Best Android Audiobook player

One of the best Android Audiobook player apps can help someone deal with their book reading; let me explain how it is beneficial!

With lives becoming busier, schedules more hectic, and free time a rare commodity, book lovers have found it harder and harder to find time to sit and read a good book. With the lack of time to indulge in reading, people have switched to the next best alternative.

Using an MP3 player or an audiobook player on your Android device is the modern way to deal with this problem.

Listening to audiobook files on your mobile device, like podcast services, has seen a steady rise in popularity for the past few years, and for a good reason. The audio format makes them extremely convenient to listen to on the go. So, during a commute or at the gym, audiobooks are an excellent alternative for those who are short on time.

In a good audiobook player app that has the right service, even downloading an audiobook for offline listening is easily done with a few taps on the screen. In a few seconds, the audiobook will be downloaded.

In this article, we are talking about the best Android Audiobook player and helping you choose which audiobook app is best for you. If you’re a fan of the audiobook format for Android, then this one is for you!

Table of Contents

  1. Best Android Audiobook player
    1. Google Play Books
    2. Audible
    3. mAbook Audiobook Player
    4. LibriVox Audiobooks
    5. Smart Audiobook player
    7. Oodles
    8. Amazon Kindle
  2. Wrap Up

Best Android Audiobook player

Best Android Audiobook player

Next, there are some of the best Android Audiobook players for MP3:

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is one of the best apps to play audiobooks on Android. You can choose from the millions of titles available, which include comics, eBooks, and audiobooks. You will also be able to preview a Google Play book before you buy it. All you have to do is download audiobooks and then listen to it on the go.

Also, you’ll get personalized recommendations just for you, to help you choose the next book you’d like to listen to. You can access the content on your app from any device that is connected to your Google account, including your web browser. That means you can start an audiobook in your browser and continue from where you left off on your app.


Audible is an Amazon company and a smart audiobook Android app and is home to the world’s largest selection of audiobooks with over 200,000 audiobooks as well as audio shows. Using this audiobook service, you can either stream your books or download them, and listen to each one whenever you want to, whether it’s while commuting or hitting the gym.

A great advantage of listening to an Audible audiobook is that Audible saves your current position. The next time you hit play you’ll pick up just right where you last time on this audiobook platform.

An exclusive of this app is the Audible originals; you won’t find these titles in any other audiobook player.

Audible runs on a monthly subscription of which you can get a 30-day free trial. Even if you cancel the subscription, you can keep all the books in your library. It also features Android audiobook player speed control. This amazing feature lets you control the speed of the narration to suit you the most, making it a great audiobook reader for Android.

Click one of the images below to learn more about Audible memberships on Amazon:

You can also offer an Audible membership as a gift. You can choose different periods: 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

You can also learn more by reading Audible’s resources on Amazon:

mAbook Audiobook Player

The mAbook Audiobook Player is one of the best Android Audiobook players available. You can use this app to play any mp3 audiobooks already on your Android phone. It is only an mp3 audiobook player and you will be required to provide the audiobooks you want it to play.

The library is folder-based and customizable. You can also control the playback speed by rotating your phone and bookmarking the points you want to save. This app comes with an equalizer, allowing you to customize the sound effects.

LibriVox Audiobooks

The free Audiobook android app LibriVox Audiobooks has unlimited access to over 24,000 audiobooks, and access to these audiobooks is free. You can stream each one or download it to listen to at a later time.

Also, you can browse for books using the title, keywords, author, genre, and even look at new recordings. It comes with a sleep timer that you can use to stop playback after a certain time. LibriVox can be controlled using Bluetooth controllers and offers full support for Android Auto and Google Cast.

Smart Audiobook player

You can use Smart Audiobook Player to play an audiobook free on Android. You get to use the full version for free for the first 30-days after which you will have to pay $2 or switch back to the basic version. This audiobook Android app comes with Chromecast support and playback speed control.

You can also manually create a list of characters to help you follow the story. The player will automatically pause if you fall asleep and shaking the phone will allow you to restart it. This Android smart audiobook player also comes with an application widget that allows you to control it from the home screen. runs on a monthly subscription and gives you 1 audiobook and 1 new VIP book every month. If you’re a new member, you’ll receive your first premium book along with 2 bonus books from their library for free.

They have over 150,000 titles and over 700,000 podcasts to choose from. You can also download your audiobooks and podcasts to listen to offline with this Android audiobook app.


Oodles offers over 50,000 eBooks and audiobooks. It is an easy-to-use app that allows you to listen to English classics and other titles. It also features books in Hindi written by prominent Indian authors.

You can import other books and use it as an audiobook player too. Oodles allows you to customize the font size, style, background, and other reading features. While you will not find any new titles, there are a lot of classics available, in both, English and Hindi.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps available on the app store. Unlike other audiobooks for Android, Kindle has a unique feature. Instead of choosing between an eBook or an audiobook, you can buy an eBook and get the audiobook companion for a fraction of the original price of the audiobook.

The audiobook can be bought from Audible. It also uses Whispersync for voice, which allows you to stop reading an eBook and switch to an audiobook, which will pick up from where you left off in the eBook. You can also use your Amazon account to buy audiobooks from the amazon website.

It is not the cheapest audiobook app but can make a great choice for many.

Best Android Audiobook player

Wrap Up

All in all, audiobooks are an excellent bet for people who run on a tight schedule but don’t want to miss out on reading their favorite titles.

This list contains all the information you will need to choose suitable audiobook apps for Android. Using the best audiobook reader Android offers will depend on your preferences.

Which is the best Android Audiobook reader, you can determine from the above reviews.

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