Does Apple CarPlay use data?

How does CarPlay work

Does Apple CarPlay use data? It all depends on the kind of apps you’re using and the services you want to render to you at that particular moment.

Apple CarPlay can do its basic functions without an internet connection, like when starting your car, turning on your CarPlay display, connecting your iOS device, reading your text messages, answering your calls, and playing music that is stored on your device.

Table of Contents

  1. In which conditions does Apple CarPlay use data?
  2. What is Apple CarPlay?
    1. Why use iPhone with Carplay
    2. Things to consider before using CarPlay
    3. How to set up CarPlay
  3. How to use Siri to control your CarPlay
    1. How to use built-in controls to operate CarPlay dashboard
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In which conditions does Apple CarPlay use data?

Whenever Siri reads text messages for you, whenever you’re streaming music that it’s not saved offline on the device, when you make VoIP calls, etc. all of those actions will require data usage.

So, you can easily see that many apps you want to use may require an internet connection service.

Streaming your music from Apple Music apps, navigating the road while using Google Maps, Apple Maps or other navigation app will surely require mobile data just the same way as your iPhone whenever you’re using these services.

Carplay is simply an extension of your iPhone screen on your car dashboard display.

Although, some apps are able to priorly save data on your phone memory for later use, for example: offline maps for navigation and offline music, so you’re not required to have internet access when using those in a non-WiFi hotspot.

How do I get Apple Car Play on my phone

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is a powerful driving assistant, with it, you can make calls, navigate to any direction, send and receive text messages, listen to music, and check your calendar.

All in your car dashboard in a simplified way that does not distract you or take your focus and attention off the main road.

Why use iPhone with Carplay

Using your iPhone paired with CarPlay is a safer and smarter way to control the phone while driving. That way you stay sharp and focused on your driving thereby limiting the probability of a road accident.

With the recent upgrade to the iOS 13, the CarPlay display dashboard comes with a simpler, beautiful, and more secure view of the way ahead of you.

The new display dashboard brings a simplified interface for different functions like audio control, keeping track of your map, and suggestions from Siri.

It also gives you the ability to plan your day and events with unlimited access to your calendar app.

You can remotely use your CarPay dashboard to completely take control of your smart home accessories like opening your garage door or switching on the air conditioning.

Things to consider before using CarPlay

Before using CarPlay you should do some research to know if your region or country supports it. Also, you will need to check if your car model does support CarPlay.

If you are not so sure regarding your car’s compatibility with CarPlay services, you can contact your car manufacturer support service.

How to set up CarPlay

Make a proper connection of your iPhone directly to your car USB port, you can do this by using a (good quality) USB cable. After you have done that, a CarPlay icon will be displayed on your iPhone, or simply a phone icon will be shown on your phone in the notification panel.

If your car’s model supports a wireless CarPlay connection, you can effortlessly press and hold on to the voice control button on the car steering wheel, being sure that WiFi and Bluetooth are activated.

Go to your phone “Settings” tap “General” then “CarPlay”. You can then click on the available cars and select your car model from the display menu. You can also check your car support manual to get more information about it.

Apple CarPlay price

How to use Siri to control your CarPlay

Using Siri to control your CarPlay is one of the greatest innovations of the system. There are two ways you can take control of your CarPlay while using Siri’s voice assistant:

  • By pressing and holding on the voice command control button on your car steering wheel. Say, “Hey Siri”. You can get Siri to a lot of tasks, or simply ask Siri a question and the assistant will respond right away.
  • Long press and hold on the CarPlay screen home button on the car’s touchscreen. You can then ask Siri to perform a task or simply ask a question that you want to be answered.

Many times Siri will make automatic suggestions, for things she thinks you might need next, such as driving directions to your next meeting.

Siri’s assistant was built to work seamlessly with the CarPlay to keep your most-used apps closer to you while driving.

If you have programmed the Carplay and enabled your home kit accessories such as the “opening door” of your garage, Siri can easily suggest it on the display dashboard of your car stereo.

That way, it’s easier and more convenient for you when you’re arriving home.

Apple CarPlay software download and requirements

How to use built-in controls to operate CarPlay dashboard

Some of the latest car models came along with built-in support controls for the Carplay infotainment system, to work seamlessly.

Other cars that are supported by CarPlay may have gadgets like the touchpad, touchscreen, and the circular control knob.

To learn more about how the CarPlay display works with your car, you can simply check the user manual that came with it for that specific and specialized support.

Note that you can always use Siri to control the CarPlay infotainment system even if your car does not have built-in control buttons.

CarPlay support comes as a standard with most cars dated from 2016 and newer, but it can also be available as an option that will require you to pay a fee to activate it.

Also, some compatible older models that were produced before 2016 have been upgraded to work with CarPlay. You have to use cellular data not just for Apple Carplay but Waze navigation, or CarPlay also needs data usage.

Wrap Up

So, does CarPlay require a data plan? If you’re an Apple fan and you’re using CarPlay integration while driving, you now know that mobile data is needed for a quite big lot of apps that require online access.

If you’re just using the CarPlay app to take basic controls such as answering calls or reading text messages, it won’t require any data connection.

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