Best Drones For Battery Life

Talking about drones, the range, price, and camera all vary for each. In this extensive review, we’ll look at the best drones for battery life with at least a maximum of 20-minute flight time.

It wasn’t that long ago that drones were only capable of flying for a very short period. Even a higher-end drone wouldn’t last much longer than 10 minutes in the air.

As the popularity of drones grew, companies realized that one of the most important features that needed to improve was flighting time.

Lithium polymer batteries are the best for extended flight time. LiPo batteries have a high energy density concerning their weight. They also have a higher voltage per cell, your drone can get the power it needs with fewer cells than other batteries. This means the battery will hold its power for longer.

It is also important not to completely drain LiPo batteries. It can reduce the overall performance of the battery. For this, it is important to choose a drone that recognizes when the battery is low.

The weight of drones also has a part to play. As with the battery, the heavier the drone, the more drain there is on the battery life. Regarding weight, any drone weighing more than 8.8oz (249g) and less than 55lbs (24.94kg) must be registered with the FAA.

In a hurry? Here’s our best tip:

Get the JJRC H68 RC drone. With 40 minutes of flying time between two batteries and a one-key take-off and landing, it’s one of the best options combined with an affordable price.

Table of Contents

  1. Product review
    1. Parrot PF728000
    2. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
    3. Blade Chroma Flight-Ready
    4. Autel Robotics EVO
    5. Holy Stone HS720
    6. DJI Inspire 2
    7. Yuneec Typhoon H
    8. JJRC H68 RC Drone
  2. Wrap-up

Product review

Product NameRangeCharging TimeFlight TimeMax. AltitudeCamera
Parrot PF7280001.24 mi (2 km)1.5 – 3.5 h25 min.2.8 mi (4.5 km)4K UHD videos, 21MP photos
DJI Mavic 2 Zoom5 mi (8 km)90 min.31 min.3.11 mi (5 km)4K UHD videos, 48MP photos
Blade Chroma0.37 – 0.50 mi
(600 – 800 m)
60 min.30 min.300 ft (91 m)4K UHD, no distortion lens
Autel Robotics EVO4.29 mi (6.9 km)80 min.30 min.0.50 mi (800 m)4K video at 60FPS, 12MP photos
Holy Stone HS7200.57 mi (914 m)5 – 7 h26 min.0.57 mi (914 m)2K camera with 90° rotation
DJI Inspire 24.35 mi (7 km)1.5 h27 min.1.55 mi (2.5 km)360º X5R cameras, 5.2 KHD video
Yuneec Typhoon H0.38 mi (609 m)50 min.25 min.984 ft (300 m)CGO3 + 4K UHD, 12MP photos
JJRC H68 RC Drone328ft (100m)160 min.40 min.98 ft (30 m)720p camera, 45° adjustable angle

Best Drones For Battery Life - Parrot PF728000
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Parrot PF728000

Main Characteristics:

  • Foldable quadcopter
  • 25-minute flight time
  • Lightweight at 12.34oz (350g)
  • 2km maximum range
  • 4K HRD videos and 21MP photos

The Parrot PF728000 is compact and takes just 3 seconds to unfold. It has a carbon frame. Weighing only 12.34oz (350g), there is very little extra strain on the battery.

This drone comes with Smart Return Home and Find My Drone. The Geofence ensures you will only fly within designated areas. It will automatically come home when the battery is low. It will take between 1.5h and 3.5h to fully charge and it will charge 60% faster with the USB Type C charger.

The camera sits on a 180° tilt gimbal. You can take 4K HDR videos. There are 2.8 times digital zoom that doesn’t reduce the quality. The same applies to the 21MP photos. The camera has a timer and a Burst Mode, which takes 10 photos per second.

The Parrot Skycontroller 3 is a folding remote control. The drone can also be connected to your smartphone via the FreeFlight 6 app.


  • It can reach speeds of up to 55kph (34.4mph) and is resistant to strong winds
  • Excellent camera quality in both film mode and sport mode
  • It comes at an excellent price for all of the features


  • No obstacle avoidance

Best Drones For Battery Life - DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
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DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Main Characteristics:

  • Foldable quadcopter
  • 31-minute flight time
  • A maximum speed of 72kph (44.7mph)
  • 26,246mph (8km) maximum range
  • 4K videos and 48MP photos

DJI advertises this drone as faster, longer, and quieter. It has an impressive range of up to 8km as well as a 31-minute flight time. It is still lightweight, weighing 1.6lbs (743g). However, this is over the 0.55oz limit and will need to be registered.

It has omnidirectional obstacle sensing. There are sensors on all 6 sides. There is also a bottom auxiliary light. This will help detect obstacles below when the light conditions are low.

The camera has some excellent features. You can take 4K videos and 48MP photos.

There are two optical zooms: 24mm and 48mm. You can zoom in to take your photos, or videos while flying. The focus speed is 40% faster than before. Other features include Hyperlight, Hyperlapse, panoramas, and a Task library.

The battery takes at least 1.5h to recharge. You can buy an additional combo kit that comes with a spare battery.

This is an expensive drone compared with some others on the market. That being said, it does have an amazing camera, a flight time of 31-minutes, and it’s fast.


  • It can also track moving obstacles up to 72kph (44.7mph) in open environments
  • You get 1080p live video feed from a 26,246ft (8km) range
  • It’s a great drone for hobby or professional use


  • The beacon markers are hard to see at distance

Best Drones For Battery Life - Blade Chroma Flight-Ready
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Blade Chroma Flight-Ready

Main Characteristics:

  • 30-minute flight time
  • 60-minute battery charge time
  • The Smart mode makes it ideal for beginners
  • 4K aerial camera
  • 1969-2625ft (600-800m) range

This is a very simple drone, yet has all the features you would expect to see for this price range. It’s one of the drones with the shortest battery charge time on our list. There is no need for a smartphone, everything can be controlled and seen via the ST-10+ controller.

The mounted camera allows you to capture smooth 4K videos and photos. The camera lens is specially designed for no distortion, keeping the picture clear.

This drone has to Follow Me Mode so you can set a height and distance for it to follow an object. You can set adjustable flight boundaries to make sure you don’t accidentally enter no-fly zones.

With Return Home, the drone will land itself. This is another great feature for novice flyers.

The Blade Chroma is ready to fly as soon as it comes out of the box. The controls are easy to use and the camera is of good quality.


  • The tracking mode is great for keeping the camera focused on you, or an event
  • Easy to fly with or without the GPS on
  • It’s an all-round problem-free drone and it’s durable


  • The 1969 (600m) range is quite short considering the price

Best Drones For Battery Life - Autel Robotics EVO
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Autel Robotics EVO

Main Characteristics:

  • Foldable Quadcopter
  • 30-minute flight time
  • 22,637ft (6.9km) range
  • It comes with a military-grade case
  • 4K videos, 60 frames per second 12MP photos

It’s nice to see a drone in two colors. The orange top and bottom complement the black. It’s very compact and ideal for those who like to travel. It total it is only 7.8 x 3.8 x 4 inches (19.8 x 9.6 x 10.16cm).

For 30 minutes of flying, you will need to charge the battery for 80 minutes. It has Return To Home. When the control indicates the battery is low, you can call it back.

There is a 3-axis stabilized gimbal. The camera captures 4K videos at 60 frames per second. Photos are 12MP using the Ambarella H2 image processor. Your images can be seen on the 3.3-inch OLED screen in the controller.

It has GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning, a military-grade case, and a one-year warranty.


  • The obstacle avoidance is sensitive enough to detect thin branches
  • The parts of the drone have all been thoroughly tested for durability
  • This is a popular choice for people that prefer not to have flight restriction mode


  • There is no software for iPads, just iPhones

Best Drones For Battery Life - Holy Stone HS720
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Holy Stone HS720

Main Characteristics:

  • Foldable Quadcopter
  • 26-minute flight time
  • Right-hand throttle available for left-handers
  • 2K FHD videos 2048 x 1152 high-resolution photos
  • 2999ft (914m) range

This is a much cheaper option but Holy Stone has still managed to incorporate some excellent features. 26 minutes of flight time is still very good. The Brushless motors use less power and make flying much quieter. It will return home automatically when the battery is low. On the downside, the battery can take 5-7 hours to fully charge.

It has optical flow positioning for when the GPS signal is low. It also has functions like one key start/stop, emergency landing, and safe flight. For beginners, there is the Return Home feature. Once you are ready, you can try the Follow Me mode.

The camera has a 90° adjustable lens. You can take 2K FHD videos and 2048 x 1152 high-resolution images. The camera is built with shock absorption. Your images can be viewed via the app. You can also control your drone through the app.


  • It comes with a hard case carry bag
  • It’s fantastic value for money
  • It’s lightweight at 6oz (171g), so you aren’t required to register it


  • The battery takes a very long time to charge

Best Drones For Battery Life - DJI Inspire 2
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DJI Inspire 2

Main Characteristics:

  • 27-minute flight time
  • 22,966ft (7km) maximum range
  • Self-heating technology
  • 0-80kmp (50mph) in just 5 seconds
  • 360° rotating gimbal

While its flight time isn’t in the 30-minute range, it does have one of the best cameras available on a drone. The DJI Inspire integrates HD video transmission with 4K quality and 360° rotating gimbal. It has Zen muse x5 and X5R cameras.

It can reach 80kmp (50mph) in 5 seconds and has a top speed of up to 94kmp (58mph). This drone has self-healing technology so that it can be used in low temperatures.

It has all the intelligent flight modes you would expect but with more of the latest features. For example, the spotlight Pro allows the pilot to create incredibly dramatic shots. This drone is also capable of dual signal frequency and dual channel. You can stream videos from an onboard FPV camera.


  • It only takes around one and a half hours to charge the battery
  • This is an absolute must for professional photographers
  • It works in temperatures from -4°F (-20°C) to 104°F (40°C)


  • It might be out of some people’s price range

Best Drones For Battery Life - Yuneec Typhoon H Pro
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Yuneec Typhoon H

Main Characteristics:

  • Hexacopter
  • 25-minute flight time
  • Extra 2.4 GHz antenna
  • 360º anti-vibration gimbal
  • 1998ft (609m) range

Hexacopters are generally more expensive than quadcopters but they do provide more stability. The Yuneec Typhoon comes at a good price for a drone with 25 minutes of flying time and a superb camera.

The camera allows for 4K Ultra HD and 12MP photos. The 360° gimbal makes it possible to film at all angles, helped by the retractable landing gear. The lens is wide-angled too. You will be able to see your images on the built-in 7-inch Android touchscreen with the ST16 Pro all-in-one controller.

It has 6-rotor safety with 5-rotor fail-safe and ultrasonic collision prevention. The sensors will detect obstacles to avoid. It is FAA compliant for no-fly zones. As well as safe, it is easy to fly. There are 8 smart flight modes including Return to Home, Auto Takeoff, and Auto Land.

This hexacopter comes with a one-year warranty and a travel bag. The additional 2.4 GHz antenna is ideal for a longer range.


  • It has great features for beginners and pros like Orbit Me, Point of Interest, and GeoFence
  • The battery doesn’t take long to charge, a minimum of 50 minutes
  • The stability is brilliant, even in strong winds


  • The controller is rather daunting and may need a little playing with to get used to it

Best Drones For Battery Life - JJRC H68 RC Drone
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JJRC H68 RC Drone

Main Characteristics:

  • 2 batteries with a total of 40 minutes of flight time
  • Lightweight at 5.23oz (152.7g)
  • 328ft (100m) range
  • Optimized 720P camera
  • 6 Axis Gyroscope strong stability

So far all of our drones have been in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Understandably, not everyone can afford this amount, or they aren’t prepared to. This is the ideal drone for families that want to have some fun, first-time flyers, and even those who like to perform tricks.

Between the two batteries, you will have 40 minutes of flying time. This is plenty if multiple people want to fly the drone. It only takes around 160 minutes to charge the batteries.

The camera is a 720p HD camera with a 45° adjustable angle. You can stream your live video via Wi-Fi at a range of up to 328ft (100m). There is also an Altitude Hold Mode with a stable hover to easily capture your shots.

For beginners, there is one key take-off and landing. The headless mode makes the drone easy to control when it’s out of sight. Once you have mastered the basics, you will be able to perform 360° flips.


  • It’s very affordable (perfect for a range of people, especially families, students, and novices)
  • It’s under the weight restriction for registering
  • The camera is good for the cost of the drone


  • It’s made of lightweight plastic, so it won’t be as durable as other drones


If we had to select a budget drone with long battery life it must be the JJRC H68 RC drone. We felt it was a fantastic price for a drone that ticked all of the boxes. With 40 minutes of flight time between two batteries, we reduce the problem of not everyone having a turn.

For professionals, the DJI Inspire 2 has an excellent range, good flight time, and a camera that might well be unbeatable at the moment. Nevertheless, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, there is the Yuneec Typhoon H. It is a very stable drone with a wonderful camera.

There is a wide range of drones to choose from here and it’s very difficult to pick an overall best. That being said, the Parrot PF728000 is an excellent overall choice. The combination of 25-minute flying time and 6562ft (2km) range is good. Also, the quality of the camera and flight modes suits the price.

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