Best drone under 1000 dollars

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In this article, we’ll be reviewing a bunch of drones, and we’ll try to unveil the best drone under 1000 dollars. It’s true that some of the best on the market have the Mavic brand.

However, over the past few years, we have also seen other brands introducing different types of drone technology for all enthusiasts.

In a hurry? Here's our best tip:

With the DJI Mavic Mini 2, you get the best all-rounder drone. It offers incredible power for such a small drone and the video quality is just awesome.

If you’re after a more affordable device, you should consider the DJI Mavic Mini. Despite being the older version of the DJI Mini 2, it is still a fantastic drone with an incredible camera.

Best drone under 1000 dollars

If you’re a drone enthusiast and you’re looking at a larger investment, you must choose the right device to match your needs. We will start off with a few of the Mavic drones so you get an idea of why they are a popular choice.

For each of the 8 best drones under $1000, we will look at their size, technology, and unique features. Of course, we will pay close attention to the camera too.

In the table below you’ll find different branding and specifications. If you want to know the price of the product, just click on the images and find them on Amazon:

Camera Flight Time Flight Modes/Features

DJI Mavic Air 2

48MP/ 4K video 34 mins (per battery) Sport mode, Active Track, Intelligent shooting, Obstacle avoidance

DJI Mavic Air

12MP/ 4K video 21 mins Smart Capture, Active Track, Quick shots, Sport mode

DJI Mavic Mini 2

12MP/ 4K video 31 mins OCUSYNC 2.0, Quick shots, Trimmed download, Sport mode

DJI Mavic Mini

12MP/ 2.7K HD camera for videos 30 mins Sports mode, Intelligent Flight Mode, CineSmooth mode, Smart RTH, Landing Protection

Hubsna ZINO 2 Plus

4K Sony camera 35 mins (no wind) Orbiting mode, Waypoint mode, Headless mode, Line Fly mode, Sport mode

Parrot Anafi Extended

21MP/ HDR 4K camera 25 mins Smart RTH, Visual tracking, Follow Me, Cinematic Presets

PowerVision PowerEgg X All-Weather

12MP/ UHD 4K camera 30 mins AI, Deep Learning, Facial recognition, Voice-sync

Walkera F210

HD night vision camera 12 mins FPV, Hover, Roll, Sideward flight

DJI Mavic Air 2

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Key features

  • Foldable drone
  • Low-noise propellers
  • DJI Care Refresh
  • Excellent range of accessories

Coming just under the $1000 mark, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is both powerful and portable. The drone is 7.4 x 3.8 x 3.3 when folded and weighs 1.26 pounds. The camera takes 48MP photos with a 1/2 -inch CMOS sensor. The 4k drone captures stunning videos but also processes information to reduce storage space and maintain picture quality.

The video transmission range is up to 6.2 miles (10km). Intelligent shooting makes it easier to take photos and videos in flight. Scene recognition optimizes picture quality for sunsets, skies, grass, snow, and trees.

It has a 3-axis gimbal with a gimbal protector, which we liked. There are obstacle sensors on the front, bottom, and back in case you aren’t an experienced drone pilot.

On Sports mode, you can reach speeds of up to 42.5mph. This drone has Active Track that keeps people and vehicles centered while following them.

The Mavic Air 2 comes with everything you need and more. There are 3 batteries, each with a flight time of up to 34 minutes. It has a range of cables for charging and a USB Type-C. There is a battery charger, charging hub, and battery to power bank adapter.

You get 6 low-noise propellers, a set of ND filters, and of course, the remote control. The remote will hold your smartphone if you want to use the DJI Fly app. To carry all this gear, you get a nice shoulder bag too.

DJI Care Fresh costs a little extra but does provide up to 2 replacement units a year and free replacements if damaged.

  • The drone remains stable in high winds
  • It’s easy and fun to fly
  • Wonderful camera for video and still shots
  • Obstacle avoidance won’t work in Sports mode

DJI Mavic Air

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Key features

  • 3D foldable drone
  • Aerodynamic chassis
  • 32MP Sphere Panoramas
  • Even more accessories

The Mavic Air is the older version of the Mavic Air 2 but weighs less at 0.9 pounds. It is a foldable drone in Arctic white but has no information on its size.

The Mavic Air design is precise! There are magnesium alloy brackets to support the 7 cameras. Rear vents control the heat. There are some similarities with the camera. It has an ½-inch CMOS sensor taking 12MP photos and UHD 4K video. We love the 32MP sphere panoramas. With Mavic Air stitch, you can create one 32MP panorama from 25 photos.

It’s the camera features that excel with this drone. For high-speed adventures, you can record in slow motion. HDR photos take shots in the right exposure settings according to the lighting. There are 6 Quick shot modes including Rocket, Dronie, Circle, Helix, Asteroid, and Boomerang.

It’s an awesome drone for selfies. With the DJI GO 4 app, you can share your shots straight to your social media sites. Like the Mavic Air 2, it has Active Track to center and follow moving objects.

To add to this drone’s value for money, you get 8GB of internal storage as well as a micro-SD card slot. The remote control holds your smartphone, the control sticks are removable, and you get an extra set of control sticks.

It comes with 3 batteries of up to 21 minutes of flight time each. There are 6 pairs of propellers and a set of propeller guards. You will receive all the cables and charging equipment, plus a travel bag and carrying case.

  • Sensitive obstacle avoidance with forward, downward, and sideways obstacle sensors
  • Sports mode is slightly faster than expected
  • Outstanding value for a DJI drone
  • The Mavic Air software could be better

DJI Mavic Mini 2

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Key features

  • Foldable drone that fits in your hand
  • Level 5 wind resistance
  • 35.79mph maximum flight speed
  • Intelligent flight modes for superior aerial photography

Just because it’s a DJI Mini doesn’t make it any less compared to the larger DJI Mavics. This drone is packed with features and power for both beginner drone pilots and the experienced.

The DJI Mavic Mini 2 is 5.5 x 3.2 x 2.2 inches and weighs 0.5 pounds. Like the other DJI Mavics, it has a ½-inch CMOS sensor and takes 12MP photos. The 4K camera is an ultra-clear camera for improved video shots.

Again, you have some great aerial photography possibilities with this 4K drone. One-tap Quick shots include Boomerang, 4K Hyperlapse, and panorama. Trimmed download lets you edit videos before saving them for reduced storage space.

You can zoom in up to 4x with this camera. It comes with the advantage of OCUSYNC 2.0, this DJI Mini switches frequencies for video transmission up to 10km away. The motorized gimbal provides superb stability, even in level 5 winds.

The DJI Fly app lets you share your videos to social media sites, and you can even add your favorite soundtracks and filters. It comes with the DJI Mavic Fly More Combo, so similar accessories to the Mavic Airs. There are 3 batteries with a flight time of up to 31 minutes each.

You have everything needed for charging, including cables and a 2-way charging hub. It offers a remote control. Inside the box, there are 3 pairs of spare propellers, a propeller holder, a gimbal protector, 18 spare screws, a screwdriver, and spare control sticks. The shoulder bag lets you take this DJI Mini everywhere you go.

  • Nice ergonomic remote control
  • The OCUSYNC makes a noticeable difference with video transmission
  • Great power for a micro drone
  • There are only downward obstacle sensors with the DJI Mavic Mini 2

DJI Mavic Mini

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Key features

  • Lowest and safest class of drones
  • Next-generation remote control
  • Front LEDs
  • Budget DJI Drone

We are now looking at the older version of the DJI Mini 2, but it is still a fantastic drone. The micro drone is the same size at 5.5 x 3.2 x 2.2 inches and weighs 0.5 pounds. Again, we do see a lot of similarities. The gimbal is motorized, and the CMOS sensor is identical.

You can take 12MP photos, but the full HD camera takes 2.7K videos. You have the same range of fun selfie options with Intelligent Flight Modes for Quick Shots plus CineSmooth mode limits the speed for added stability.

In Position Mode, this DJI Mini switches between GPS signal and Attitude mode for stronger positioning and stabilization. Maximum speeds in Sport mode are 29mph. With the DJI Fly app, you can do lots more with the drone.

It was nice to see Smart Return Home mode in case the DJI Mavic goes out of signal, or the battery is low. An excellent feature for beginner drone pilots is landing protection. If the ground isn’t suitable, the drone will hover until the pilot gives further instruction.

This DJI Mavic comes with the combo set. You will receive 3 batteries with a 30-minute maximum flight time for each, 3 spare pairs of propellers and propeller guards. There are cables for charging, both USB-C and a lightning connector. It comes with a 2-way charging hub, control sticks, a screwdriver, and a carrying case.

  • The smart return home feature is brilliant for novice drone users
  • The camera produces perfect shots for its price range
  • The DJI Fly app has a very useful flight tutorial
  • No DJI Mavic obstacle avoidance

Hubsna ZINO 2 Plus

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Key features

  • 3840 x 2160 FPV resolution
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Video panorama
  • Image transmission up to 9km

A lesser-known brand of drones, the Hubsna ZINO 2 Plus drone is a good choice for beginners. It is a foldable drone weighing 2.04 pounds. In terms of aerial photography, the 4K camera is Sony and allows for sharp images.

With Syncleas, you can watch your videos up to 9km away. There are plenty of great camera features. Our favorites are the 180º, video panorama, and video night mode.

This drone is packed with features that will help novice drone pilots. It has one key return to home, low battery RTH, and Failsafe RTH in case there is a loss of connection. The drone app has visual landing support too.

To customize your route, you can use Orbiting mode, Waypoint mode, Headless mode, and Line Fly mode, all of which help beginner drone users. With GPS Follow the drone follows the remote control or smartphone. Precise hovering makes it safer to use both indoors and outdoors.

What’s also nice is that the remote control has an LCD screen to view flight information. The drone comes with 1 battery that lasts for up to 35 minutes in flight with no wind. It is level 6 wind resistant.

The smart battery charger allows you to charge three batteries at the same time. It also comes with all the necessary cables, a gimbal protector, and ND filters.

  • Camera and image quality can be better than the DJI Mavic
  • Uses GPS and GLONASS for improved accuracy
  • Very good value for all the features
  • The software needs some tweaking

Parrot Anafi Extended

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Key features

  • The latest remote control design
  • One-touch Find My Drone
  • Combined flight time of 1h 15 mins
  • 2 months free Adobe Creative Cloud access

There are 4 Parrot Anafi drones for under $1000. The Anafi base, which is the same drone without the extra accessories, Anafi FPV drone, and Anafi Work drone.

We are looking at the Anafi Extended drone because it is such good value. It weighs 0.7 pounds and is a foldable drone. The HDR 4K camera comes with a Sony sensor. It will take 10 shots per second. The 180º tilt gimbal and hybrid stabilization mean your videos are crisp and smooth.

The RC drone uses state-of-the-art AI for fun, professional aerial photography. Hyperlapse and Slow-Motion videos don’t require any editing.

You can zoom in to 2.8x. You can use the FreeFlight 6 app to control the drone. Or you can sit your phone in the ergonomic, easy-to-use remote control. The remote control has a 4km range. You have Smart RTH and Follow Me Tracking (purchased through the app).

The extended pack comes with 2 additional batteries, 2 USB-C cables, a 16GB micro SD card, spare propellers, and even a spare remote. There is a carry bag for the drone and accessories. To get extra creative with this drone and its camera features, you have 2 months of free access to Adobe Creative Suite.

  • Another competitor for the DJI Mavic in stability and camera quality
  • The FreeFlight app is user-friendly
  • Very impressive flight times and batteries that charge on the go
  • No obstacle avoidance with this drone

PowerVision PowerEgg X All-Weather

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Key features

  • Binocular obstacle sensors
  • Patented protecting shell
  • The latest drone and camera technology
  • Waterproof even in heavy rain

Yes, the DJI Mavics have amazing features but none quite the same for just under the $1000 limit. Let’s start with what you would expect. The 4K camera is ultra-high definition with photos at 12MP. It has a 3-axis gimbal for stability and excellent obstacle avoidance. You can use the PowerEgg X in winds up to level 5.

Now, for the things we haven’t seen in the previous drones. This drone doubles up as a handheld AI camera. You get a strap that attaches to the side of the drone, or you can attach it to a camera stand. With AI and deep learning, the camera has facial recognition.

It will lock onto the person’s face and even if it goes past an obstacle, it will re-search for the face within milliseconds. Another thing we haven’t seen before is Voice sync. You can use your smartphone microphone to synchronize your audio with the footage in real-time.

Another unique feature is the drone’s waterproof housing. The protective shell has a 0.008-micron level of surface clearness. You have perfect images and video while being protected from harsh weather conditions.

In the box, there is an intelligent battery for 30 minutes of flight time and an intelligent charger. There are also spare propellers, waterproof housing, a wrist strap, and a carrying case.

  • Excellent flight speeds of up to 40mph in the right conditions
  • You can by accessories to land the drone on water
  • It’s very stable
  • It’s a relatively young drone and there need to be improvements with quality control and software

Walkera F210

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Key features

  • 3D Mode for full acrobatics
  • FPV goggles included
  • Carbon fiber aircraft, anti-crash
  • Professional speed controller

To cater to all needs, we have the multi-purpose FPV drone that is a great starter option if you want to get into drone racing. The aircraft weighs 0.8 pounds. The night vision HD camera has one million pixels and high-performance sensors. It will automatically adjust depending on the brightness of the light.

The design of this racing drone makes it very safe. It is streamlined with an equidistant axis design. The carbon fiber body has a protective cover and has been tested for anti-drop and anti-crash.

The brushless motor and guard landing cushion frame design give you the power you need for drone racing. The speed controller has a range of up to 800m, even in FPV flight mode. With the mushroom antenna, you get real-time flight data.

It doesn’t have the same accessories as other drones. There is one battery with a flight time of approximately 12 minutes. You do get a set of 5.8G FPV goggles, which makes this drone very good value for money.

  • Outstanding night vision and great FPV goggles
  • Flight speeds of almost 60mph
  • It’s incredibly fun to fly
  • It’s a shame it doesn’t come with an extra battery

What is a drone?

A drone is a flying object controlled by a smartphone app or remote control. A drone under $1000 should offer excellent camera quality as well as various intelligent flight modes. All the flight modes should be easy to use as well as features such as auto return home.

Stability is crucial for aerial photography and therefore, so is the gimbal. Obstacle avoidance is going to be useful, especially when paying this sort of price for a drone.

Why buy a drone under $1000?

The $1000 limit is a good guideline to choose a drone with all the necessary features for any drone pilot. You can also expect a better quality of materials for durability.

With this budget, you can experience the Mavic drones as well as other brands, racing drones, and enjoy some amazing drone photography. The added investment brings a different level of peace of mind in terms of quality.

Buying guide

Most drone enthusiasts are going to agree that camera quality is one of the most important features of a drone. Really, you should be looking at a camera that is at least 4K and takes a minimum of 12MP photos. We definitely like the extra camera features like slow-motion recording and the sphere panoramas.

You want the aircraft to be lightweight because this will improve the battery performance. Nevertheless, you don’t want one that is going to get damaged in a gust of wind, so in this price range, durability is key.

We found that obstacle avoidance is beneficial but not essential if you have some experience. The bare minimum we would expect is RTH, return to home.

Most of the apps have far more features than this, but you need to know that your drone will automatically return when the connection is lost, or the battery is low.

Flight time made it onto our list of important drone features. The combo packs with the Mavic Airs, DJI Mavic Minis, Parrot, and Hubsna are excellent as they come with additional batteries. In fact, they come with so many extras, the price is excellent for all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What are the different quick shot modes with the Mavic Air drones?

Dronie makes the drone fly up and backward with the camera locked on the subject. Rocket shoots straight up with the camera facing down. The circle moves around the object, and helix spirals around. Boomerang is as you can imagine, with a flight path moving away from the subject and swooping back around.

Not all Mavic Air drones come with the same modes.

What’s the difference between these DJI Mavics and the DJI Mavics over $1000?

In general, the DJI Mavics over $1000 will be more precise and have more intelligent flight modes. For example, the DJI Phantom has hand gestures and flight autonomy.

The Mavic 2 zoom has times 2 zoom and times 4 zoom as well as longer flight times. Like all Mavic drones, the price of the DJI Phantom and Mavic 2 Zoom will fall whenever the brand releases an updated version.

Why is the weight of a drone so important?

All drones over 0.55 pounds have to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is an advantage the DJI Minis have. Still, the process is simple and only costs $5 for three years per drone.

Can any of these drones be used as a racing drone?

It’s not recommended. It is not just the speed of the drone that you need to consider. It’s also the materials the aircraft is made out of. Flying a drone at high speeds and crashing is likely to cause unrepairable damage.

Wrap Up

From camera drones to racing drones that perform aerobatics, these devices have an excellent range of features, and all offer amazing camera quality.

For a camera drone, the DJI Mavic Air 2 had the best photo quality, but it wasn’t enough to get us excited considering the price. The Mavic Air was significantly cheaper, and we felt that 12MP was great. The Walker F210 FPV drone/racing drone is great fun but perhaps more designed for a very specific use.

We wouldn’t class it as an all-rounder. The best drone under $1000 was the DJI Mavic Mini 2. It combines speed and precision with camera quality and fun.