Best Cordless Immersion Blender

Best cordless immersion blender

Having the best cordless immersion blender can save you a bunch of time in the kitchen. You have more freedom to move and less to clean up.

It is a must on the list if you enjoy fresh smoothies, puree soup, and cooking with egg whites.

Many people worry that a cordless immersion blender won’t have the same power as a traditional one.

This is why we have created a list of the best cordless immersion blenders on the market today.

In a hurry? Here’s our best tip:

The Braun Multiquick 9 may not be the most affordable blender but features a nice sleek design and it is also one of the few that has the power and design to crush ice.

If you’re after a more affordable blender, go for the LEQEE. It is a great budget rechargeable hand blender that comes with a 1m long USB cable and features good materials.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Cordless Immersion Blender
    1. Toogel 4-in-1
    2. All-Clad KZ800851
    3. Cuisinart CSB-300
    4. Cuisinart CBS-400CD
    5. Braun Multiquick 9 MQ940C
    6. LEQEE
    7. Kitchenaid KHBBV83BM
    8. Kitchenaid KHBBV53ER
  2. What is a cordless immersion blender?
  3. Why buy a cordless immersion blender?
  4. Cordless immersion blender – Buying Guide
  5. Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs
    1. Do immersion blenders scratch the bottom of pans?
    2. Why is an ergonomic handle important?
    3. Is the whisk attachment worth it?
    4. Why are cordless immersion blenders more expensive?
    5. Can you use a stick blender in hot food?
    6. Why are there no Hamilton Beach cordless stick blenders on the list?
    7. Can you use a cordless immersion blender for ice cubes?
  6. Wrap Up

Best Cordless Immersion Blender

For the best cordless hand blenders, we have considered their power, design, and ease of use. As well as the price of the cordless immersion blenders, we looked at the various attachments when considering the value for money.

In the table below you’ll find different branding and specifications. If you want to know the price of the product, just click on the images and find them on Amazon:

Best cordless immersion blenderPowerAttachmentsLength with blending shaft


Toogel 4-in-1

Not statedBeaker, whisk, beater, whisk/beater head, food processor16 inches


All-Clad KZ800851

600WNoNot stated


Cuisinart CSB-300

8VElectric knife attachment, c-cup chopper, chef’s whisk, measuring cup, storage bag16.75 inches


Cuisinart CSB-400CD

7.8VWhisk attachment and measuring jugApprox. 20 inches


Braun Multiquick 9 MQ940C

700WChopper attachment and jug blender8 inch blending arm



Not statedWhisk attachment, chopper attachment and plastic beaker16 ¾ inches


Kitchenaid KHBBV83BM

Not stated1lt pitcher and lid, chopper attachment, whisk and pan guard8 inch blending arm


Kitchenaid KHBBV53ER

Not statedPitcher with lid, pan guard8 inch blending arm

Toogel 4-in-1

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Key features

  • Adjustable blender angle
  • 21 speeds
  • USB recharging with cable included
  • Low noise

Although the Toogel 4-in-1 is fairly new to the market, the brand is playing hard with the competition. You can use this cordless hand blender for blending meat, puree soup, smoothies, cakes, and baby food.

It has a simple start button, and the top of the handle has a speed dial with 21 speeds. There is a light indicator on the cordless rechargeable hand blender.

To change the adjustments, the hand blender has a twist system. The blender locks in place and has a button to release the attachment. You can whisk egg whites and make whipped cream.

The blending jar lets you make smoothies, and the food processor will crush ice and chop vegetables. The unique feature of this blender is that you can use it from different angles. The blender will bend to a 90º, 135º, or 180º angle.


  • The lock system makes it very sturdy

  • Amazing value for money

  • Comfortable non-slip grip


  • The USB cable is a bit short

All-Clad KZ800851

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Key features

  • Impressive 600w power
  • Charging base
  • 5 speeds
  • One-touch buttons

There are two color options: silver and black. As the black blender is around $100 more expensive, we are looking at the silver model.

It is a very powerful hand blender, as powerful as some countertop blenders. 600w along with a stainless steel blade means this immersion blender is amazing at blending anything from meat and vegetables to frozen fruit. You can create smoothies, soups, and desserts.

You can also adjust the speed from 1-5 by twisting the top of the hand blender. There is also a safety switch and a light indicator. Once the blending wand has been detached, you can pop it in the dishwasher. The auto-adjust feature allows for splatter-free blending. The quick charging base will fully charge the hand blender in 2 hours.


  • Blending is very fast

  • It can be used in hot food

  • It’s great how you can leave the charging stand on the kitchen side


  • It should be more durable for the price

Cuisinart CSB-300

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Key features

  • 8V battery-powered blender
  • 20 mins runtime
  • 3″ blade head
  • 5 speeds

This lithium battery-powered blender has a 20-minute runtime, long enough to create smoothies, whip cream, and pureed soups. There are 5 speeds that you can control from the stainless-steel décor handle. It has a lock and unlock feature for safety. The stainless-steel blender blade is razor-sharp and will work on practically any type of food.

Although this is towards the higher end of our price range, it is exceptional value for money. The chef’s whisk is perfect for egg whites and whipping cream. The chopper attachment works as a food processor for nuts, cheese, and herbs.

You also have a large 4-cup plastic blending jar that is ideal for blending smoothies. What’s special is the electric knife attachment for carving meat or slicing bread. We all know how keeping your blender attachments safe is a task, so Cuisinart has included a storage bag.


  • It’s a very versatile cordless immersion blender

  • Awesome blending power, strong and fast

  • All parts are of excellent quality


  • The position of the controls isn’t the best

Cuisinart CBS-400CD

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Key features

  • X2 3.9v lithium battery-powered blender
  • 8 ¾ inch stainless steel blade and blending wand
  • 5 speeds and 20-minute runtime
  • Updated lock/unlock feature

There are a few similarities between this cordless immersion blender and the CBS-300. The runtime is 20 minutes and the battery-powered blender comes with a charger. It’s slighter longer with the blending wand attached and still has a slim design. The blade guard is large so it will work better on chunkier food.

The blender handle has all of the settings. There is a blue indicator light, so you know the speed setting strength. There is also a light to let you know the battery status. The lock/unlock safety feature is also on the handle.

This blender comes with a chef’s whisk for egg whites, whipped cream, and meringues. It also comes with a 4-cup plastic blending jar for your smoothies.


  • The user manual has some great recipes

  • The chef’s whisk makes light work of desserts

  • It’s nice and easy to clean


  • This cordless immersion blender is a little top-heavy

Braun Multiquick 9 MQ940C

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Key features

  • Stunning design with charging unit
  • 700w power
  • Able to chop ice
  • Long-life lithium-Ion power

Of all the cordless immersion hand blenders on the list, this one has to come first for design. It’s sleek, modern, and has a twisted blade guard.

It comes with a charging unit so that you can leave it out on your counter for everyone to see. It’s also one of the most powerful cordless immersion blenders with 700w for all types of food and drinks.

The handheld blender can be used with the blending wand for blending soups and baby food. You can use the food processor for preparation and grinding meat. It is also one of the few that has the power and design to crush ice. It comes with a jug blender for those smoothies and milkshakes.


  • There are plenty of accessories you can buy separately, like a masher

  • It’s very easy to use, take apart, and clean

  • For a cordless immersion hand blender, it is quiet


  • You will need an adapter to use this cordless blender in the US


Click the image to check current price on Amazon!

Key features

  • 304 Stainless steel blade and blending wand
  • USB charging
  • Tilting grip handle
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe

Cordless immersion blenders are more expensive than electric stick blenders, but LEQEE has proved that they don’t have to be. This is a great budget rechargeable hand blender that comes with a 1m long USB cable.

The indicator light will flash red when charging and stay blue when it is fully charged. The power rating isn’t mentioned but it is strong enough to grind meat. You can use this blender to whisk egg whites, whip cream, and make smoothies from frozen fruit.

The quality of the materials is good. The whisk attachment is 304 stainless steel. The 304 stainless-steel blades are food grade and corrosion-resistant. The anti-splash blade guard keeps things cleaner. It’s good to know that parts are BPA-free for peace of mind.

The blending wand, whisk attachment, and food processor can be placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. The blender has a safety lock and will automatically switch off after prolonged use to prevent overheating.


  • Excellent value for money for a 4-in-1 cordless immersion blender

  • Great job on scrambled eggs and whip cream

  • Nice safety features


  • It’s not as heavy-duty as the more expensive cordless immersion blenders

Kitchenaid KHBBV83BM

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Key features

  • 4-point stainless steel blade
  • Only 2 hours to fully charge
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free

The Kitchenaid cordless hand blender has speed and efficiency in mind. It can create 25 (12oz) bowls of tomato basil soup on a full charge. Or, on 20 minutes of charge, you can make a 16oz smoothie. It is a rechargeable hand blender with a lithium-ion battery and battery light indicator. In terms of design, you can choose from 7 colors.

The 4-point stainless steel blade is perfect for a range of foods. We really liked the patent-pending pan guard to prevent scratching the bottom of pans. The whisk can be used to peak egg whites, whip cream, and create vinaigrettes, and mayonnaise.

The chopper attachment can prepare herbs, nuts, and cheese. We also liked the variable speed trigger, which gives you more control over the blending power for different food types.


  • It will chop vegetables in seconds

  • Good for blending hot soups

  • It’s a good immersion blender set to keep clean and looking new


  • The pan guard could be sturdier

Kitchenaid KHBBV53ER

Click the image to check current price on Amazon!

Key features

  • 4-point stainless steel blade
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Fully charged in 2 hours
  • Ergonomic handle

This is a great cordless immersion blender if you are looking at Kitchenaid. In some ways, it is similar to the Kitchenaid KHBBV83BM cordless hand blender.

The ergonomic handle is the same and you have a wide range of colors. The stainless-steel blade has the same design. It also comes with a patent-pending pan guard. You can create a smoothie with 20 minutes of charge and 25 bowls of pureed soup on a full charge.

Apart from the price, the main difference is the attachments. It comes with a pitcher and lid; however, it doesn’t have the whisk attachment or food chopper. You can buy those separately if you wish.


  • A Kitchenaid cordless immersion blender for under $100

  • Good power and blade design to prevent food from getting stuck in the blade

  • Easy to use and clean


  • The pan guard is also a little flimsy

What is a cordless immersion blender?

A cordless immersion blender is similar to a regular hand blender but without the need to plug it into an electric outlet.

A basic hand blender can turn solid foods into liquids, with enough power to use on frozen fruits too. If you choose a cordless immersion blender with attachments, you can use it in a similar way to a food processor and whisk.

Why buy a cordless immersion blender?

The first reason to buy a cordless immersion blender is the time you can save. Food preparation is often the longest part of preparing a meal, and an immersion hand blender takes the effort away.

You will also find that the ease of use is far better than getting out an oversized food processor. On a similar note, cleaning up after blending takes no time at all. Finally, storage is another benefit as a hand blender can fit nicely into a draw – especially one without a cable.

Cordless immersion blender – Buying Guide

There is quite a difference between the cordless immersion blenders on our list. Choosing the right blender for you will depend on your needs.

The first factor to consider is what attachments you will really use. Having a blending jar is a nice option but, most of us probably have plenty of jars and pitchers already in our cupboards.

I would say that a whisk attachment is a great accessory to have. To hand whisk eggs and cream can take a certain technique, not to mention effort and time. A whisk for your hand blender is ideal, especially for bakers.

We do prefer companies that use BPA-free plastic. It’s nice to know that there are no harmful chemicals in parts that are in contact with food. The same can be said for food-grade stainless steel. It is handy to have parts that will go in the dishwasher but all of the cordless immersion blenders come with easy-to-wash parts.

All of our immersion blenders are also easy to store. It’s awesome being able to just take the blender out of a drawer and start preparing food. On the other hand, if you have space, the charging stands are quite a smart addition to your kitchen countertop.

Finally, the power and blade design have to be right for the type of food you wish to blend. If you are only going to use it for cooked vegetables, it makes no difference. For frozen fruit and meat, the extra power will provide noticeable differences.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Do immersion blenders scratch the bottom of pans?

On occasion, they can scratch non-stick pans when you start using them at different angles. This is why you should make sure that the immersion blender is pointing straight down and is flat against the base of your pans.

Why is an ergonomic handle important?

An ergonomic handle is important for ease of use. The chances are you will already have one hand on your blending jar or saucepan. You want to be able to keep the handheld blender comfortably in the other and still use the controls.

Is the whisk attachment worth it?

As a fan of baking, I would say yes. It isn’t just about making light egg whites. You can also use it to whisk eggs for cakes and even the cake batter. Scrambled eggs are fluffier and salad dressings are smooth and you can even whisk boiled potatoes to make the mash.

Why are cordless immersion blenders more expensive?

Because of their ease of use. In many cases, you have the same amount of power as a traditional blender. But the design of the motor is superior to allow you more freedom in the kitchen.

Can you use a stick blender in hot food?

The stainless-steel blades and blending wands are suitable for hot foods. You do have to be careful that hot food doesn’t splatter as you may get burned.

Why are there no Hamilton Beach cordless stick blenders on the list?

That’s a good question. Hamilton Beach has a great range of blenders, but they do not have any cordless immersion blenders – at least not yet.

Can you use a cordless immersion blender for ice cubes?

No. Some may have the power to crush ice, but the shape of the blade guard often won’t allow for ice cubes. It is better to use a food processor for ice.

Wrap Up

It’s hard to choose the best cordless immersion blender. If price is not a problem and design is a must, the Braun Multiquick 9 is a lovely blender with function.

The Toogel and the LEQEE are going to give more expensive brands a run for their money and their cordless immersion blenders are also versatile.

Before choosing the best cordless immersion blender, be clear about what you are going to use it for and the space you have available.

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