Best KVM switch review

Best KVM switch review

If you’ve been trying to figure out what is the best KVM switch to fit your requirements, keep reading this article. A desk full of entangled wires, multiple computer systems, and a cluttered workspace – unfortunately, this is a common situation for people working with multiple computers and peripherals.

In today’s era, where everything is technologically advanced, the need for stable and effortless connections is growing like never before.

Obviously, you can’t keep on sharing files with the only connected computer to the printer. Also, you can’t break the bank to buy different sets of peripherals for every computer. In situations like these, an HDMI KVM switch is what you need.

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Depending on your needs, these are your best options:

A multi monitor KVM switch is designed to support two or more PCs with the same set of hardware. That means you can work on your desired computer without switching the USB keyboard, USB mouse, and additional hardware from the other computer.

KMV switching is great by allowing you to use a single keyboard, a single mouse, and a single VGA monitor connected to a desktop KVM switch. It will also add a USB hub that will work as a USB switch.

Besides, the KVM will save you from the backbreaking task of organizing multiple wires and hence creates a seamless workspace.

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Table of Contents

  1. Best KVM switch review
    1. AIMOS KVM switch – Best KVM for office use
    2. ABLEWE KVM Switch – Best KVM Switch for Daily Use
    3. AIMOS 4 Ports KVM Switch for 4 computers – Best KVM switch for streaming
    4. TESmart DisplayPort for 2 monitors – Best KVM Switch for Dual Monitor
    5. UGREEN switch selector – Best switch for Gaming
  2. 3 Things that make the best KVM switches
    1. Power
    2. Compatibility
    3. Number of ports
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Wrap up

Best KVM switch review

Before jumping onto our main topic, where we’ll be analyzing the most adequate USB KVM switch for each purpose, it is essential to understand the meaning and need for this device.

KVM is an abbreviation for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse. Basically, the KVM switch performs the function of linking several computers to a single mouse, monitor, and keyboard. In many cases, it can also connect other devices like printers and scanners to different computers.

The buttons on the KVM switch allow effortless switching between various systems. It means by using the KVM you can attach the keyboard to your tablet without detaching it from your desktop computer. See, it’s that easy!

Not only for businesses and gamers but KVM switches are also must-haves for anyone dealing with multiple PCs.

In the following table, you can compare these product’s main features. For more information, please click the images to see the products on Amazon and be sure to read this article until the very end.

KVM SwitchConnectivityResolutionInterface Type


2 computers, 4 USB Devices4K@30HzUSB 2.0


2 computers, 2 USB Devices4k@60 HzUSB 2.0

AIMOS 4 Ports KVM Switch for 4 computers

4 computers, 4 USB Devices4k@60HzUSB 2.0

TESmart DisplayPort for 2 monitors

2 computers,
3 USB Devices and 2 monitors
4k@60HzUSB 2.0

UGREEN Switch Selector

2 computers, 4 USB DevicesN/AUSB 3.0

KVM solutions could prove to be helpful by saving you from the mess by limiting the number of wires on your desk. Also, they inhibit hardware damage by avoiding the need of moving the computers and peripherals to different locations.

Furthermore, they enhance work efficiency by providing quick access to all computers.

Choosing the best KVM switch can become an overwhelming task when you have countless options to choose from. To save you from this nerve-racking situation, we’ve listed and discussed the 5 Best KVM Switches to get in 2021.

AIMOS KVM switch – Best KVM for office use

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If you are looking for an affordable switch to support your office needs, you might consider getting the AIMOS KVM switch. It lets you manage 2 computers with the same set of peripherals. It comes with an HDMI switch which offers robust switching between computers and houses 2 HDMI and 4 USB 2.0 ports.

The switch features a well-crafted metal body to ensure high durability and protect it against breakage. Besides, it provides a stunning 3840×2160@30Hz resolution, which radiates a vibrant display and enhances the view quality.

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A worth-mentioning feature of the AIMOS KVM switches is they are extremely compatible with multiple devices. That means, from PCs to projectors, they can support every device. The HDMI KVM cable when switching transmits video signal without delay and aids in smooth picture formation.

Other remarkable features of these switches include a versatile EDID decryption system and hotplug functionality.


  • Rapid switching b/w systems via the remote switch button
  • Highly compatible with various devices
  • Offers break-taking UHD visuals
  • It can function without a driver


  • The HDMI cable gives below-average display quality

ABLEWE KVM Switch – Best KVM Switch for Daily Use

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ABLEWE KVM switch is undoubtedly the best switch for daily use as it offers an impressively compact design that saves enormous workspace.

The HDMI switch enables it to connect with 2 computers simultaneously while requiring only a set of hardware for this purpose. Like AIMOS switches, it also includes 2 HDMI signal inputs and 2 USB cable connections.

The device features a fully functional switch which you can press to change between computers. Moreover, the colored LED light on the switch helps you to identify the active computer. Hence, it keeps you from confusing b/w the 2 computer screens and improves the workflow.

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Now coming towards its display, the ABLEWE switch delivers a 4k@60Hz resolution, which creates seamless images on the screen.

Also, its remarkable compatibility with multiple OS (Windows, Chrome, Mac, Linux, etc.) makes it a highly recommended switch for all devices. That is, you can connect it with any electronic gadget, be it a TV, laptop, or gaming console.


  • It doesn’t require an additional adapter
  • Colorful LED indicators
  • Brilliant 4k resolution


  • Cables are relatively short
  • The screen takes time to load once plugged into the switch

AIMOS 4 Ports KVM Switch for 4 computers – Best KVM switch for streaming

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From AIMOS comes another powerful KVM switch, which can entertain four computers with one mouse/keyboard/monitor. Their exceptional ability to connect with 4 computers makes them highly suitable for plenty of purposes like gaming, testing, teaching, etc.

An aluminum case encloses the switch and makes it lightweight and easily portable. Moreover, the aluminum cover eliminates excessive heat and keeps the device from overheating. You can also link the wireless mouse and keyboard with the integrated USB 2.0 ports.

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Hotkeys are another commendable feature of these switches, which lets you perform quick actions and save time. The switch can operate at an 18 GB bandwidth speed and generate outstanding 4k images. This makes it the best KVM switch for streaming as well as downloading huge videos.

Furthermore, the ports utilize gold plating and highly-sensitive encryption chips, which quickly respond to the peripherals connected to the USB port.


  • Affordable
  • It supports hot switching
  • The aluminum case avoids overheating
  • Can support wireless mouse and keyboard
  • It doesn’t require a separate power supply


  • USB connections are not stable
  • Mediocre performance

TESmart DisplayPort for 2 monitors – Best KVM Switch for Dual Monitor

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TESmart DisplayPort switches are the perfect multiple monitors KVM switches to support 2 computers. But, unlike the above-mentioned switches, they use a dual monitor to control the setup. The switch comes in either grey or red aluminum casing. Hence, it is lighter than its metallic alternatives.

Meanwhile, the USB 2.0 ports help to connect other devices such as printers or scanners to the system.

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TESmart switches also offer you a complete hold over the monitors with buttons and powerful IR signals. Also, the EDID emulators maintain the display quality of both monitors simultaneously.

A significant downside to this dual monitor KVM switch is it doesn’t provide a stable connection with the keyboard/mouse. That is, it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting to these devices, indicating some technical issues in the switch.


  • Delivers top-quality images
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Powerful buttons and IR signals let you control the switch easily
  • EDID emulators maintain display settings
  • Hotkey options are available


  • Connectivity issues with keyboard and mouse

UGREEN switch selector – Best switch for Gaming

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The last switch to feature on our list of the 5 products is the UGREEN switch selector, which doesn’t support video. The switch can hold 2 computers and houses 4 USB 3.0 slots to support multiple devices. It benefits from its thermoplastic body, which offers high resistance to damage.

This switch transmits data with a speed of 5 GB/s, which is enough to operate multiple devices at once. The high bandwidth support could also be particularly useful for online gamers. So, if you are looking for a gaming switch, the UGREEN KVM switch will surely satisfy your gaming needs.

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Switching between different computers is super easy with the LED-supported buttons on the top of the switch. Moreover, you can easily install the USB device cords and start working on the go, and that, too without a driver.

One striking feature which distinguishes it from the above-discussed switches is its unmatchable compatibility with advanced devices like digital cameras, etc.


  • ABS material gives a minimalistic design to the switch; Highly compatible with audio devices
  • Allows easy device switching
  • Long USB cords keep the switch away from other devices
  • Driver free


  • No HDMI devices can be connected
  • It doesn’t include a power adapter

3 Things that make the best KVM switches

Like any other device, KVM switches offer umpteen options according to the type and OS of devices you are using. Therefore, it is crucial to get the basics right before making the final purchase.

To get your hand on the best KVM switches, we’ve crafted a straightforward buyer’s guide for you! Make sure to go through the complete guide to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on a subpar switch.


Power is one of the most important features to look for in the best KVM switches. As these switches are tasked to connect multiple hardware devices, they require a stable power supply. Since most of the switches share power from the linked PCs, they compromise the speed and working of the connected computers.

Therefore, the best KVM switches employ their own power supply and provide a smooth and reliable working experience. However, they are more expensive than those without a built-in power supply system.

In the end, it depends on your budget and how many times you toggle between devices. If you often work with the same devices, then it’s wise to save a few bucks and buy the traditional no-power KVM switch.


Some switches are compatible with multiple operating systems, while some are designed for a specific operating system. Knowing the OS that a particular KVM switch supports, will help you decide if it fits your needs or not.

Generally, KVM switches supporting the Windows OS are the best choice for small organizations and gaming. For graphic designers, a KVM switch that can work well with a Mac OS is a suitable option. Similarly, digital agencies should choose a KVM switch that is compatible with printers and scanners.

Number of ports

The more ports the KVM switch has, the more devices it can hold together. Switches offering 2 to 4 connectivity options are a good start if you don’t anticipate the need for additional ports in the future.

However, if you think you might need more than 4 ports shortly, buy a KVM switch with 8 or more ports.

Always remember, more ports mean higher prices, so pick a KVM switch that fulfills your needs as well as fits well in your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are KVM switches worth it?

Well, this depends on 2 factors: the number of devices you use and how frequently you do the switching. If you use more than one device and often switch between other devices, buying KVM switches is a sensible option. They will not only improve your productivity but also save some space and money.

Why are some KVM switches more expensive than others?

Certain KVM switches are more expensive than others because they contain additional features than their cheaper alternatives. For instance, the audio support, built-in power supply, and extra ports can add to their heavy cost.

How do I choose the best KVM switch?

There are various factors you need to consider while buying a KVM switch. However, the most important ones include the number of ports, compatibility, and power supply. In this last case, the use of a power adapter may be required.

Wrap up

If you’re an individual or a team who needs to handle multiple PC devices at once, then KVM switches should be your best buddies for creating a powerful and efficient work environment.

Using a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse could solve part of these needs but let’s be honest, a KVM provides much more than that. As the name implies, KVM switching is a Keyboard, Video, and Mouse solution, now usually also allowing USB peripherals.

These multi-functional switches will not only aid you in organizing your workspace but will also save you from unfortunate electrical accidents.

However, before choosing any KVM device, you must outline the features you need in your ideal switch. This will help you to avoid going overboard and splurging your money on an unnecessary device.