
  • Powerful suction at 1800 Pa
  • 6 cleaning modes
  • Extra quiet setting at just 45dB

The GOOVI robotic vacuum cleaner is similar to the other GOOVI robot but with some nice upgrades. First, it is just a little shorter at 2.81 inches, still great for under furniture. It has a lovely modern look for a vacuum cleaner.

It comes with 2 side brushes so it’s good at sweeping dirt and pet hair into the brush roll. And then sucked into the 0.6-liter dust bin thanks to the 1800 Pa suction power.

The infrared sensor technology makes this smart robot able to detect obstacles and plan the best route around your home. The robot easily moves from bare floors to carpets with a degree of climb between 12-15º. Auto, spot, and edge cleaning is the same with this robot but there is more.

Additional cleaning modes include clack setup cleaning, small-space cleaning, and max vacuum cleaning. Max cleaning gives a good boost of powerful suction for heavier dirt or deep carpet.

There is no mention of a HEPA filter but there is a sponge filter. The infrared sensors stop the robot from falling down the stairs and it will return to the charging dock automatically. We like how the increased battery power offers the same 2-hour vacuum time but with more cleaning abilities.


  • You can set a schedule from the remote control
  • It’s still an affordable robot vacuum, just a few dollars more than the 1600 Pa
  • A brilliant vacuum cleaner for long pet hair


  • Some people have felt it is a little loud on the max vacuum cleaning

OKP Life K2

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Key features

  • 100 minutes of battery life
  • No brush roll
  • Remote control/voice and app control
  • Smaller 11.02-inch diameter for tighter spaces

So, for the tech-savvy robot lovers, we have the OKP Life K2 vacuum cleaner. Straight away you will notice the blue, sci-fi design and compact size of this cheap robot vacuum. The design is matched with the ability to use this robot with Google Assistant and Alexa. Even having an app means you aren’t dependent on the remote control.

The lack of brush roll is a key design feature. There is no chance of pet hair getting caught around the brush roll as dirt goes straight into the brushless suction port. The robot has excellent cleaning abilities with dual side brushes and 1800 Pa suction power.

For your cleaning modes, there is a bow-shaped path mode, wall follows, spiral and manual. There are also three suction power strengths.

The dust bin is a little smaller with a 0.5-liter capacity. However, there is a HEPA filter and a visible HEPA filter dust bin. The robot vacuum has anti-drop technology, and it will return to the docking station when it needs to recharge. It is also helpful to see the battery indicator on the robot.


  • The wireless setup is straightforward
  • You can choose a handheld vacuum as a free gift when you register your warranty
  • It’s the perfect vacuum cleaner for pet hair and human hair


  • There is no mapping with this robot vacuum


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Key features

  • 100 minutes of battery life
  • Washable HEPA Filter
  • Cyclone 3D cleaning system
  • Remote control, app, and voice control

This robot vac is another great option for those who want to combine wireless technology with cleaner floors. But does have a more subtle design. It is three inches high. You can use the app to set schedules so you can come home to a cleaner house. You can also control the robot with Alexa and Google Assistant.

There are several similarities between this robot and other smart robot vacuums. It has anti-drop and anti-collision technology. It will automatically return to the charging dock once the battery is below 15%. And it has a good run time of 100 minutes.

You can choose from auto cleaning, spot cleaning, spiral cleaning, and manual cleaning. We do like the FreeMove technology that detects areas with more dirt and automatically adjusts the suction. The boost cleaner allows for 1800 Pa of suction power.

The Cyclone 3D cleaning system works like a cyclone, sucking dirt into the brush roll. There are two side brushes for complete cleaning. Another advantage is the high-efficiency washable HEPA filter.


  • Tempered anti-scratch glass top helps it to stay looking newer for longer
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty
  • The app notifies you if the robot happens to get stuck


  • The anti-collision could be better with this robot

Lefant M201

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Key features

  • 100 minutes of battery life
  • 6D anti-collision infrared sensors
  • Ultra-slim design
  • App and voice control

The Lefant robot vacuum seems to tick many boxes. It has power, a wireless connection, and a compact size. At just 11.02 inches in diameter, it will fit between furniture and it’s only 3.1 inches high. It doesn’t come with remote control, but you can control the robot with the Lefant app or with Alexa and Google Assistant.

There is no brush roll, so dirt and pet hair get sucked straight into the 0.5-liter dust bin, and no tangles. You can set the robot to edge cleaning mode, spot cleaning, or automatic cleaning. The app lets you set up schedules so the robot cleaner can clean whether you are home or not.

With the advanced 6D anti-collision infrared sensors, the robot vacuum does a good job of avoiding furniture and possible places where it could get stuck. It will adjust the cleaning path based on the sensors.

The robot vac will avoid stairs with the anti-fall sensors. When the battery is low, it will return to the charging dock. It comes with 2 HEPA filters, two side brushes, and a 12-month warranty.


  • The robot does an amazing job on hard floors and pet hair
  • It’s excellent value for money
  • Your furniture will appreciate the anti-collision technology


  • Not the best vacuum cleaner for carpets

What is a robot vacuum?

Robot vacuums have various names. Many call them a Roomba in general because of the popular brand. Others call them iRobots or smart robots. The principle of these robot vacuums is the same. They are small, circular machines that work automatically to vacuum hard floors, bare floors, and carpets.

As technology advances, robot vacuums that once came with a remote control now come with apps on your phone. Choosing your cleaning session is as simple as a couple of clicks or even voice activation. Some robot vacuums come with a robot mop.

Why buy a robot vacuum?

Robot vacuums are a huge time saver. Indeed they don’t have the same attachments, such as a crevice tool. You obviously can’t use them to vacuum your stairs. However, the benefits outweigh these minor cleaning issues.

I set mine for when I take the kids to school or walk the dog. It’s just amazing to come home to cleaner floors. People are having to spend more time at home and the added house traffic has made a difference to the dirt on our floors. It’s not practical or fun to have to use an upright vacuum every day – or worse, twice a day!

This type of vacuum cleaner is also very simple to use. They have small dust bins and a brush roll. They also tend to have more cleaning settings than upright vacuums and modern cordless vacuums.

Aside from choosing the suction power, you might be able to change the cleaning path of the vacuum and set a timer to begin a cleaning cycle. If the battery starts to run low, the robot vacuum takes itself back to the charging dock.

Robot vacuum buying guide

We have looked at some amazing budget robot vacuums. Some of the features are similar. You want to make sure that the robot vacuum you choose has anti-collision and anti-fall sensors.

The dust bin capacity of most robot vacuums is 0.6 liters. While HEPA filters are considered the best, they all do have some form of filtration.

Like modern upright vacuum cleaners, having different cleaning settings is handy. That being said, it’s likely that once you have found the best cleaning mode for your home, you will probably stick to the same one.

Having a robot vacuum cleaner with no brush roll is a good design feature, but only if it offers a strong suction. It is still possible for the side brushes to get tangled with pet hair, so the problem isn’t completely resolved.

Features like wireless connection and house mapping are controversial. I absolutely love controlling my robot with the app. It is just so simple.

Some people are concerned about data privacy and what people are actually able to do with your information, so smart robot vacuums with wireless abilities aren’t for everyone.

On a humorous note, be prepared to name your robot. We have seen various names from Rosie to Robbie and even Jeeves. Mine is simply Mr. Robot but as such useful appliances, they deserve more than to be called the vacuum cleaner!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is manual cleaning mode?

It sounds contradictory. The point of a robot vacuum is to not do the manual work. Manual mode allows you to control the robot from your smartphone, a little bit like a remote-control car. It’s good if you want to send the robot in a particular direction.

My robot vacuum can’t find the docking station

This is probably because you have placed the docking station in a location that is difficult to detect. It is advised to have the charging dock at least a meter away from other objects.

Why can’t I connect my robot vacuum to the Wi-Fi?

Most robot vacuums are only capable of connecting to a 2.4GHz wireless connection. If you are trying to connect with 5G, it won’t work.

The robot doesn’t seem to be picking up as much dirt as before

They are relatively small dust bins. Get into the habit of emptying them after each cleaning cycle and use a brush to dust off your filters.

My robot isn’t charging properly

Under the robot vacuum, there are two squares of metal. These are what connect to the charging dock. Make sure these connections are clean so that the robot can connect to the charging dock correctly.

Wrap Up

Choosing a robot vacuum isn’t a replacement for your regular vacuum. You may get your upright vacuum cleaner out for the stairs or for when you want to have a deep clean.

Your average upright vacuum cleaner has around 20K Pa. Robot vacuum cleaners are the perfect solution for everyday cleaning in all types of homes. They will clean up dirt and pet hair while you can get on with more enjoyable things.

These budget robot vacuums are small, practical, and functional and you can open your door after a long day to a cleaner home.

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